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The U.S. attempted to implement the Turner thesis at the end of the 19th century by starting the idea of expanding businesses to foreign countries by sending missionaries to foreign countries as a way to promote economic expansion in the country as well as the Spanish- American War, which was also fought as a means to economic expansion. The United States stuck to this thesis and began to apply it in a new manner. They constructed governmental holds in South America, Central America, and the Caribbean, in attempts to prove their dominance and hold over foreign investments.

The Chicago World Fair was the stage that Turner used to deliver his thesis and change the course of the States. He was a strong nationalist and felt that westward expansion had greatly promoted these ideals. However, westward expansion was reaching its end, and there were new bounties on the horizon. Expansion promoted the most significant events the country had ever experienced, from age-defining wars, to the eradication of one race for the betterment of another.

Without expanding and growing, our country would not have reached the pinnacle that it had and would not be where it was at the time Turner gave his thesis, Turner believed heavily in the fact that by continuing to expand, America could fulfill its true potential. The very backbone of our country as a whole was based upon expanding and branching out in order to obtain the resources and space needed to mature. While the economy was strained from 1893-1897, it suddenly became evident that expanding upon the global market was the only way to accurately provide for a failing internal one.

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This all culminated in the sudden realization that the global imperialistic frontier was the only viable option remaining. The Good Neighbor Policy and the Open-door Policy attempted to initiate a takeover of global local markets. By doing this, they laid the groundwork for potential explicit takeovers of smaller-scale countries and areas of the world.

This initial step taken further pushed forward the implementation of Turner’s Thesis into the American standard. America had been released from its leash, and we finally had been set upon the rest of the world. Trade between the US and areas around the globe became a frequent occurrence, involving China and Latin America as large Scale partners. This was directly correlated to the massive number of investments that America had placed in these territories. By keeping strong trade links with the aforementioned areas, the US was able to slide underneath and gain an excellent vantage point at their new prospects. Hawaii became one of the areas to suffer the greatest from the United States’ insecurities about its economy. We invested much more than we should have into the various trades of Hawai, namely sugar, and bit offt more land than we could chew in the area.

Our fear transformed Hawaii into a protectorate of the United States. This meant we held partial control over the entire region, including what quickly became a strong chokehold on their government. Cuba eventually became so dependent on the US that Without us, they could not survive. The second trade was interrupted in any way, their economy crumbled to pieces. In conclusion, our country has risen upon the back of ruthless expansion and an unquenchable thirst for more acquisitions. We take and take with no sense of moral or ethics. All we understand is to survive, we need to stay on top and triumph over all others. Expansion has allowed us to do this, expansion has transformed and twisted our country into what it is to this very day.

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