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Summer house with swimming pool by Herman Koch Review Paper

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Paper type: Review , Subject: Environment

Amsterdam. The Allgemeinmedinziner Marc Schlosser is a responsible and devoted family man to his wife and his two daughters. Actually, he had wanted sons. But now – Lisa and Juliet are 11 and 13 years old – he enjoys the advantages: girls are better and less strenuous than boys, and their rooms smell pleasant. As a father, he has to protect them – a commitment that every man against a woman has, but Marc is particularly susceptible to this: Should any man approaching his girls inappropriately, it could be an animal

. Marc’s practice is going well. His patients are clocked 20 minutes and he deceives them maximum attention before, although it their ailments do not really care about. If she sit in front of him, he finds her body already dressed bad enough – at the sight of her nakedness but it horrifies him. Probably they stink, are populated by bacteria that flourish between her toes fungi, and they have to scrape for bodies until it bleeds. No, you can really save yourself yet. If a patient is absolutely sure is pressing, well, then from behind the screen, while Marc’s thoughts are already digressing, for example on the roller coaster of a fair or in an aircraft that just exploded …

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One day he is visited by Ralph Meier, a recognized good stage actor. . He suffers from the side effects of his massive body

From Shakespeare productions Marc has long fed up – ever those annoying experimental productions naked with actors in diapers, with garbage bags, as junkies and orphans from Zimbabwe or even laces between the buttocks. But the invitation to the premiere of Richard II. that even his wife Caroline exhausted, he accepts. Caroline Ralph know

During the subsequent champagne reception learns along with his wife Judith. Ralph turns out to be more attractive womanizer; it considers the women with lustful predator eyes, and Marc is obscene this appraising body screening, especially if the looks of his attractive wife Caroline apply.

At a party invite Meiers Marc and his family without any obligation to the pavilion at the French coast one. But Caroline wants Certainly not on this greasy dirt Fink Ralph, but prefer camping. But Marc had exchanged already during the party looks with Judith, so he chooses now a parking space near the Meier’s house from. The bill goes on: Quite by chance you meet on the beach, the tent changes his location, the families enjoy together the summer season

For lively discussions between Marc and his wife makes a surprise visitor, namely Ralphs 60. year-old American director Stanley, the year-knapp18 with his playmate appears. What are the daughters only think of it? Together they spend the day more or less freely by the pool, the thick Ralph likes naked, drives playful games, grilling fish and meats in vast quantities, popping firecrackers from the beach. The air crackles just as before lustful, hormonal vibration

Ralph’s older son Alex’s mission, in the evening to protect the Julia beach -. But even though he has fallen in love with her, can he alone – and then done what any reader suspects: Julia is found raped and unconscious in the sand between the rocks. Marc is now: He takes her away from the scene as quickly as possible, and yet at night they leave the summer house. he wants the police did not turn, because Julia can not remember anything; So why should he do that to her the ordeal of the interviews?

In the future does not come to rest Marc, even neglected his practice. Alex and Ralph did not get out of his mind – they had something to hide …

The fate plays Marc the ball to, Meier again comes as Ralph into practice – because of a painful tumor. Marc immediately recognizes that traded here immediately have to – but he must diagnose? Mistakes happen but any doctor. And so is Ralph six months later mortally ill in hospital until Marc administered him the lethal cocktail …

Could he rise to the judge, and he has even brought the real culprit for the route?

Marc Schlosser hates not only his hypochondriacal patients but suffers itself to a body paranoia and represents a verqueres worldview. In memory of his Biomedicine lectures by Professor Aaron Herzl he interprets sexuality as it suits him: the biological clock of women and men tick differently; Women have a shelf life, while men make unlimited for the survival of the species – with many women. Ambivalent as repairman, he goes with Judith strange and thinks this is normal, but the horny behavior abhors the same time other men. The suppressed by the development of civilization human instinct tells him to castrate the rapist of women to kill the murderer of his brother. Why should not allowed to avenge his daughter Marc?

Herman Koch wrote with “summer house with swimming pool” an extraordinary thriller. His imagination is snappy, pitch black and full of humor, but some laughs remains one stuck in the throat. We follow a family drama, whose protagonist is an unusual doctor; his behavior, his prudishness, his hypocrisy, his non-admit-want his daughter become the woman who wants to test their charms,

lead to disaster. The book is highly recommended and was on the list

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