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To many, success is defined by the possession of private properties, a decent source of income sufficiently amounting to support one’s family with solvency and a secured career to have. However, the moment does not make me content whenever I imagine myself only fulfilling these criteria. Along with these personal gaining I cherish for attaining a lot more. To me, success of life lies in investing one’s learnings and hard work to the betterment of the society he/she lives in besides his/her self-development. Inspired by this motto, I have set my ultimate goal as to be emerged as a potential researcher in the field of Electrical and Computer Engineering so that my research outcomes would enrich and benefit the field of my study as well as the people of the society.

My dedication and perseverance have been tested and awarded several times since childhood. I have completed my secondary education from Ispahanai Public School and College, Chittagong, Bangladesh which is one of most distinguished institutes of the country. To get myself admitted, I sat for a highly competitive entrance examination and successfully managed to get an admission. While studying in there, I never failed to rank myself among the top 10% of the students. As a result, I was awarded with merit based scholarships by the government. Due to achieving the highest grade in secondary certificate examination, I got the opportunity to get enrolled in the top college of Chittagong, Chittagong College. After completing higher secondary education from there, I had to undergo the most rigorous phase of my life till date, the competition for getting into one of the best universities for undergrad studies. After months of preparation, I appeared in the entrance exams and secured my place among the top applicants in the Islamic University of Technology (IUT), Dhaka awarded with OIC (Organization of the Islamic Conference) scholarship.

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As an undergrad student in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, I was introduced to the vast area of knowledge in this field and its numerous scopes to explore. In the first year of my engineering study I was taught the course “Elect. & Electronic Engineering Fundamentals” which helped me to understand the very basic concepts of Electrical Engineering. In the following year, the courses titled as “Electrical Machines I” and “Electrical Machines II” taught me the ins and outs of the various types of machines like AC machine, DC machine, motor, generator, transformers etc. That was the first time I started getting passionate towards Power Engineering. After that, I decided to pursue my higher studies and professional career around Power Electronics Engineering. Following that decision, I took series of other related courses like TRANSMISSION AND DISTRIBUTION OF ELECTRICAL POWER, POWER SYSTEM I, POWER SYSTEM II, PROTECTIVE RELAY I and HIGH VOLTAGE ENGINEERING which helped me understand the Power Generation, Distribution and Protection System meticulously.

Apart from that, during my undergrad dissertation on “Study of Temperature Effect on PV Cell Using MATLAB/ SIMULINK”, I was first familiarized with the importance of using renewable sources for power generation. Our focus was on the performance of Photovoltaic (PV) cell with temperature variation where we proposed a new cooling system under the surface of the cell to cooldown the operating temperature as much as possible. From our observation, it was concluded that our proposed method empirically competed well against other conventional ways of improving PV cell efficiency e.g. changing the fabrication material of the cell etc.

That was the time when I realized that involving myself in research and innovation would be the best way to accomplish my vision of contributing to the advancement of the society. Therefore, after the successful completion of my undergrad studies I have continued to study more and since then I am never tired of delving in search for different prospects where I can apply my learnings.

Being motivated by my dormant humanitarian zeal, I always try to be employed in charitable deeds. During my university days, I was involved with an organization called Bangladesh Society for the Change and Advocacy Nexus- B-scan that works for the socioeconomic and political rights for persons with disabilities in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability. During my period as a volunteer I arranged several sessions and seminars with some established and influential people of the society and showed persuasive and leadership qualities. I also took part in several other events of B-SCAN like Engineering Design Competition on Transport Accessibility, Signature Campaign on Different Universities, Wheelchair Rally, Debate Competition on rights for persons with disabilities, Concert for Inclusion etc. Besides, I have the experience of directing a group of volunteers during the Inter-University Departmental festival named as ESONANCE’15 where I was appreciated for showing managerial skills to lead, manage and organize the program successfully.

Currently I am working as an Engineer for Bangla Trac Ltd. (BanglaCAT), one of the biggest Electric Power Generation (EPG) dealers of CATERPILLAR INC. USA in Electric Power System Division (Diesel & Gas Engine Generator). My job responsibility is primarily focused on but not limited to Installation and Commissioning of Diesel & Gas Generator. As an active employee, I have garnered variety of knowledge and experience related to power generation, distribution, operation, maintenance, security system etc. While working as an Installation and Commissioning Engineer, I dealt with several important equipment and methods regarding the swift process of power generation and distribution.

The most challenging project completed by me was to run a parallel operation of three different rated generators and a complete stable load sharing system comprising a total of 5MW Captive Power Generation. On that project, we have implemented a Power Factor Improvement (PFI) Panel by which we maintained the power factor of the system close to the unity. We also used microprocessor based PFC (Power Factor Correction) relay up to several stages and a wide range of capacitors and different magnetic contacts to build up the PFI panel. In addition, we used a Multiple Automatic Transfer Switch system to supply back-up power automatically to the load during power outage.

Apart from the above, I worked on many other projects including Grid Synchronization, Electro-mechanical Production System, Remote Signaling system of generator, RPM control, ventilation and air intake system design etc. However, the most valuable experience garnered by me from this organization are indeed the leadership and managerial skill. For instance, I have to maintain collaboration with at least three different technical groups of people by leading and guiding them to complete the assigned projects successfully by deadline.

After a certain stage I realized that it is high time that I increased my productivity and efficacy to be evolved as a successful researcher in this field which is my ultimate vision. Thus, I have decided to pursue master’s degree in Electrical Engineering in a research based program. Cleveland State University will certainly be an ideal place to nurture my academic and professional knowledge and employ them to the fullest under its highly-valued research facilities. Distinguished scholars like Professor Dr. Ana Vladan Stankovic and Professor Dr. Hongxing Ye supervise significant researches on Power System, Smart Grids and Renewable Energy which completely align with my research interest. Besides, it will be an honor for me to work in Dr. Stankovic’s nationwide recognized research laboratory of Power Electronics. My job experience will also help me a lot in grasping the high-level concepts to be taught in this master’s program.

To sum up, disentangling the unresolved issues and challenges and inventing new facets are among the best ways one can contribute to his/her society. This is the biggest incentive that keeps me motivated and persistent to study more on my field of interest. I strongly believe that studying in the Cleveland State University will certainly be a great start to my journey towards achieving my long-term goal of becoming a contributory researcher in this field.

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