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Our ideas keep evolving and so do our dreams. My dreams are always bright, full of colors, and more of a creative side. Growing up in a family of mostly engineers, computers became an integral part of life. From a young age, I have enjoyed dabbling with computers and experimenting with new features that keep coming up in applications. Creativity along with the evolving technologies every day in today’s digitized world never fails to intrude on me. My acquired practical experiences in real-time programming combined with evolving technologies propel me to apply for MS in computer science to obtain an in-depth course work on various aspects of mobile computing, web designing, networking, human-computer interaction, etc.

My aspiration for a career in software background promoted me to choose Computer Science as my undergraduate degree major at New Horizon College of Engineering in Bangalore, affiliated with VTU. In my early undergraduate study, courses like Data structures, OOPS Concept with C++, and Unix Programming helped me secure a robust base on the fundamentals of computers.

Hands-on programming in the laboratories has honed my programming skills. Later semester subjects like Computer Networks, Operating Systems, and Compiler designs assisted me in broadening my knowledge and developing my concepts of networking, algorithms, web security, etc. My keen interest in a few subjects like Web Programming and Computer Graphics & Visualization triggered the first spark towards my passion for web designing. My dedication and interest in these subjects helped me to maintain a fairly good aggregate throughout my undergraduate curriculum.

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In my undergraduate projects, firstly Compiler designs a mini project which was a web game more into user interface designing. This project work exposed me to the world of UI-UX designs and related scripting languages like JavaScript, and jQuery. My final year project was entitled ‘Load balancing in file system’. Together with three other peers, we developed software for distributing a load of the systems connecting in one LAN network. The experiences gained during the project tenure was enriching my .Net skills, I also gained knowledge about multiple architectures in networking. It also instilled in me the true profit of good teamwork and whetted my verbal skills during presentations and discussions. Although focused on academics, I balanced my extra-circular activities by participating in cultural activities and acting as a “Placement Representative” for the CSE 2015 Batch during our placement sessions widened my leadership skills, and gained good exposure to the professional world.

My desire to gain a larger perspective of the IT industry came true with getting placement in L&T Technology Services Ltd., a leading global Engineering Services Company as an Executive Trainee. Keeping my interest in web designing in mind I delightfully took the opportunity to take up the role of UI developer. During my tenure at L&T, I was fortunate to get a chance to work with some renowned organizations like UTC, Scania, and JLG-Oshkosh Corporation. I have been largely involved in a crucial project for Scania, a major Swedish manufacturer of commercial vehicles. I along with my team worked intensively and dotingly for around two years on this project aiming for on-time delivery, with optimized code and a world-class UX-designed website. My role as a UI developer here has solidified my base on various languages like HTML, JavaScript, Angular, CSS, and even on front-end frameworks like bootstrap. My work experience has inculcated in me team spirit and the ability to interact and work with both colleagues and seniors proactively. It has also helped me in accept the challenges involved in expertise new domains and new technology.

The collaboration of my keen interest in working on the latest web technologies, devotion to team unity, and creative instincts have led me to awards like Star of the month, Team performer, and even won DIGI WAR 2017 for my team. Currently, I’m employed by a German-based company ‘Arvato Bertelsmann’ as a Product developer in its R&D center in Bangalore. With ample opportunities in developing a thorough insight into product development, here I also have got an open platform to indulge in new and challenging technologies like D3JS, BPMN service integration, and many more. Working closely with the German delegates has given me the cognizance of their unyielding sense of professionalism and the nuances of culture.

In addition to balancing my work life, I’m actively involved in art-craft and cultural participation and also an integral member of the “[email protected]” committee in my current organization. Besides my professional involvement, I am personally engaged with two NGOs helping occasionally with social awareness, raising funds, and visiting old age homes or government-aided schools. I have adopted a blind boy committing to provide financial support for his studies to help me take a step forward to his bright future. Alongside, I love backpack travel around appreciate nature, in willingness to learn about different cultures and their perspectives. Traveling even helps me amplify my communications with others and establish easy connections. I try to keep my creative self active by crafting and bottle painting in my leisure time.

Amid a technological and computing revolution, I have an appreciation for the breadth of this field and the nearly endless possibilities for further study. Therefore, with my practical experiences and desire to dig deeper into the aspects of computer science I believe pursuing a Master’s degree in Computer Science would catalyze my career progress. This master’s program will act as a platform to launch me as a prolific engineer and a definite direction to my goals. Your university offers an invigorating environment that will give me a platform to explore my interests. After finishing my Master’s, I look forward to stepping into the role of a software engineer in either web designing, data analysis, or technical architecture. To summarize, I hope I get the honor of being a part of such an esteemed institution to excel in my academics and professional undertakings.

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