Why Do I Want to Go to Spain?

The following sample essay on “Why do I want to go to Spain?” describes this state in the southwest of Europe. In addition, the article tells interesting facts about Spain.

Spain is located in south-western Europe, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, between Portugal and France. The country covers a total area of 505,957 sq km. Spain has 4,964 km of coastline. Besides five other places of sovereignty on and off the coast of Morocco, Spain consists of 17 administrative regions, 15 of which are on mainland Spain.

Spain occupies four-fifths of the Iberian peninsula and is a land of immense geographical diversity. Spain is the only the on country that has a physical border with an African country.

I have heard so many stories of how beautiful Spain is. I attend Cumberland County College where I am taken a Elementary Spanish Class. And the Destino book and movies shows be different part of Spain and the surrounding cities. Since I have been studying in this class it has take me back to Spain in the very early days.

When the people dressed a little different then they do today.

In Spain, men greet each other with a handshakes or hugs and women greet everyone with a kiss on both cheeks. They cock their heads, put their cheeks together, and make a small kissing sound. Their lips dont make any contact. This will only take about 1 or 2 seconds. For men greeting men, in most areas, it is completely customary to give each other a hug.

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I’m from the United State and here we shake hands at first. After knowing a person for a while, for example, the second time you see him/her you may have a kiss on the cheek. Hugs usually are for best friends or couples, or maybe for someone you haven’t seen for a while and are happy to see again. You usually don’t hug people as usual as in United States, is more common to shake their hand. Its common for young American women or men to hug you as a greeting.

I am not spanish but I shore do love the food that they make. I live in Bridgeton and their are several spanish store in the area. I go there quite often to try different foods and drinks and sometimes their desert. While I wait i look at their seasonings and ingredients as coriander, papaya, cacao, nispero, apio, plantains, and yampee. I once ask the lady at the Spanish store where she had learned how to cook the way that she does. She said many dishes in Spain come from recipes dating back centuries and passed down from generation to generation. One of the most famous drinks to come out of Spain is sangria, which dates back to the 15th century.

When I visit Spain I dont think I will be going to the bull fight. I feel that what they are doing is cruelty to animals. But for the spanish this is a form of entertainment in the village of Coin where it is staged. In this village the ring consists of a least 8 entrances. When you purchase your ticket you have to tell them if you want to sit in the shade or the sun. The front row is the most expensive set and the top of the ring is the cheapest seats. Their is always a parade of the bullfighters in their very fine clothing. The bull fight usually last about 15 minutes, with the bull being tormented. The Matador is the presented with an ear of the bull for providing a good show. This something that I would not enjoy when I visit Spain.

Marriage is a another special day in Spain, the dress code can range from traditional white to a black gown. The black grown has lace and is made of silk this is a traditional in the Spanish culture. The young bride wears a lace mantilla in her hair the is done up with a fancy comb. When the groom finds a wife he then offers a watch to the bride’s father after the proposal is accepted. Once it’s time for the wedding 13 gold coins are blessed by the priest officiating the wedding. The meaning of the coins are a promise from the groom to support his wife, and represent Jesus and his disciples. At the reception there are lots of fireworks and a traditional dance called the seguidillas manchegas.

In Spain people still celebrate Epiphany, on January 6 of each year. This is considered their Christmas but it is called the Twelfth Night. Many people in Spain dont open their gifts until this day. This is a religious holiday, its was the bringing of gifts to baby Jesus by the wise men. Here in the United State we celebrate Christmas on December 25. This is when we exchange gift and open gifts to see what we have received from others. The people of Spain usually eat very well on Christmas Eve. The meal on that day consist of suckling pig, lamb, and lobster are quite common.


One of my good friends family are from Spain, they talk about their culture all the time. This is one of my places that I would love to visit in the near future. My friend talks about how beautiful Spain is in the summer. My friend told me about the time his father and grandfather took him to the bull fight. I asked him how could he stand to see such a big animal be torture for someones else pleasure. He stated to me that is his family culture and it has been that way many of years now. Now that I have taken this class it really peaks my interest to visit this great country. I would love to visit all the famous churches and see all the beautiful sights. When I return from Spain I want to be able to come back and tell all my friends that I have been to Spanish Country.

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Why Do I Want to Go to Spain?
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