Superhuman Attributes

By manipulating the bio-morphic structures and composition around his eyes, J’onn is able to arrange his eye structure to be able to accomplish various tasks. This includes being able to see past the camouflage abilities of meta-humans, such as Gypsy, or even heat vision similar to that of Superman.

Having control over his molecular structure, J’onn is able to regenerate and recover from injuries faster than others. In addition to advanced healing, regenerating lost limbs, J’onn’s immune structure protects him from Earth diseases.

However, flames and high temperatures, around the boiling point of water, distort this ability to the point that he has to wait until out of the situation to regenerate.

As part of his species ability to manipulate their bio-polymers, J’onn is able to render his bio-polymer’s ability to render light defunct. Making him unable to be detected by normal light or human sight, if enough effort is given he can increase this to include the entirety of the electromagnetic field.

In doing this, however he is still detectable by other senses, and enough harm can cause him to lose concentration, and revert back to being visible. However, flames and their accompanying heat can not only force him to revert to his true form, they can also cause him to lose his control over the bio-morphic structure.

A combination of Martians’ bio-morphic and psionic powers enable J’onn to phase through solid matter. His mass being taken out of vibrational sync with that of the other object’s mass.

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Flames and their temperature, and other stunning effects, force him back to a solid state.

By manipulating his bio-morphic structure J’onn is able to harden his form’s skin by rebinding his bio-polymers into a higher density. Putting his durability on par with that of Superman. Bullets and blunt force can be shrugged off for the most part, only those delivered with the force of a blow from the likes of Superman can stagger J’onn in his dense forms, and even then he is capable of going rounds with other heavy hitters. Explosions on the other hand, are another matter, those that stun, and the temperatures associated with others leave J’onn vulnerable even with his bio-polymers in their highest density.

In a similar fashion to increasing;his durability. J’onn can rebind his bio-polymers’ density to increase the overall strength of his limbs, to the point of being able to stagger the likes of Superman. At maximum density J’onn has been able to lift items weighing in at one hundred tons.

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