Since my childhood, I used to dismantle the home appliances. As I grew up, I used to maintain my bike and also service the air conditioner. My teachers and parents encouraged me to pursue Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering based on my skills and area of interest. After securing a good score in Joint Entrance Examination for Engineering, I got admission in a reputed government college named Birla Vishwakarma Mahavidyalaya which is an autonomous institution now. During my course of study I came across various subjects like Fluid Engineering, thermodynamics, Heat transfer, power engineering, operation research, Welding technology, computer aided design, production technology and industrial engineering.

Among these I developed an interest in industrial engineering and operation research.

As a part of academic term, in design engineering, I made a project on defogger. As most of the people are currently facing the problem while driving due to accumulation of fog layer on front windshield during winter and rainy seasons.

So, people have to stop their car and clean the fog with help of cloth or turn on the AC which becomes quite uncomfortable during these seasons. Some people try to wipe piece of cloth while driving which is dangerous and may lead to serious injury or loss of life. To get rid of these problems, i decided to make a front windshield defogger through which fog can be removed by just turning on the defogger switch. This may help to reduce accidents especially on hilly areas as well as provide human comfort.

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Talking about my final year project, it was based on Development of Solar Thermal Desalination Plant using Vacuum Tubes. As the demand for fresh water has increased tremendously all over the world and and Solar energy is plentiful and can be used for converting saline water into distilled water. The main objective behind this project was to provide low cost drinkable water with minimum cost and maintenance in remote areas where there is a scarcity of purified water.

My final year project was published in an international journal named Journal of Emerging technologies and innovative research in November, 2018. During college, I was also awarded a cash prize in poster presentation for pitching my final year project to external faculty members. There were many college events in my college UDAAN and Talent search in which I actively participated and also won in two technical events namely hydraulic boost and mechatronics quiz. I also worked as a volunteer in various college events and became an event manager later on in order to conduct numerous competitions in college.

To polish my skills, I worked as an intern in EMICO ELECON company which is specialized in manufacturing industrial equipments for 15 days. During this course of time I learned the functioning of various CNC machines, production planning and quality control. There were various quality checks before the final product was sent to warehouse. I also noticed recycling of scraps which were generated after the process of machining. I had an amazing experience during this internship as applied my theoretical knowledge practically. Gradually my zeal to gain in depth knowledge industrial engineering developed.

Further I was looking for a job in an industries so that I could gain an hand on experience in my field of interest. At last, I received an offer from a industry named mineral where initially I need to undergo an internship of one year for training purpose and thereafter I could be hired as production planning manager .

My inherent curiosity has miles to go before it sleeps. My next port of call is to acquire a Master’s in this field of Engineering. The Masters of Building Engineering from the University of Concordia is something that seems to be the logical next step in my quest. Being a graduate from a well-known institute in India, I will be privileged if I am admitted to your esteemed university, as I will be able to scale great heights with your support. I am sure that quality education, academic motivation and purposeful interaction provided by reputed faculty at Concordia will enable me to climb the stairways of engineering wisdom. I being aware of the level of dedication required hereby, make a commitment to purposefully work towards gaining excellence in my studies and winning laurels for the University of Concordia.

Thank you,

Arjav Anil Patel

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