“There is no such thing as ‘away’. When we throw anything away it must go somewhere.”, said Annie Leonard, a proponent of sustainability. Sustainability is what you could use to describe Stockholm. Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden and is one of the leading cities in sustainability. Sustainability is an important factor for all countries and cities as it helps us provide sufficient resources for the present generation’s needs without compromising the future generations. Stockholm strives to develop an improvement in society, environmental issues, and a better economic system.

To help with this, the RSFC which stands for Reference Framework for European Sustainable Cities, has been developed. This web tool is designed for the promotion and improvement of cities and urban establishment in their development. A set of tools are provided for the monitoring of policies, sharing of ideas and experiences between cities and more. (talks about how stockholm manages its sustainability.)

One of the major challenges that Stockholm still encounter is transportation pollutants.

Most of the air pollutants transpire from vehicles which affected Stockholm’s city environment. Approximately 90 percent of the particle emissions took place in the city. Malin T?ppefu, is a SLB-analyse, stated that Stockholm has a high concentration of air pollution which is the same concentration that Beijing has. This made the civilian’s concerns. Not only they are facing these issues but also due to the population growth in Stockholm, the need for transportation has increased. Currently, Stockholm’s population is 880,000, however, later in the 2020s, it is expected that about a million of people will occupy the area.

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The disruptions from traffic have decreases the city’s attractions. The pollution from fossil-diesel vehicle gave an idea which encourages the City’s Committee. The City’s Traffic Committee, therefore, manages several difficulties such as limiting the vehicles speed, appealing and encouraging civilians to walk, bike and use public transportation to impede the use of fuel vehicles. In addition, this can also lower noise disturbance in the city. Accordingly to the research, exposing to noise disturbance can cause a high risk of encountering diseases called “Cardiovascular disease.” The cardiovascular disease has many conditions including heart failure, heart attack, stroke, and many more. Consequently, this may not commonly affect child health as many as adults. To illustrate, as civilians and the committees cooperate with these aims and targets, the results are slowly revealed. The Stockholm Environment Programme evaluates the environmental conditions of the city. Even though the securing environment is difficult, Stockholm’s scored 10 out of 12 for preserving a stabilizing atmosphere, environment, and civilian health. Through this planning development, the increase of

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