STATEMENT OF PURPOSEBeing a well wisher of the Mother Nature


Being a well wisher of the Mother Nature and having volunteered in several social development initiatives, I have now decided to take a step forward in my career to broaden my expertise in the field of Natural Resource Management. It involves development and management of three essential sources of life namely water, food and energy in a sustainable manner.

The school I studied was the place where one could witness the ocean of knowledge and intellectual wisdom. As part of our excursions we got the chance to visit chemical factories, dump yards, municipality waste recycling plants which instigated me to think and work for public welfare.

Besides all that, my school was the place where I enhanced myself as a better person in terms of social skills by participating in the Friday talent completions where I outshined as a stand up comedian and an impressionist which really helped me to accentuate my interpersonal skills. Also I have volunteered myself as an individual in many awareness campaigns for the growing environmental problems.

As a result these activities laid the foundation to set my career goals which is to actively work for the betterment of the society in terms of pollution control, clean energy that is affordable to each category of the society and effective use of the resources for the sustainable development.

In this ever changing world of modern technologies, where each new day sees birth of new concepts and applications, civil engineering, I believe, is the field where my ideas can be seen and understood directly.

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It is the field of Civil Engineering that produced modern bridges, transportation facilities and high rise buildings in today’s world which made the development of many technologies possible. Hence I chose Civil Engineering in my under graduation studies to possibly achieve my long term career and personal agenda which is to work actively to find the solutions for growing environmental problems and to establish entrepreneurship in future.

Although I had strong thought processes with regards to environmental issues, it was my under graduate studies where I was introduced to wide range of subjects such as environmental engineering, hydrology, applied hydraulics and fluid mechanics to gain technical knowledge to solve problems in the Biosphere. These skills further enhanced by environmental engineering laboratory, field excursions to waste water treatment plants and practical demonstrations of sand filters & miniature Bio-gas plant setups. All these courses and practical experiences helped me to realise the relevance and importance of civil engineering and the application of its fundamentals to the environment related challenges.

However, the structural aspects of buildings, designing concrete mixtures for different site conditions and surveying the sites came easy to me; it was Environmental sciences and natural resources that really captured my interest. In that case I am fortunate enough to have good laboratory facilities in my college and excellent professors who can guide me in realising my career dreams by arranging practical workshops and conducting international conferences. The world I have envisioned (Effective and sustainable use of resources, reduced carbon foot print, achieving sustainable alternative clean energy, rehabilitated weather patterns) made me move towards environmental and resource management related studies.

I have always performed well in all practical subjects and have found it difficult to apply the knowledge to a real time environment. This propelled me to take a project in my final year bachelor program on “Bio-Hydrogen Generation from Liquefied Jackfruit Peel Waste” which made me think out of the box and it involves collecting jackfruit peel wastes from local markets and chemically processes it into a suitable substrate to generate Bio-hydrogen in the reactor I have designed. The professors were impressed with my practical skills and appreciated me for choosing this significantly complex topic for my bachelor thesis.

After completing my bachelor program, I have started doing my homework to keep myself up to date in this interdisciplinary domain. In the meantime I realised I need more experience before taking up my masters for which I took three internships under three organisations namely Venkadeshwara Hatcheries, International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) and Versatile. As an outcome I gained experience in fodder development and management for livelihood of smallholder dairy farmers, manure management, segregation of industrial wastes, current market trends of essential resources and future developmental scopes which gave me the picture of how I can build my career.

Another notable reason for my choice of bachelor thesis is, I personally believe, hydrogen as a fuel can be the solution for ever growing energy demands. In addition it has multiple advantages such as high combustion energy, zero green house gas emission and mainly it is vastly available in the atmosphere as well as in the water. Therefore my curiosity towards the application of resource management on the production of hydrogen gas from biomass and commercialisation of the same in the market are also the primary reasons to apply to this masters program.

Since Research and Development in hydrogen fuel has huge potential in solving multiple environmental problems, for instance, to reduce global warming and as a result neutralising climate change issues; having the potentiality to replace fossil fuels. Owing to all these advantages of this cutting edge phenomenon, I have also planned to establish entrepreneurship after gaining professional experience for several years. Thus I can work independently to motivate and support aspiring professionals who want to invent something innovative, which will get me closer to the world I have envisioned.

In conclusion, my eagerness towards achieving my vision, your extremely distinguished faculty, broad reaching curriculum and cutting edge research facilities have motivated me to apply to your program. I believe Natural Resource Management and Development program will help me acquire the knowledge, skills and versatility needed to reach my full potential as a professional who works for the betterment of the mankind in technical aspect and in further to become an entrepreneur to work more efficiently to achieve my personal and professional dreams.

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STATEMENT OF PURPOSEBeing a well wisher of the Mother Nature
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