The following sample essay on “Statement of Intent “. Statement of Intent: I believe for many of us, our problems start from being fond of procrastinating activities.

Personally, this is a problem that I have tried to get rid of for a long time now. Im trying to convey my troublesome experience (ranting) and relation with procrastination, but most important point out that to live happily and ensure distress reduction there is need to eliminate this addictive person or behaviour so that we make our way to success easy.

I truly fail to understand how irresistible you can be and why you have such a firm grip over me. Sometimes I tend to think that this is a trait that I was born with, but then I ask myself, does everyone have this kind of addiction? Why is it that I see some people punctual and active in their roles, does it mean that I was born the time that procrastination is gifted to people? Is it my society or the environment that we grow that I got such addiction from? If so, this might be true since I have heard that we learn and acquire behaviors from our environments through observation or other means, but why is it that not everyone in my society has this addiction so it must be inborn (thinking).

However, one thing I know is that you’re bad for me, but Im so reluctant to cut you off my mind. Its like this thing glued to me, I mean like a drug and I the addict or bee and the nectar.

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But isn’t the relation between the bee and the nectar mutual, what do I get from procrastination? I dont understand

Despite the huge strength that I used to try to force you out of my way (ironical), your innocent eyes always break my resolve. Not only do you bring me down, but also you tend to go the extra mile and take advantage of my weaknesses. I must sometimes say you, and I are like best friends. Although it is very mean of you to take advantage of a friend who means no harm, you must be a parasite. Whenever I try to complete my homework, there you are, next to me like the bride and the groom just waiting for me to say yes to you. Seriously, you must be good at what you do since I usually fall prey. There are times that I power up, I try to show you my strength, but then you drill your claws right in, narrowing my chances of winning and finally exercising my freedom away from your torture.

Is it the promise of love and adventure you are supposedly too strong and unwilling to leave? Is it the sweet nothings you always whisper in my ear? You are very addictive and tasteful, but the aftermath is always the bitter part. So charming yet so evil. When under your influence I’m at the top of the world, I feel very comfortable, but afterward I come to regret it, Im usually left stressed and agonized. Despite promising me that I’m in control and everything will be alright, I later come to realize that I’m alone. You are the most manipulative and cruel being.

I must say you are not to blame you for all my misery, and I’m not going to lie, I must be weak. After all, Im the one who succumbs to your welcoming smile. Im the one who open my heart for you instead of letting you out and doing what needs to be done and after that tell myself, you must be careful next time not to let the cruel being in again do not fall into their magic spell of temptations. But again your charming ability lures me to accepting defeat. However, I believe one major factor that contributes to my procrastination is the need to be perfect and sometimes laziness.

In all seriousness, though, seeing as next year is the final year of school, the stakes are high that Ill have to leave you behind. The uninvited (sometimes invited) visits you keep making currently are compromising my ability to achieve my goals. This addiction is surely compromising the quality of my work and making it long for me to complete my tasks. You have made me have a calendar different from others since when others are resting after having a fruitful day, that is the time I have to rush and complete my tasks every single day. I have to kick you out; you are a parasite I do not need. You are the thief who pats your shoulders and tells you that everything will be okay, I need to spend my precious time with REAL people.

At first, I thought this would be a mutual relationship where we would both benefit, but Im starting to see that Im the loser. You and I are incompatible. I no longer want to associate with mean people in my life, but is hard to say goodbye. We have been through a lot that I can forget, but I must say goodbye. I will always remember our experiences, the heartbreaks, the stress you put me through, and the pleasure that would always be short-lived. I believe it’s time you take your business somewhere else, for now, I do not need you. Hopefully, we will meet again.

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