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What is empirical research? Empirical research is obtaining understanding by utilizing the structured monitoring encounters, or quantification. The opposite is non empirical research this involves obtaining understanding by utilizing the un structed procedure, for example, scrutiny of oneself encounters, and beliefs.  What are variables? Variables are components an individual anticipates converting, make different, can have various principles. Independent variables impact the component that is reliant. Here the scientists exploit the research and answer that is gained at the end.

A peer-reviewed article is one that is assessed before published.

The Arthur summits the article to be studied critically before being published. This week we learned about variables and behavioral studies; operational and descriptive, correlational description. I will continue my paper on PTSD focusing on Vietnam Veterans this week. I will identify the variable according to the scale, why I chose that variable. I will also identify the scale measurement; I will use for my research project.

Identify the scale measurement variable according to scale.

The scale used in the research was “Horowitz Psychodynamic.”  “The scale consisted of 30 survivors, measured ranged, from .4 to 1.21. They compared the results of psychotherapy outcome with a mean of .57 the comparisons between treatment and untreated was -0.5”. I would use the variables self confidence and quality of life among Veterans and non-Veterans. To find out how PTSD effects the individuals both veterans and non-veterans self esteem Find out how PTSD effects the individuals both veterans and non-veteran’s standard of health and happiness, can they perform ADL’S, get exercise, socialize

I would use Descriptive, gather information from articles, notes from the veteran’s affair administration.

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My sample would consist of 100 veterans and non- veterans, 50 males and 50 women. I would collect data from notes, research articles that include the numbers. Is being aware of emotions and having the confidence in oneself to achieve a goal like attend college. Is how the individual takes care of him or herself. For example, how much sleep do they get, are they eating right, cognitive function.


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