Study Of Political Science in Particular, Global Governance

I am a college student at Bridgewater State University in Bridgewater, MA, USA. I have been studying political science and, more specifically, global governance. I have a few ideas I would like to share with you if you do not mind. Throughout these last few years, people have been losing more and more faith in multilateral political institutions. Right now, citizens of the United States are afraid of globalization and don’t see the value in it. The United Nations has one sole purpose of bringing people together and creating a multilateral organization that is focused on doing good and establishing peace throughout the world.

The UN has to show people the value of international cooperation and the importance of global governance as it pertains to pertinent issues such as peace, environmental security, human rights, and so much more.

As newer technology is being created daily, the need for all countries’ cooperation grows more evident. We need a strong platform, such as the UN Security Council, in order to build a bridge of trust between the powerful nations of the world.

In order to do so, we have to include the most powerful nations of the world. By supporting the reform to include nations such as Japan and/or Germany, it would force the nations to communicate and devise potential solutions to the issues mentioned above. By allowing countries to have a selfish, non-forward way of thinking, it creates more fragmentation and polarization in our already detached world. No one nation should be put first in a world that is so interconnected.

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The UN has to take a stance with these paramount problems and figure out a way to not take no for an answer.

Human rights are at an impasse right now in many countries and it is up to the UN to support their growth and expansion. For example, the United States just banned diplomatic visas for foreign same-sex domestic partners. This includes members of the UN. As a country that is supposed to be the most progressive and accepting nation, this sets a precedent that this kind of behavior is acceptable everywhere. In the past, same-sex diplomats from countries that are hostile towards LGBTQ+ members usually find peace on US soil because it’s a safe place to bring their partner and get a visa. This sanctuary has now vanished, along with many of the advocates for human rights under Donald Trump’s presidency. The UN should be in support of human rights and should voice their outrage of the Trump Administration for this cruel declaration of hatred towards LGBTQ+.

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