Stop Bullying

Bullying is a universal problem that affects everyone in society-young or old. Bullying involves a pattern of repeated aggressive behavior with negative intent directed from one person or persons to another where there is a power difference. We owe it to ourselves to stop bullies through appropriate people in power or law enforcement.

Essay on Stop Bullying

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines bullying as:

‘abuse and mistreatment of someone vulnerable by someone stronger, more powerful, etc. : the actions and behavior of a bully.

There are many places where bullying can take place. Infamously, bullying can take place in the workplace, schoolyard, home, in politics and on the internet among other places. Bullying can take the form of a few jibes in the school yard or progress to serious physical harm, destruction of property or even reputation. Most of us have been bullied at one time or another.

Throughout historical literature there have been famous bullies that audiences love to hate. Draco Malfoy in J.

K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series is a fine example of a spiteful character. He was obsessed with genetic blood line over merit and anyone whom didn’t fall into his conception of that superior race was constantly barracked with verbal abuse. Deep down, there is a feeling that Malfoy is actually jealous of the easy going friendship of the three main characters and unhappy with his own life – like most bullies.

Many famous celebrities who made successful careers have opened up about their own experiences of bullying:

Lady Gaga, who was the first women to win an Oscar for Best Song at the Academy Awards, revealed screenshots of a bullying Facebook group.

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It was set up by fellow university students. The group was entitled, ‘Stefani Germanotta, you’ll never be famous,’ and had twelve members.

Victoria Beckham is another good example of a celebrity who said he suffered bullying when she was younger. She sadly said: “They were literally picking things up out of the puddles and throwing them at me, and I just stood there, on my own. No one was with me. I didn’t have any friends.”

Unfortunately, throughout school history sometimes bullying has gone too far with terrible results. On march 24 th 1994 The Associated Press News reported, ‘A U.S. 15-year-old high school student shot himself to death in a classroom Friday,’ in front of students. The victim, Brian Head cried out: “I can’t take it anymore!”

In previous years, Brian had complained at school and to his parents about teasing and bullying, mainly about his weight. They assured him things would improve as kids matured. “We didn’t realize how severe it was,” his Father said.

On one occasion, Brian had required stitches after being punched in the eye. The bully was removed from school.

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