Tanjore In the Heart of Tamil Nadu

Tanjore is located in the heart of the Tamil Nadu and one among its 32 districts. It is important agricultural center as is located in Cauvery Delta and is known as ‘Rice bowl of Tamil Nadu’. Tanjore is now popularly known as Thanjavur, which seems to be derived from the name of a Mutharayar King ‘Dhananjay’. The famous Brihadeeswara Temple is located at Thanjavur which is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are many historical places to visit in Thanjavur like  Brihadeeswara Temple : It was built by Raja Chola 1 and it is said that it was constructed as a celebration of the victory of chola kingdom.

It is dedicated to Lord Shiva. b) Airavateswara Temple : It is popularly said that the White elephant of Shiva known as Airavata worshipped Shiva over here to get rid of the curse given to him by Sage Durvasa.  Thanjavur Royal Palace: It is situated within Vijaynagra fort complex and was known to be the residence of the Nayak Kings.

Many places like Nayak Hall, Saraswati Mahal Library, Durbar Hall are worth visiting in the palace. Gangaikonda Temple : It is declared as UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. It is a prominent part of Tamil history. The Seforji Saraswati Mahal Library : It is home to numerous old artifacts and manuscripts. The paintings are exquisite and give the viewer the sense of how medieval world functioned. The rich art and culture of Thanjavur reflects the traditional legacy of ancient times that has percolated to modern era. The unique Thanjavur Art comprises of classical Carnatic music, exquisite paintings, cultural events, religious festivals and exotic cuisines.

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The Carnatic music represents the rich musical ancestry of Byone Era. The musical instruments of Veenai and Thanvic casts a magical spell on the audience by the enchanting melodies.

The painters draw inspiration from mythological themes of the hindu religion. The brilliant color composition coupled with the fine sketches imparts an attraction to the exclusive paintings our Thanjavur. The Natyanjali dance festival and the Carnatic classical music festival are some of the noble festivals of Thanjavur that reflect the unique cultural traditions of the place. The Nataynjli festival is organised every year in Chidambaran Area of Thanjavur which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The culture of Thanjavur reflects the lifestyle of Thanjavur people. Its influence is wide spread in Tamil Nadu and have acclaimed international status in tourism and culture. There are various kinds of different foods Vegetarian as well as Non-Vegetarian . Special Vegetarian foods consists of Thavala Adai Cuisine which mainly consists of Lentils and Rice.

Vetriddai and paku are the southern version of pan is the icing on the cake. Ashoka Halwa is another dish which is mainly served before or after cuisine whereas for the non-vegetarian is that the state has a great coastal line which makers it an enriching place in the section of Sea foods. Besides these the common dishes such as Sambhar, Dosa, Idli, Upma, Rasam and Pongal. Thanjavur is famous for its full course ‘Thanjavur Elai Virundu’ which is served on a huge plantation leaf as has been passed down the ages . It has two components mainly which are, the main course and a set of side dishes. The side dishes are normally a poriyal (a dry blend of vegetables), a kootu(a slightly gravish kind of vegetables), a pickle, a podi(a powder of mixed spices), a pachadi(normally a raita).

The main course is helping of rice mixed with dal and a spot of ghee which is followed by some rice with Sambhar, followed by rice with pulikuzhambu, followed yet by rice with Rasam, and is rounded off by a helping of rice and curd and at last a banana as dessert normally completes this sumptuous meal. Which would be a breat taking meal for the Vegans. Thanjavur is also famous for its Silk and Silk Saries. As of any Modern City nowadays it also has ample number of Shopping malls mainly Philomena Shopping Mall which is famous for its cloth shops, food court and also the bakery . Megamart Clothing Store which is a one stop destination for the locally trending clothes.

Chennai Shopping Mall another shopping mall which is equally important as you can get everything you need from the very basic Handbags to Imported luxurious items this place is also famous for the Davidoff Cafe which is an international super premium coffee brand. One can reach Thanjavur by any means of transport as it is well connected by road and has a railway junction, Thanjavur Junction and can also reach there by the Tiruchiappali International Airport which is a drive of 57 kms consisting of an hour or from the Chennai International Airport which is almost 530 kms away and a drive of less than six hours, one can also get there by the means of water from the nearbuy Karaikal Seaport which is approximately 100 kms away or a drive of 3 hours.

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