Technology Increases Stress

Electronic devices that contain technology and social media tend to lead to stress, anxiety, and depression. There has been controversy and disputes on the effects technology has of a daily American. Researchers from different Universities argue that it raises the levels of stress in the nation. Researchers from Universities like Oxford, Stanford, Colombia, and Harvard have proven how technology and social media affect the minds of citizens in a negative way. A sociologist who measures anxiety levels of the entire nation has concluded that the US is, by far, the most anxious and stressed nation on Earth.

Technology and social media add more stress on Americans.It impacts the way residents in the United States view conflicts. Social media is flooded with images and information that change people’s point of view on conflicts.

Technology and social media increase the amount of stress and depression. Studies show that social media has caused people to feel depressed and it lowers their self esteem.

It causes residents to feel insecure and question their self worth. People tend to compare their lifestyle to others on social media and it causes them to feel like their lives lack value. It is proven how the more United States residents check their phones more stress and anxiety they have. Technology has advanced rapidly and computers have taken many jobs from people. The computers are doing some of the jobs people were originally getting payed to do. This causes people to lose their jobs and get depressed. The greatest effect technology has on our body that causes so much stress is the lack of sleep we get.

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The United States citizens have some of the highest levels of stress in the Nation. Most residents have gone through some sort of stress. The main reason why residents are stressed is because of the lack of money and their financial status. Nearly three out of four adults reported feeling stressed about money, according to New York Times. Young Americans and residents tend to worry about college debt. Elderly citizens usually stress over their retirement and jobs. Money is not the only thing people are stressed about. Americans stress level rises since the last political election. As stated by The American Psychological Association poll “ 57% of adult Americans consider the current political climate to be a significant source of stress”.

Most people are stressed because they fear for the future of the country. Technology has increased stress because it gives people more conflicts to worry about and it also leads to procrastination and it results in getting stressed. Adam Gazzaley, professor of neurology at the University of California explains that technology has grown so fast and it challenges “our focus and accomplishing a task.” Technology is growing so fast that it has taken over many jobs that people work in. This leads to many Americans being unemployed. According to CNBC reporters “technology will eliminate six percent of jobs by 2021.” Unemployment can lead to depression and stress.

According to Steve Crabtree “Researchers show that there is a higher rate of depression, anxiety, and suicide among long term unemployment”. Technology has caused many people to get depression and anxiety because it is taking their jobs. Being addicted to social media can lead to many problems that affect a person’s mental health. The more people check their phones the more they are open to stress and depression levels to rise. This also leads to less time for sleep, therefore making them prone to high levels of stress.

Since there are more and more people logging on to their social media accounts, innocent bystanders are being punished by cyberbullying. This is common on social media more people become stressed and depressed each day due to this. Since social media use has hugely increased among teenagers the levels of stress and anxiety has risen. Many suicides have been traced down to cyberbullying. According to Fadi Haddad, a Psychiatrist who helped start the child and adolescent Psychiatric emergency department, “Every single week we have a girl who comes to the ER after some social media rumor or incident has upset her (and then she cut herself).” Bullies do not just pick on kids at school, they pick on others on social media also.

Most of the cyberbullies do it to look “tough” in front of their friends, or they may have insecurities themselves. Most of the victims of cyberbullying suffer in silence, it makes it difficult for parents to identify the problem. Peer acceptance plays a big role in social media. Some teens would go to the extreme of bullying others just to be accepted into a certain group of friends. Teens about social media “gang up” on each other just to look cool and to fit in. “Teens text all sorts of things you would never in a million years contemplate saying to anyone’s face,” says Dr. Donna Wich, a clinical and developmental psychologist. This problem leads to self harm and depression.

The internet also contains bad websites where they encourage teens to self harm. Teens being addicted to social media are more likely to visit these sites. According to Oxford University researchers “severe addiction to the internet is also connected to an increase risk of self harm, as well as increase levels of depression or thoughts about suicide.” The more time teens spend on the internet the more likely they will develop some sort of anxiety. Technology influences the minds of teens and adults in negative ways.

The life styles presented on social media causes anxiety and low self esteem. When people see others on social media living the life they desire to have it lowers their self esteem. People feel like their lives lack value because they are not as joyful as all the celebrities and movie stars claim their lives to be. Because we only see people’s highlight reels and then compare it to our lives, it makes people feel like their life is meaningless.

According to French researchers from institut pluridisciplinaire Hubert Curien, “ the more time we spend on social media sites like facebook, comparing ourselves to others the more depressed we get.” Everyone compares themselves with others on social media. Even the millionaires compare themselves to billionaires and get depressed. That is the problem with the world today! No one will ever be beautiful enough, rich enough, or popular enough. There is always going to be someone who has a better lifestyle or better looks than us. We should all learn to be happy with the life we have and enjoy every single minute of it. Social media is the main cause of insecurity and low self esteem. According to Huffpost “57 percent of singles say social media has made them feel more self conscious about their appearance.” Social media also sets the “ideal” body type that everyone strives to get.

Social media shows us all of these models with perfect fit and muscular bodies and people look up to it. People get this mentality that it is the way everyone should look. This causes people to start getting eating disorders and depression trying to achieve the “non realistic” ideal body.” The media shows us the “Thin deal” in every way possible. According to Allie Kovar “Not only are the models on the covers of magazines and in advertisements embodying the “thin deal, but the fiction characters in television shows and movies always portrayed and thin and beautiful.” women want to be like all the actresses and they get eating disorders.

Technology and social media lead to depression and stress. Studies have shown how technology increases depression and stress in the united states. The united states has been named one of the most anxious and stressed countries in the nation. Technology has had a big impact on the levels of stress of the citizens. Technology has taken many jobs from people and it has also affected the way people think by brainwashing citizens. People tend to change their points of view according that what they see on social media. Social media has the power of influencing people’s minds in a negative way. It causes people to feel bad about themselves and stress more. Technology will continue to increase stress and cause depression if we allow it to control us. Technology has taken a toll on people’s lives because it has fed us negative information.

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