After years of evolution, technology has been advanced nowadays, technology was created to solve problems and easy to work, many people could not live without technology. As technology has improve, it affected to industry, industry has improved a lot with helps of technology. In the industry of 1.0 is through the introduction of mechanical production facilities by using the water and steam power, during industry 2.0 is an introduction of mass production with help of electric power, after evolution to industry 3.0, it improve to computing power for further automate production and while move on to the 4th industrial revolution, it improve to Internet of Things (IoT) power (Joe McKenDrick, 2019).

Industry 4.0 is referred to the rising of technological world by using combination of traditional manufacturing and industrial training around us, it included of Internet of Things (IoT) that helps the manufacturers and consumers to provide automation. It also improved the communication and monitoring (Cleverism, 2019). This means that as industry 4.0 is coming along, most of the factories will slowly moving into automated and self-monitoring to the machines just like super computer, as the technology is advanced, many of the device are evolution into smart such as smart phone, smart speaker, smart tv, etc.

All these devices can be called as an Artificial Intelligence, it able to communicate to the owner and can process much smoother compare to traditional device.

There are nine technologies transforming industrial production and can be called as the nine pillars of industry 4.0 and is included autonomous robots, big data analytics, additive manufacturing, Internet of Things, etc.

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Autonomous robots are the robot can eventually interact with another to complete the work safely and these robots are cost less, and they can handle a better and greater range of capabilities compare to the traditional style. For big data analytics, it is mean that can collect data from many different sources, with the data analysis, computer can help to analyse, and people can understand that what kind of product and service are needed, and it support to make decision in real-time. In industry 4.0, there are something name additive manufacturing, it uses to produce some small batches of customized product which giving an advantage for it. For example, 3-D printing. While for Internet of Things is means to allow the field devices to communicate and decision making in a real-time response (Bcgcom, 2019).

The company I choose is, Nike. Inc is a successful company which evolution through industrial 4.0, Nike have 3 pillars out of the 9 pillars which is Internet of Things, Autonomous robots and big data analytics. Firstly, Internet of Things is one of the fastest developing technologies that happen in Industry 4.0, by using network connection it can store, process and exchange data in direct or indirect ability (Shimizu, Hitt 2004, Yu, Nguyen, Chen 2016). Internet of Things not only focused on factory, the application is particularly visible in an allocation area and primarily in customer service. As a good example, Nike (Piskorski & Johnson, 2012).

Nike has launched its first website, in year 1998. Nike has able to bring out mass personalization’, which means shoes can be manufactured base on personal wants and claim. For example, colour, type of shoes such as sports or lifestyle, materials, etc. Nike has already been complied this activity e.g. in certain retail outlets and Nike online stores, it is capable to design or customize your own shoes and it is called as Nike ID in year 2005. Customer has the authority to select the model of shoes, outer surface and colour to customize a pair shoe that just belong to themselves. Nike has provided the canvas and tools, customer can create something uniquely as their own and the personalize Nike ID will arrives in 3 to 5 weeks. The slogan of Nike ID is NIKEiD is now NIKE BY YOU. Just you, us and a million of possibilities (Nikecom, 2019).

Next, Nike has Big Data Analytics, Nike has made a big change that Nike engineers conscious everyone was using iPods at that time and they draw together to Apple for a partnership to launch Nike+ (Applecom, 2006). Nike’s idea is to insert a sensor into Nike running shoes which can be wirelessly link to iPod and to iPhone and Android devices. Distance, speed, and calories burned will be record by the sensor and iPod will provide suitable music by reading the data recorded and finally iPod will upload the record to In addition, had offered running tips to new runners and to compare the results with others runner and there is a function which is to share to social media such as Facebook and Twitter. In the following year, 2007, has became the largest online running destination and there is additional function added into the website such as Nike+ GPS app and members of Nike+ could gather groups of runners in the cities to know each other and have a partner to exercise (Piskorski & Johnson, 2012).

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