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Adventure Caravans is a family owned business. Our Head company is located in Melbourne and Founded in 1989. The company has been in operation for 30 year until now. We manufacture the family vehicles for the family. Who like adventure trip. Our vehicles are the. Benchmark in safety, reliability and comfort. We are going to support to our customer to get happy and best memories going trip with our adventure caravans. We offers 2 years warranty services for our products. Our company have 200 employees.

We maintain the satisfaction of our customers, we seek to inspire them with our product and services and to ensure that we remain a partner they can trust.

Purpose means why the organisation do and what is the reason for doing that. Values mean the culture of the organisation. Mission Statement means what the organisation is, what the company objective and how the company will approach to get their objective. Provide quality family vehicle and the needs of our target market and give the best memories to the family adventures are our number one priority Provide a safe working environment for our employees and be a good employer

Vision Statement means what the organization is going to do and the position of the company they desired in the future.

To be the best manufacturer and provide the service of quality recreation and marketable caravan and campers in Australia. To develop a strategic marketing plan and set marketing objectives for the next 3 years • To rise a sales number more than last year within the first year • To set up a factory in Vietnam in the second year • From the factories and resellers, we get sales around 200 caravan per year.

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90% of caravan are sold out from its factory direct and the resellers in other states sold the remaining percentages. That’s why we have to do meeting with our resellers and discuss to promote our products.

• Get a profit every year For promotion, most come from caravans and campaign show. In addition, advertise advertorial in industry publications Offer inhouse warranty work and repair and modifies to their brand caravans Provide a safety and healthy work place to employees (WHS ACT 2011) Give the equal opportunity to all of your employees. Don’t discriminate depend on their gender, age, marital status, race and religion (Equal Opportunity Act 1984) No more than 38 hours per week Pay the employee’s personal income tax to the Taxation Office.

In communication sector, we are going to use phone, messages and emails with the. Owners, directors or senior management. To. Increase our sales number, we are going to do Advertising and promotion events. We are not going to spend much money on advertorial in industry publications. Instead of that, we are advertised on social medial because most people are spending their time by using internet and social application. There are over 17.1 million Australians using social network such as Facebook and Instagram. To get more customers and spread our brand name around the world, we have to change our system.

By reviewing our previous sales, most of the profits are came from our own industry directly. Moreover, we have to figure out the reasons why our products didn’t sell much from the resellers. The advertising in industry publications wasn’t effective as we hope. We have to use internet to advertise effectively our products. Our manufacturing industry only in Melbourne, Australia although we have some branches in Europe countries and reseller shops. In 2021, we are going to build up our industry in Vietnam. Reason of building in Vietnam is the employee’s wage is lower than here, we can easily get the resources for our product, the product’s target from produced in Vietnam is mainly Asia country and export some products to Melbourne. We are going to produce and sell the new products for our customers with affordable price.

Price may be differing each. The price for Family Small Pop-Tops is $30000 to $40000 and $35000 to $55000 for 23 off road units. The price for flat pack vans is $25000 to 35000. We will give 10% discount to our partners who are doing business such as Adventure hire vehicles and Travel & Tours agency. Our company will promote our product at Caravans and Campaign show. Moreover, we are going to promote by internet websites and social media such as Facebook, Instagram and You Tube to get more customers and know our name more. We promote our new product at the end of October. We will invite our VIP customers and our partners to our launching new products show. Our targeted market is around the world. We will export our product to overseas and will open our branches at every country where are populated with tourists. We are going to set up our new factory in Vietnam soon.

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