Spiders, blood Champagne by Moritz E. Wigand Review

Too bad – after 84 pages is entertaining, varied, some very amusing entertainment to the end, and the author says goodbye to flee to a psychiatric hospital in southern Germany

While living in the vernacular still. the stereotype, many psychiatrists themselves were not very clear in your mind, but do not worry – the doctor Dr. Moritz E. Wigand makes a very healthy impression on me, he still shows sharp powers of observation, a sharp tongue and a similar spring. During his medical studies at the Berlin Charité he lathed between 2006 and 2008 short columns for the Rheinische Post, in which he student life and activity – critical and witty lit – his own and that of his fellow students.

33 of which the little Blue Star publisher has now summarized in a ribbon.

A comprehensive two pages highlights to sum up what Wigand has experienced at the Alma mater, and on the table what he frank and want to divulge freely

most of his fellow students -. he himself not excepted – have chosen to study medicine because they suffer from a helper syndrome.

The longer the program lasts, the more specialist areas they go through, they will be more sensitive, the more they imagine to be infested with the symptoms of just that are being discussed or the Institute diagnosed in patients. We understand now what is the medical school for a tour de force when a hypochondriac gifted budding Medicus in more than six years of his training almost four hundred is suffering diseases …

The author, born in 1982, stressed that he put no value on appearances.

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Yet in I do not take him off. Like his photo shows (on page 87), he stylt his hair with a hair dryer and hair gel in the classic out-of-bed-look and romps delighted with his camera between mannequins and models at the fashion fair in Paris.

Although the stud. med. Wigand his studies seriously, he is a relaxed guy who themselves are all in testing phases for a concert and left to stand. For his friends, his guitar and literature of the 19th century, he always finds time. In between, he drifts into daydreams. As an alternative to its intended target, he could also imagine a life as “fair” coffee distributor on a large sailing ship well. Only the sailing license, he would just still do …

Only an intelligent young man with an alert mind and many talents can be as humorous and satirical and sharp play, what he has experienced in curiosities in dealing with his fellow man, for example, during his internships. Students who have difficulties with foreign languages, it is recommended to choose their internship in the field of surgery, because it is still a working field without language, entering a religious silence comparable. And so we learn what a “Pferdepimmel” has to do with champagne why British doctors Ties instead coat should be worn that you call such and are such senior consultants and why the German guest students on the American Campus “Bill Gates” behind …

now I have to really keep in check, so I will not tell you more Dönnekes, because you want the book and perhaps even himself read – or give it away. They will make each one fun with it, not just physicians.

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