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Technology Technology is a important component of education in Paper

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Technology is a important component of education in the twenty-first century, the knowledge economy insists on a computer clever workforce, and its clear that education will assume a vital job in addressing this need. (Giddens & Sutton, 2013). Professional jobs in the twenty first century think and act differently than professionals in other centuries, they use more technologies to perform in their professional jobs, jobs such as Police Officers, Mechanics and Doctors (Ertmer & Ottenbreit-Leftwich, 2010). Police Officers can quickly check online databases to see if a driver of a speeding car has a valid driving license, outstanding ticket or a warrant for the drivers arrest (Ertmer & Ottenbreit-Leftwich, 2010). Mechanics can now use computerized diagnostics to check what part of your vehicle needs to be serviced (Ertmer & Ottenbreit-Leftwich, 2010). Doctors now have technologies they can use that use high frequency sound waves to scan a woman’s abdomen that takes 2-D — 4-D pictures of the unborn child, which makes it much easier and also gets rid of the guessing of determining the age, sex and health status of the unborn child (Ertmer & Ottenbreit-Leftwich, 2010). In the twenty first century these tools are not considered usual, they are expected to be used (Ertmer & Ottenbreit-Leftwich, 2010).

The sheer speed of technological development is making a a considerably faster turn over than what used to be (Giddens, 1997). Education can never be viewed as a stage of preparation before an individual starts a job (Giddens, 1997). As technology develops, vital skills change as well, and regardless of whether education is seen from a vocational perspective – as giving abilities significant to work – most people concur that education is vital in the future development of technology (Giddens, 1997).

Recent studies have showed that in the western society’s like the United Kingdom and the United States have given an account of the growth in which young people use technology in their lives (Preston & Sutton 2013). In the United Kingdom, the media literacy review showed that children know how to use key technologies: like televisions, computers and the internet at the age of just five (Preston & Sutton 2013).

Over the ongoing years, the use of technology in education has completely developed and changed (Giddens & Sutton, 2013). In a large portion of the western society’s, education systems have hugely developed and computerised (Giddens & Sutton, 2013). Most people talk about a ‘classroom revolution’ – theirs talk about a ‘desktop virtual reality classroom without walls’ (Giddens & Sutton, 2013).

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