Operation of PAL-V Liberty

PAL-VThe PAL-V Liberty is an aggregate of a vehicle and an autogiro, or gyroplane. Therefore, each a driver’s license and an autogiro pilot’s license are required to operate the PAL-V Liberty.

The gyroplane principle satisfied them for a variety of appropriate reasons. “The gyroplane principle not solely affords us with a protected and easy-to-operate flying car however it also allows us to make it compact and inside existing regulations, which is the most important thing to build a useable flying car,” said Mike Stekelenburg, Chief Engineer at PAL-V.

[2] You want to get your PPL (private pilot license) kind rated on a gyroplane to fly the PAL-V Liberty. This includes theoretical and practical training. The practical training takes between 30 and forty hours before an individual can take the exam.

On the ground, the propeller and rotor are stopped, and strength is diverted to the wheels, permitting it to tour as a three-wheeled car. This will be less difficult and safer for take-off and landing.

In addition, it additionally has an excessive middle of gravity to make it stable in the air by way of ensuring the propeller to push via the core of gravity. These were the nice preferences however gave additionally a superb task in the improvement of the flying car. In 2005 a technology furnished a solution for the excessive center of gravity. A answer with the aid of the Carver vehicle, also produced with the aid of a Dutch company. This Dynamic Curve Stabilizer System ensured the street security of the ‘roadable gyroplane.

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twoIn 2009 PAL-V tested the tilting machine with Prototype X1 on the road. After the profitable test, PAL-V started to build Prototype X2, additionally recognized as the PAL-V ONE. PAL-V made its first flight with the PAL-V ONE in 2012. At that time, the employer was once searching for cash to strengthen the type for production.Estimated unit rate in 2012 was once round ˆ300,000. By proving this concept, PAL-V began the design of its first industrial flying car model, primarily based on the tested technologies.

PAL-V Liberty Sport edition

In February 2017, PAL-V commenced its advertising marketing campaign with the public launch of the PAL-V Liberty and introduced that they have begun selling the first industrial flying car. The production model was first publicly shown at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland on 6 March 2018. CEO Robert Dingemanse expects that all certification necessities will be carried out in 2021.

PAL-V has 2 distinct editions, the Liberty Sport and the Liberty Pioneer. The Sport edition is the groundwork model. The Pioneer edition is the restricted version model. This model will be delivered prior to any other PAL-V. It also consists of all the choices that are available. Prices will be specific to which us of a you want to order it. If you favor to order a PAL-V Liberty from Europe, then the Sport version will begin from ˆ300.000 and the Pioneer version will be ˆ500.000.

Capacity 2 persons

Maximum baggage load 20 kg

Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW) 910 kg

Fuel type Euro 95, Euro 98, E10 *

Fuel capacity 100 l

Drive mode

Max Speed 160 km/h

Range 1315 km

Flight mode

Economic cruise speed 140 km/h

Max Range(with ? hour reserve fuel*, MTOW) 400 km

Max Range(with ? hour reserve fuel, single person operation, MSL) 500 km

Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 1AeroMobil s.r.o. AeroMobilThe AeroMobil s.r.o. AeroMobil (variously also styled Aeromobil and AEROMOBIL by the manufacturer) is a Slovak prototype roadable aircraft, designed by ?tefan Klein and first flown in 2013. The aircraft will be produced by AeroMobil s.r.o..AeroMobil s.r.o. company co-founder and CEO Juraj Vacul?k indicated in March 2015 that the vehicle is intended for “wealthy supercar buyers and flight enthusiasts”. Aeromobil unveiled the production version of the vehicle in April 2017 and announced that it would be available for preorder before the end of 201

The example was formed as a vehicle that may be reborn from an automobile to a craft. The version a pair of.5 proof-of-concept took twenty years to develop,and 1st flew in 2013. The example was made by the AeroMobil Team, based mostly in Pressburg, European country and junction rectifier by co-founders ?tefan Klein and Juraj Vacul?k, suggested by artificer Dean Kamen

As of 2013, there are four organic process versions of the Aeromobil, 1.0, 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0, with earlier versions lacking folding wings, whereas later versions have folding wings and fins round the wheels.Version 2.5 was 1st exhibited in urban center at the SAE AeroTech Congress and Exhibition. Version 3.0 was introducedat the Pioneers competition 2014 in capital of Austria, Austria, and flew in October 2014. The designers will embrace a trajectory parachute.

In 2014 the corporate there’s no date for a finished product, however in 2015, once the crash of the example, they hoped for deliveries by 2018.

On half-dozen April 2016, the corporate raised ˆ3 million ($3.2 million US) to assist fund the assembly and demonstration of a replacement vehicle. This spherical of funding comes from individual capitalist St. Patrick Hessel, a founding father of c2i. the corporate, c2i, may be a maker of part and automotive elements made from material.

On twenty April 2017, AeroMobil s.r.o. undraped the assembly model of the vehicle at prime Marques principality in town, Monaco, and proclaimed that it’d begin to require preorders for a “limited 1st edition” of it before the top of 2017. the primary edition was to carries with it no quite five hundred vehicles, and therefore the 1st twenty-five ordered were planned as a “Founders Edition” with “series-specific product content at the side of associate expanded edges package” with “details to be proclaimed on an individual basis.”

34671003185160Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 2

Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 2


Maximum speed: 200 km/h (120 mph, 110 kn) maximum road speed: 160 km/h (99 mph)

Stall speed: 60 km/h (37 mph, 32 kn)

Range: 700 km (430 mi, 380 nmi) Road range: 875 km (544 mi)

Driving fuel consumption: 8 l/100 km (29.4 mpgUS; 35.3 mpgimp)

Flight fuel consumption: 15 l (4.0 US gal; 3.3 imp gal) /hour

Formula” project – electrical flying drone taxi”They have created a brand-new formula for the flying automotive, one which mixes all the benefits in one concept: “Convenience. Safety. Speed”. They tend to enforce this formula in apply, proving its legitimacy.

They saw that alternative superb eVTOL comes are designed for the long run. however, none of them may be used these days – they cannot be place at the shop or placed during a garage, therefore we tend to look to make one thing for the current. you may not notice however quickly this technology will become a district of our lives.

The revolutionary technology of the Venturi engine has allowed us to induce eliminate propellers, which frequently frighten folks. Their thought of a flying automotive isn’t a copter or Associate in Nursing aero plane. it’s a machine that mixes the simplest of each style. we’ve developed a singular system within which the vehicle may be each a copter Associate in Nursing a craft. not like alternative S/VTOL, these systems are freelance. If the wing fails, the copter can land. If the copter fails, the plane can assist you land. we’ve conjointly enclosed the foremost advanced flight parachute for emergency things created by BRS part. In most S/VTOL styles propellers are revolved to change from vertical takeoff mode to aeroplane mode – this is often their main downside. ninetieth of the accidents from the noted V-22 hawk are related to this. we’ve solved this problem: if there aren’t any rotary engines, there are less issues.

Formula could be a carry and cruise kind style, we tend to decision this a “hybrid” kind. this kind of craft is far additional economical than multi-rotor and far safer than tilt-x. Formula produces rock bottom background level. this is often because of the utilization of our proprietary Venturi engines, within which the engines utilize the noise-canceling result. we tend to are developing a model of Formula 2 and 4, which can transport 2-4 folks. The limitation in Formula’s carrying capability is because of the fact that this is often the sole thought which will start and land in a standard car parking zone. this can permit the project to enter the market quicker whereas alternative competitors await infrastructure solutions. the utilization of a wing leads the Formula thought into the class of hybrid craft, permitting the right combination of flight vary and energy potency.

Max distance – three hundred metric linear unit (186 miles)

Max speed – 250 km/h (155 miles)

Max flight time – one.2 hours

33591502750820Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 3

Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 3

335960860908300Formula flying car’s price of energy: $0.29/1 metric linear unit ($0.48/mile). the value is predicated on energy consumption, utilization and use of machine-controlled direction aids.

The cost of a one metric linear unit ($0.48/mile) path consists of three basic parameters:

Cost of energy – $0.10

Utilization – $0.07

Services – $0.12


Aero-XThe Aero-X is the next-generation tandem-duct platform. Flying up to ten feet off the bottom at forty-five miles per hour, the Aero-X could be a surface-effect craft that rides sort of a bike – associate off road vehicle that gets you off the bottom.

The Aero-X are often custom-made for a range of uses: measurement, search and rescue, patrol, disaster relief, agricultural, ranching, rural transportation.

Because it responds to movements even as a motorbike would, the Aero-X is intuitive to fly. And because it is constructed with only a few moving components, its value of possession could be a fraction of even the foremost basic heavier-thn-air craft or heavier-than-air craft.

35083752524760Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 4

Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 4


Occupancy: 2 persons

Altitude: 0 to 12 feet above surface level

Airspeed: 0 to 45 mph (72 kmh)

Takeoff Speed: 0 mph

Useful Load: 310 lbs (140 kgs)

Duration: 1.25 hours


Intuitive pilot interface

Fixed-pitch carbon fiber fans

Four-wheel gear with castoring aft wheels

Two-position control bars

Carbon fiber composite primary structure


Normally aspirated three–rotor rotary engine

Direct drive composite driveshafts

Oil-cooled gearboxes

Terrafugia TransitionThe Terrafugia Transition could be a light-weight sport, roadable aero plane underneath development by Terrafugia since 2006.

The Rotax 912ULS piston engine powered, carbon-fiber vehicle is planned to possess a flight vary of 425 nmi (489 mi; 787 km) victimization either automotive premium grade gasoline or 100LL avgas and a cruising flight speed of ninety-three kn (107 mph; 172 km/h). instrumentality includes a Dynon Skyview glass panel astronautics system, associate degree framework parachute, associate degreed an optional autopilot.

On the road, it will draw close to seventy miles per hour (110 km/h) with traditional traffic. The Transition Production Prototype& range 039; s rolled-up dimensions of vi foot eight in (2.03 m) high, seven foot vi in (2.29 m) wide and eighteen foot nine in (5.72 m) long are designed to suit at intervals a typical home garage. once operated as a automobile, the engine power take-off close to the mechanical device engages a variable-diameter pulley-block CVT transmission to send power to the trailing-suspension mounted rear wheels via half-shafts powering belt drives.In flight, the engine drives a pusher mechanical device. The Transition has folding wings and a twin tail.

The experimental Transition Proof of construct’s initial flight in March 2009 was productive and materialized at Plattsburgh International landing field in upstate the big apple exploitation U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) tail range N302TF. initial client delivery, as of March 2009, was originally planned to require just about eighteen months and occur in 2011.

On July 1, 2010, it absolutely was proclaimed that the Terrafugia Transition had been granted associate degree exemption from the bureau regarding its most Takeoff Weight (MTOW), permitting the Transition to be certified with a take-off weight up to one,430 pounds (650 kg); the limit matches the MTOW for amphibious light-sport craft.The extra one hundred ten pounds (50 kg) granted by the exemption provides a lot of weight allowance for the obligatory road safety options like airbags and bumpers.

Oshkosh Gregorian calendar month 2008, Proof of Concept

Oshkosh Gregorian calendar month 2011, Production model

The planned style of the assembly version was created by Danish designer Jens Martin Skibsted and his partners at KiBiSi[13] and made public at Air Venture Oshkosh on Gregorian calendar month twenty six, 2010. mechanics changes unconcealed enclosed a brand new, optimized surface, Horner wingtips, associate degreed removal of the fable once it absolutely was found to own an adverse mechanics interaction with the front wheel suspension struts; moreover, the useful traveler vehicle classification from the NHTSA removed the need for a full breadth bumper that had galvanized the first fable style.

On Nov sixteen, 2010, the U.S. National main road Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) revealed Terrafugia’s petition for a brief, three-year hardship exemption from four FMVSS standards within the Transition. Terrafugia requested to use lighter weight bike tires rather than RV tires, polycarbonate for the screen and aspect windows, basic airbags rather than advanced, twin stage airbags associate degreed to not embody an electronic stability system. The NHTSA granted all of the requested exemptions on Saints Peter and Paul, 2011, however restricted the soundness management and airbag exemptions to 1 year.

In June 2011, a delay was proclaimed and Terrafugia’s CEO calculable that concerning another eighteen months would be needed before initial client delivery in “late 2012”, however this wasn’t achieved.[20] December 2011 saw the bottom increase to US$279,000 from associate degree initial worth of US$194,000.

After undergoing drive tests and high-speed taxi tests, the assembly model completed its initial flight on March twenty three, 2012, at a similar landing field in Plattsburgh, New York, that was used for the Proof of Concept’s flight testing the assembly model then created its motorcar show debut at the 2012 the big apple International motorcar Show in Apr 2012.

In June 2012, Terrafugia proclaimed that the Transition had completed the primary of six phases of flight testing. By July, the second section of testing was current, increasing the performance envelope within the sky and continued drive testing on the bottom.

In January 2013, development continued, and the company proclaimed that it’d be necessary to construct a 3rd, utterly new model, because of the massive range of modifications needed. The modifications thus far are same to seem to own improved the previous handling characteristics.

By March 2014, the look of the third, updated model had progressed to completion of the foremost structural members and an announcement to investors same that it might be utilized in final compliance testing for certification before the primary client delivery that was then calculable to require a minimum of another eighteen months and occur “in 2015”.

By Apr 2014, twelve two-person check flights had taken place; this was the primary time that anyone aside from Terrafugia’s chief airplane pilot had flown the Transition. As of twenty-two August 2014, initial client delivery was hoped for in concerning eighteen months “in the second quarter of 2016.

In December 2014 the corporate asked the bureau to permit the Transition to be operated at a gross weight of one,800 pound (816 kg) rather than the light-sport craft most weight of one,320 pound (599 kg) and have a stall speed of fifty four kn (100 km/h; sixty two mph) rather than the class most of forty five kn (83 km/h; fifty two mph). the corporate indicated that the will increase were needed to permit inclusion of structures to satisfy FMVSS ground operation safety laws. the corporate had antecedently been granted a rise in gross weight of one hundred ten pound (50 kg) and another LSA craft, the ICON A5, was granted a 250 pound (113 kg) exemption to satisfy bureau spin resistance requirements; this new application would increase the Transition’s allowed weight by a complete of 480 lb (218 kg) or twelve months. throughout consultations the request for the burden increase was supported by the final Aviation makers Association, the Experimental craft Association, the craft homeowners and Pilots Association and also the light-weight craft makers Association. solely several people expressed opposition to the request. The exemption was granted by the bureau on nineteen June 2016.

In Apr 2015 the corporate proclaimed that elements were being designed for the third version of the craft, which current coming up with calculable the primary client delivery once roughly 2 years. Terrafugia COO/VP of Engineering Kevin Colburn additionally explicit that the corporate has modified the worth estimate from $279K to between $300K and $400K.

In Nov 2015, the corporate proclaimed that the third version of the Transition was being tested with a Rotax 912is engine, instead of the Rotax 912ULS that the second model had flown with.

As of Apr 2017, the company’s web site says: “Today, Terrafugia is finalizing production vehicle style and compliance testing in preparation for vehicle deliveries at intervals future 3 years.”

As of Nov 2017, media reports advised a 2019 delivery date for the primary vehicles.

In Apr 2018, the assembly model (“D2”) was retired. whereas the first proof of construct vehicle had flown solely concerning eight hours in total, the assembly model had logged 212 flight hours, finishing 317 takeoffs and landings.

In Gregorian calendar month 2018 the corporate proclaimed a series of upgrades which will be incorporated within the production craft with delivery planned for July 2019.These embody a hybrid-electric motor and Li iron phosphate battery for road mode use, a Dynon electronic flight instrument system, a flight Recovery Systems ballistic parachute, associate degree inflight power boost feature, a transformed interior, enlarged product area, improved safety harness style, airbags, and 3 rearview cameras .


Maximum speed: 100 kn (115 mph or 185 km/h)

Cruise speed: 93 kn (107 mph or 172 km/h)

Stall speed: 54 kn[35] (62 mph or 100 km/h)

3418840-779780Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 5

Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 5

3419418-3228770Range: Flying – 425 nmi (489 mi; 787 km) () ; Driving – 805 mi (1,296 km; 700 nmi)

Maximum speed on road: 70 mph (110 km/h)

Fuel economy in cruise flight: 5 US gal (19 L) per hour, 21.4 mpgUS (11.0 L/100 km; 25.7 mpgimp)

Fuel economy on road: 35 mpgUS (6.7 L/100 km; 42 mpgimp)



TOC o “1-3″ h z u PAL-V PAGEREF _Toc21304176 h 1AeroMobil s.r.o. AeroMobil PAGEREF _Toc21304177 h 3Formula” project – electrical flying drone taxi” PAGEREF _Toc21304178 h 5Aero-X PAGEREF _Toc21304179 h 7Terrafugia Transition PAGEREF _Toc21304180 h 8

Table of Figures:

TOC h z c “Figure” Figure 1 PAGEREF _Toc21303713 h 3Figure 2 PAGEREF _Toc21303714 h 4Figure 3 PAGEREF _Toc21303715 h 6Figure 4 PAGEREF _Toc21303716 h 7Figure 5 PAGEREF _Toc21303717 h 11


hybrid hover car


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