Sports and Ways It Can Change Your Life

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As we grow older, life gets boring if we do not explore things especially exploring our hidden skills and abilities, andenrichinthem them through time. We might get used to and contented with our daily life routine and never get out of our comfort zone. But trust me, when you grow older and weaker, you might say to yourself that you wish you have done more on the stage of your life where you can do everything. Sports can play a big role in changing your life.

While you are still young and strong, you can change where your life is going through sports.

Sports, as defined by Wikipedia, include all forms of competitive physical activity or games which, through casual or organized participation, aim to use, maintain or improve physical ability and skills while providing enjoyment to participants, and in some cases, entertainment for spectators. There are lots of types of sports. According to Andrea Cespedes, sports can be classified into ball sports, endurance and track, combat and strength sports, man’s best friends, water, ice and snow, and gymnastics.

Ball sports include ball and net games such as basketball and volleyball, the band all, and bat games such as golf and tennis.The endurance track category, is where running, road cycling, mountain biking, javelin throwing, and any other sports which include using endurance training and tracking. In Combat and Street, the Sports category falls into martial arts such as karate, taekwondo, wrestling, boxing, and other martial arts. In the man’s best friend category, dogs and other animals are participating in the competition.

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It’s either they are the competitors (such as cockfighting, horse racing, dog racing) or they help the competitors (such as horse riding, camel riding, harness racing). Water, ice, and snow sports include ice skating, swimming, ice hockey, surfing, skiing, and more. Sports Gymnastics consists of gymnastic activities such as balance beam, high bar, trampolining rope, and more. Sports gymnastics might consist of props such as ropes, ribbons, poles, and others. Each sport requires proper training, proper equipment, and proper clothing. (Source: kinds-sports-8468079.html)

Sports can change your life in a hundred ways with the contribution of all the benefits that you can achieve. Sports can inspire you and others too. When you became inspired by someone good in that sport or inspired by the sport itself, all you might want to do is to practice until you get better and better in that game. Inspiring others can also change your life. If you were good enough, you might want to motivate others and teach those who want to learn. It is an unexplainable feeling of happiness when someone needed your help and you know you have the capability to help them. It is really good to be an inspiration especially when you were once an inspired one. Through sports, an individual gains confidence. As they practice, learn, and realized they can be a better version of themselves, they gain confidence as they realize they can still expand their skills and abilities which they thought were limited. It boosts your self-esteem as you reach your goals. Reaching your goals tends to give you more goals to achieve. You gain confidence not just in sports, but also in real life. Teamwork in sports also has an impact on your life. You learn to interact with other players and make the best out of your team. You will learn to encourage each other through the best and worst. Working with your team towards a common goal gives you a memorable bond. Through your best, you will learn to be cooperative in the team through your listening ears and inspiring mouth. Through worst, you’ll learn to embrace each other’s faults and increase your problem-solving skills which lead to creative thinking (which is another benefit). Working with your team also builds your social skills, participation, and leadership skills. And the last but not the least major benefits of sports, the physical health and fitness benefits. Of course, sports and sweating help you get in shape, tone your muscles, burn fats, and lose pounds while maintaining a healthy weight. While playing or training, you improve speed, agility, flexibility, strength, endurance, etc. When you are engaged in sports, you are more likely to stop drinking and smoking because it might weaken you. Sports promote hea althy heart, diabetes control, lower hypertension, blood cholesterol level, improved blood circulation, stronger immunity, etc. (Source: In psychological benefits, sports help you to have a positive outlook in life. Sports are believed by many people to change one’s attitude,  boost mood, release stress, and reduce pressure. Sports are believed to enhance your psychological and health being. According to Oliver, being active releases endorphins, those “feel good” chemicals and hormones in the body that elevate the mood that brings about a sense of calm and those endorphins help you to relax and can alleviate anxiety (Source:

No wonder why those who are engaged in sports tend to be the happier ones. TThesepositive long life effects might be enough motivation for some people, especially adolescents, to start entering the sports industry. Because teenagers nowadays tend to stay inside their homes and spend much time on gadgets. Many adolescents tend to experience much stress, anxiety, and depression. That is because they are not giving themself much time to experience the real world. Always remember, nobody’s life is perfect. You might not change your past mistakes and regrets, but you always have an opportunity to change where it is going.

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