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I’m also here to show you how this sighting (hold up Energy Saving bulb) can save lives and save you some pocket change. Change that you can use to get some Pages lunch instead of a patty, or go to Club Privilege instead of Street WBI Thursdays. I believe most of you have already come to hear of the term ‘Climate Change’.

If I ask around the room I am sure to hear responses such as ‘melting ice caps’ or the world getting hotter’. Both very correct. The couple who lives to the front of me have now air-conditioned their entire house.

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If we come to the University of the West Indies, your place to shine- and the lassoer lacks the ‘cold air’ we will all question that tagging as one cannot shine unless they are comfortable to.

Human beings are allowed and expected to feel uncomfortable when we have to live in abnormal conditions. It is in this same way that other Biodiversity- that is plants and animals cannot survive under extreme changes in their environment. They will do Just like us, migrate or die. What will happen to us then?

The Climate Change phenomenon all begins with a rise of Greenhouse Gases in the atmosphere. Carbon Dioxide is one of the major Greenhouse Gases that is emitted when anything is burnt.

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Now Greenhouse Gases is a term that many of us have known or have heard before but let me tell you exactly how they got this name. A greenhouse is a building with glass walls and a roof that is used for the germination and exhibition of plants. No, Carbon Dioxide never grew leaves nor produced the glass that makes such a building.

Instead when this and the other gases rise they have a similar effect on the globe, wrapping us all into a nice warm blanket that helps to preserve the heat in the environment; like a Greenhouse does for plants. The problem is that too many of these gases are now being emitted, his heats up the globe and causes many a problem for all life on earth especially Small Island Developing States (KIDS) such as Jamaica and most of the Caribbean. Because we are low-lying, the exact occurrence that took place in Port Royal years ago can happen to this entire country, we CAN sink.

Think then of this (show lightly) as your very sexy lifeguard. Herbert Thomas, Director of Resource Management at the Water Resources Authority said that the Jamaican society is seeing increased environmental changes that can be linked to Climate Change. He named a case in mint to be the recently concluded drought season in Jamaica that affected many farmers in the area and the nightly water restrictions by the National Water Commission. What about increased rainfall? Susceptibility to Natural Disasters?

Things that are currently happening right before our eyes! According to a contributed article to the Gleaner in April 2006, the main industries that contribute to air pollution in Jamaica are bauxite, alumina, electricity and steam production, cement Ana Lime maturating, chemical processing Ana petroleum rearing . Effluent Trot hose industries effect in rising Carbon Dioxide and other Greenhouse Gas emissions in the environment. This is bad, very bad- but yet again, my Light Bulb can also save this. Let me see the hands of those who have their own car?

Those who have more than two vehicles in a household less than five? If I have to get to a am class on a morning I have to leave my home right there in Mona, a half hour in advance because of the morning traffic. The same Gleaner article also states that the rapid rise of automobiles especially in the Kingston Metropolitan Area, effects negatively on air laity that, by extension contributes to the Advanced Greenhouse Effect- which makes the globe essentially hotter! Guess what? My Lightly is specially trained to help with this also!

Now it won’t be very fair of me to preach about all these bad Climate-change causing practices being done in the Jamaican society and not highlight the positive stuff. Firstly it is very commendable for me to note that many educational institutions especially those with dwelling provisions such as the II, some business places and homes have solar powered heaters. Back home in Trinidad o get lots of trouble with the electricity authority to obtain that. Next it is evident that lots of schools have and are starting recycling programs.

Lastly and most importantly Environmental Health has now been accepted into the schools’ curriculum and it identified by many as a matter in need of urgent attention. Now that we understand the logistics of the Climate Change phenomenon and we all probably think that it is all way over our heads to do anything about it; I’m going to bring back my gorgeous lightly that I had previously introduced to you. Picture this s an affordable and easy way to reduce Climate Change; the boot that allows us to kick the habit of Carbon Dioxide in our air.

Now, as Caribbean people, I know that if I ask you to buy and use something, you will bombard me with reasons why you should not do so. Because of this, I will let you know upfront some of the reasons people give for not buying or using the Energy Saving lightly and address them as far as I can. I’ll begin with the issue of cost. This bulb (hold up SEES lightly) costs a minimum of $50 JDK more than its traditional contender (hold up traditional bulb). But I must call to mind here the ever popular saying ‘cheap thing nah good’!

Even though the initial cost is higher, The Lighting Association of America assures you that you will save lots of pocket change in the long run. 75% of the energy that is burned with the traditional bulb will be saved with the Energy Saving one. This does so whilst producing the same amount of light and cutting a whopping EH per year on your electricity bill! Not only that, but you won’t have to be replacing bulbs as often as in the past as these bulbs lasts on an average 6-15 years depending on choice of dotage and brand. Lunch at Pages- can you hear me? I’m coming! I can now afford it.

A friend of mine kindly provided me with another ‘I’m not buying this bulb’ excuse. She said that this bulb cannot fit on her dimmers nor does it come in different colors to brighten up her home. There is some truth to that. According to inarticulateness’s. Com when the bulb was first brought out, it did not look like a traditional bulb- I believe it took a long cylindrical shape- and ewe, which fancy homemaker will want that in their home? Guess what though? This same website tastes that the more recent bulbs come in almost every shape, fixture and color as the traditional ones.

Now even the fancy homemakers can save and treat themselves too inlet out at ten cloud! Concern under 3 Ana 4 was Drought up Dye Auntie Doors, my Jamaican neighbor who lives across from me. Where do I get that? She asked. Fantastic question indeed! These bulbs are available in mini marts, supermarkets and hardware stores all over Kingston and on the I-Kiwi’s campus. The next issue by Aunt Doris met with her saying: I know those lights! They are not good for the eyes. This misconception is addressed quite nicely by the Lighting Association of America.

Energy Saving Secrets did admit that in the past when attached to dimmers the bulbs did flicker, but all that has changed now. The Lighting Association actually recommends their use as they produce less heat and takes a total of 60 seconds to warm up to 60% of their brightness. According to them these bulbs are the best choices for confined areas such as children’s rooms, study areas and so forth. Now as I have addressed the main concerns that surround this magnificent bulb, I will asses a small question that came to my mind in considering its use.

After reading about the dangers of mercury poisoning and acknowledging the fact that broken lightships are a main source for this, I was quite concerned about the level of mercury used in this bulb after remembering being told in school that these primitive cylindrical lightships in particular were ‘poisonous’. I told myself, one light bulb cannot be this great- what’s the downside? It turns out that one lightly CAN be this great! The energy efficient lightly contains an average of 4 milliards of recurs, which is LESS than the traditional one.

It is evident however that in disposal or accident, bulbs may get broken. The Jamaican society does not yet consist of any well known organizations that recycle lightships. It is recommended then, for disposal purposes, that the used lightly is wrapped in two plastic bags securing either side and placed in the garbage for collection. There are also specific clean-up steps to follow if a lightly breaks in your home/ office etc. This is available on the Energy Star website. I know that you are constantly told to do all kinds of hard and UT-of-the-way stuff to save the environment.

People say to construct a windmill in your backyard or to turn off the Air Conditioning at home and at work. They advise you to recycle all your paper, plastic, glass, aluminum, tin, tires, metal, grass… And the list goes on. I am here to tell you that these things are great and should infant all be done if you can. I am not an environmentalist, but a person Just like you who has an avid interest in the matter. My knowledge qualifies me to advise you to use the Energy Efficient lightly. At II I do Social Marketing, a field that preaches Self Efficacy.

In other words how can one perform an action if they don’t know how to do it or possess the nearness by which to do it? In this regard, I guarantee that you will all leave here with at one Energy Saving lightly each. This is an incentive for those who already started to continue its use and for the first- timers to try it out’ and by all nearness- get addicted… We all did. After all, it is a simple and effortless way to save the world and send you skip-to-my-lounging to the cinema, big shot restaurants and all the stores in the world. By all nearness- spree yourselves, you can now afford it.

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