The following example essay on “Marketing Project Hct” talks about how HCT has established a well-equipped sports complex that has a fully equipped gym, swimming pool, changing rooms and other necessary facilities to accommodate the students and teachers.

Physical and sports activity is an integral part of life at HCT. HCT has established a well-equipped sports complex that has fully equipped Sports Complex, swimming pool, changing rooms and other necessary facilities to accommodate the students and teachers. In the sports research field, previous studies have examined the positive effects of physical activity on intelligence and brain development (Han, 2018).

Thrower HCT has made sure that they provide their students and professors with the facilities that can help them bring a healthy balance in their lives. With this in mind, a survey has been done that focusses on the Swimming pool and related facilities in HCT in order to make improvements in the overall department and to encourage students to take part in sports and physical activities for the overall physical and mental wellbeing.

The survey we designed included strategically chosen questions will allow us to create an effective environment in the sports department that will motivate students to join not only the swimming classes but to gear towards a healthy lifestyle. The survey will also help to determine the most preferred channel of commination and marketing that the students prefer and will also give an insight into what students think of the swimming activities in the University Sports Complex. The membership fee in the HCT Sports complex is free of charge which is a great motivator for students.

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The points stated a will be discussed further on in the report.

Consumer Product

The swimming facility in the HCT Sports Complex is well maintained and kept up to date regularly in order to motivate their students and professors aiming for a healthy lifestyle. The activity which is to be promoted is swimming, but in order to understand the underlying characteristics, all features and facilities related swimming will have to be evaluated. The Sports Complexs swimming facility is fully equipped with the pool, changing rooms, showers and other facilities which are essential for students currently swimming in it as well as future students.

Moreover, the HCT Sports Complexs swimming pool is equipped with filtrations systems, teaching instructors, temperature-controlled water, appropriate lighting and most importantly lifeguards and first aid facilities. The main focus is to make sure that all students are aware of the availability of such facilities and understand the importance of psychical activity in their lives which is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Many activities are scheduled on a monthly basis however there is a definite lack of swimming classes unlike the rest of the gym activities.

HCT sports department mainly focuses on football and other team-based sports activities therefore not many efforts have been made in order to promote activities such as swimming and no swimming events have been organized as of yet. The swimming pool is one of the most underutilized and least used facility and the survey has helped in identifying the key issues as to why it has been neglected by the students.

Primary Research

Primary research is new research, carried out to answer specific issues or questions. It can involve questionnaires, surveys or interviews with individuals or small groups CITATION Bus l 1033 (Business Case Studies). The correct method for this report is primary research as this topic has not been researched prior to this report. This research is directly related to the topic of swimming in the sports complex.

This data shows that the majority of the students that have participated in this survey are year 1 and 2 students. Therefore, it isn’t a complete projection of the entire HCT community. However, it was observed that new students are more likely to develop interest in such activities as compared to senior students since seniors are busier.

The majority of the students with 45% have stated that the price they are willing to pay is within the range of 300-500 AED closely followed by 35% of students that are willing to pay 100-200 AED. This goes to show that the students do have an appreciation of the services given when asked why they chose this range, most of the students commented that this is the price they would prefer to pay at most gym as it is the most reasonable.

Almost 50% of the participants said that the visit the sports complex on monthly basis, 20% said that they visited the sports complex weekly, 20 percent said that they never visit the sports complex at all and only 15% said that they visit the sports complex daily. The participants were also asked about the most appealing aspect of Sport Complex and an overwhelming number of students selected the offered services which shows the importance of having a wide variety of activities.

As projected in the chart, the most common answer is yearly this could be during leisure times or family vacations. This clearly shows that swimming is not part of a routine for most of the students. However, there are students that go weekly and monthly which shows consistency and some said never.

Meaning that if the services provided are up to mark they visit the swimming area as well. Most of the participants believed that swimming is a good way to remain physically fit and is an effective exercise good for living a healthy lifestyle.

Finally the students were asked about the social media platform that the use in order to select the most effective channel of communication and marketing. The majority of percipients said that the use Snapchat and Instagram meaning that promotions on these two platforms will allow to reach a larger number of audience.

Marketing Opportunities

As per the Ansoff Matrix, the swimming facility is an existing product in an existing market which is the sports complex. The swimming pool area and related facilities can be promoted by highlighting the high number of available facilities. The promotion can be done by organizing various events and competitions. Creating a friendly competitive spirit is a proven way to motivate more people to take part in any physical or sports activity. Swimming facilities cannot just be marketed as an exercise facility similar to Sports Complex but it has to be marketed in different ways such as leisure. Instructors can be hired to give classes to students who would like to learn how to swim and even participate in local and international competitions.

Segmentation and TargetingSince most of the participants that took part in the survey were first and second-year students the best way to move forward is to target that specific audience. Meaning by focusing on the newer students. A more comprehensive marketing strategy can be created that fuscous on attracting new students to make swimming their primary physical activity. Other than that, female professors can also be invited to check out the facilities at the complex.

In this way, the sports complex will be able to focus on their swimming section and further develop the existing facilities to accommodate more people. People who would like to learn how to swim are going to be the most attracted to any marketing campaign that focuses on swimming at HCT Sports Complex.

Marketing Mix

Proposed Product

The product that should be offered is more swimming classes by the professionally trained instructors already in the gym. This will allow first-timers to feel safe while going swimming for the first time as well as beginners. Moreover, the swimming pool should be portrayed as a highly effective physical activity that can help improve the physical image of the students and help them feel more confident and fit.

Proposed Price

As the service is free this gives the Sports Complex a very good upper hand over leading competitors such as Gold’s gym which starts at a minimum of AED 800 with Groupon codes. As well as, Fitness First’s ladies only gym which starts at a monthly rate of AED 600. Therefore, the swimming facility in the sports complex not only has the privacy benefits of being ladies only it is also free of charge. This will help with motivating students to at least learn how to swim if not make swimming part of their fitness routine as it is easily reachable and free of charge.


The facility is already a part of the Sports Complex. This point should be further promoted as it is easily accessible for students currently studying in HCT. The location within campus makes the facility appeal to students as being more convenient which will interest them in taking a part in swimming activity as it is the closest gym to the campus with a swimming facility.


The promotion should be done on campus and on social media platforms. The majority of students have stated that they preferred Snapchat and Instagram as their social media platforms, meaning by prompting at these two platforms, the swimming department will be able to communicate to a larger number of students. This will also help with promoting local events and videos so that students can see the facilities before making the decision to join as a member. Social media platforms will also allow for target marketing. This will allow Freshman and Senior students aged between 17-22 to be specifically targeted by online digital content.


Physical activity is essential for living a healthy lifestyle. Some people prefer to run, go for long walks, lift weights and take part in aerobics. The main advantage of swimming overall these activities is that swimming affects the overall body. Meaning that swimming is a complete workout that can improve an individuals physical health and at the same time it can also be a relaxing experience. Swimming is the most underrated physical activity at HCT sports complex but with proper marketing and promotion it can become popular and more students will take part in it.  It is considered that physical and sports activity is an integral part of life at HCT. Physical activity is essential for a healthy lifestyle. And with the correct marketing mechanisms, it can reach its full potential.


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