Stevie Wonder Conspiracy Theory

“This year, I will reveal the truth about whether I’m blind or not.” There has been a conspiracy theory that Stevie Wonder really isn’t blind. Do you believe that Stevie Wonder, an indisputable icon of American music, is not actually blind? It is believed that Stevie Wonder has had everyone fooled for more than 50 years. Stevland Hardaway Morris, better known by his stage name Stevie Wonder, is an American singer, songwriter, musician, and multi-instrumentalist. Wonder was born six weeks early with retinopathy of prematurity, an eye disorder which was exacerbated when he received too much oxygen from the incubator leading to his blindness.

However, people still believe Wonder isn’t blind because of his famous mic stand catch, all the instruments he can play, sitting courtside at NBA games, taking a picture of a Michael Jackson wax figure, him wanting to take part in Dancing with the Stars, and him playing pranks on people when he was a kid, despite his disability since birth.

Stevie Wonder’s behavior clearly shows he can actually see. He has gone decades misleading us that he is visually impaired and that he cannot fend for himself. Stevie Wonder was born on May 13, 1950, in Saginaw, Michigan. This is where he showed an early gift for music at just four years old, by joining the church choir in Detroit, Michigan. And later, teaching himself a variety of instruments such as the piano, drums, and harmonica before the age of 10. Stevie Wonder was initially discovered by Gerald White, who eventually introduced him to Berry Gordy.

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In 1961, at the age of eleven Stevie Wonder got signed onto Motown Records with his new stage name “Little Stevie Wonder.” “Little Stevie Wonder” was given to him because many people were astounded by his capability to play numerous instruments, and his ability to sing. The biggest conspiracy theory about Stevie Wonder is that he isn’t blind. People are 100% convinced that the legendary singer isn’t actually blind.

One of the most compelling pieces of evidence is when Wonder caught a falling microphone at a concert at the White House. Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder performed at the White House, which aired on PBS on July 29th, 2010. McCartney clumsily knocked over the mic stand and It is important to acknowledge this as Stevie Wonder actually caught the mic stand. Stevie Wonder has been able to see this whole time and this has all just been a deception. Stevie Wonder has been said to be many things, but a photographer would be the last thing to think of him. He’s an amazing photographer who has a great eye. His walls are covered with gorgeous photos he has taken from all around the world. He has shown these photos to guest, and they still don’t get it, he can see! Stevie Wonder was given the opportunity to be a paparazzi by Adam, the cameraman, outside of the Ed Sullivan theater before his appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman.

He filmed some of the fans, the sky, and even Adam. As you can see, Stevie Wonder is not like the average blind man. He has been captured doing the most unbelievable and intolerable things. Stevie Wonder has often been seen sitting front and center at basketball games. He loves to attend basketball games and frequently orders an odd amount of plasma TV’s from ESPN personality Bomani Jones’ friend. Stevie Wonder always sits courtside at NBA games trying to get the best view of the court, so he can cheer for his favorite team. Furthermore, Wonder was also able to identify Dylan of Diddy’s Da Band from a distance in a crowded arena. Wonder supposedly called him and said, “Dylan, Dylan, come sit next to me.” Basically, Stevie Wonder is broadcasting that he has his vision and he is able to see what’s going on. Some people may argue whether Stevie Wonder is blind. Those who believe that he does have his sight say that he can do things that no blind man can do. Although, some people think that Stevie Wonder can see others seem to think differently and they believe he is visually impaired.

Many people never consider all the details when saying an opinion about Stevie Wonder and his ability to see. It is often said that Stevie Wonder has his sight, and we have seen him doing tasks that a man with sight could do. It follows logically that the results from the points made earlier in this paper clearly shows that Stevie Wonder can see and he has been misleading us for decades. While it may be true that Stevie Wonder is blind, there is some evidence that Stevie Wonder has his vision due to his participation in certain activities. Those on the other hand of the issue may say that Stevie Wonder is truly blind and his accusations were just false. In other words, Stevie Wonder has been deceptive to his fans ever since he became famous. Wonder has shown us evidence himself that he has his vision. As a result of this, Stevie Wonder has said he will reveal his truth and now that people have heard him say this we now speculate that he has been hiding something all along.

Clearly, Stevie Wonder has something he is keeping a secret about, and that is his sight, but the truth will soon reveal itself. Most will argue that Stevie Wonder has his reasons to be able to do the things he can do. While it is true that Wonder is not blind there is evidence that he has stated himself on his behalf. On February 11, 2017 Stevie Wonder tells journalists “This year, I will reveal the truth.” In this statement Stevie Wonder is indicating that he does have a secret of some sort and it is most likely directed to his sight. As we can see, Stevie Wonder is great at keeping secrets and this is big to hide and gain recognition from. However, Wonder has shown his fan base that there has been some infidelity and he is choosing this time to tell it all. In my opinion, I feel that Stevie Wonder is blind and all of his allegations were just accidents.

People are making a big deal out of him being able to take pictures or just be able to go to games and feel like a regular human. I think that people just take him too seriously and when he wants and tries to fit in it becomes a bigger deal than what it really is. All he wants is to feel like he is just a little normal and not be pressured when he does so. He should just be left alone and should be able to feel like he can do what makes him happy without being criticized by his actions. These things should be taken into consideration when it comes down to him wanting to feel normal, and we should let him. As expressed in previous texts, Stevie Wonder is a person who can con his way through certain tasks that are impossible for a man that is blind. He made it noticeable with taking photos, sitting front row in games, and catching falling microphones has made him fall under the impression that he is not visually impaired. It has been recorded for the whole world to see how he is more equipped for a man that has a disability. Stevie Wonder has gone and mislead us that he cannot fend for himself, and he has to have someone by his side at all times. But, if it is true that he has to have a personal aid at all times with him why does he do things perfectly fine and accurately on his without any sight? 

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