teaching methods

Art teaching has its roots in Massachusetts. Manufactures realized that professional drafters and designers wished for creating new products and expanding America’s market around the world. Copying, drill and practice taught drawing. “John Dewey” believed in a childproof approach of teaching, based on the child’s desires and the way he expresses himself. When the Soviets launched Sputnik, America was in the “space race” and needed engineers and scientists. The shift in artwork education moved from “soft” and child-centred to “DBAE” (discipline-based artwork education), which has 4 criterion: artwork production, artwork criticism, aesthetics, and artwork history.

1. “Laissez-Faire” technique

Laissez-faire artwork technique is about the ability to avoid interference or direction. Laissez-faire teachers give students the materials, and it is up to the child to create a work of art that expresses himself.

2. “DBAE” technique

The aim of DBAE is to increase a grasp and perception for art. DBAE consists of educating theories, contexts, and the capability to create and reply to art.

Art criticism surrounded the creating of course content material, artwork history, art ways and the art context.

3. “Authoritarian-Dictatorial” technique

Scientists just for college students who have a low ability in art generally set an authoritarian-dictatorial approach of educating. This approach of teaching dictates precisely what to do in a slow process manner and consists of a lot of directions and details at each step.

4. “Assigned Topic” technique

The assigned topic or student-oriented method of teaching entails the instructors as a motivator. The instructors’ job is to get their college students too categorical and organise themselves, develop their confidence, competencies and appreciation in art and with their knowledge, ability and attitudes towards art.

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In artwork history, the teachers will teach chronologically beginning from pre-history or thematic lessons around intervals or styles.


5. “Media” Method

The media technique of teaching is popular in higher degrees of learning; a positive media such as pictures or ceramics surrounded the training. The focus is on expertise surrounding that medium which includes different techniques, records and experimentation.

6. “Facilitator” Method

The facilitator approach of instructing involves the scholar and teacher having a convention to determine the direction that specific pupil need to go. This works very well with greater studying and with college students who are encouraged or at a level better than the younger ones. The student chooses his media, subject and how to proceed with the help of the instructor.

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