Source of Social Evils in Our Society

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We are well aware of the bitter reality that Social Evils are an ineluctable part of our society and its predominant causer is man himself. The reason is that he cannot control his fluctuating desires and is unable to channelize them in a positive manner therefore the Social Evils arise. It is the people of the society who have made life so complicated for themselves and for others that leaves far behind the idea of simplicity which our religion also enforces.

“Survival of the fittest” has become order of the day.

This idea no doubt, projects hope and positivity. Yet, at the same time this idea of being the “fittest” of all has led people to adopt immoral means and ways. We must acknowledge that man initially is a sinner and contains the substance of Evil in his heart and mind but this should be suppressed. However, instead of suppressing, it is going the other way round as it is illuminated.

The point of suggesting this is that with the age of modernity, human beings have progressed and have even reached the moon which indeed is a real accomplishment worth appreciation.

But on the other hand, they have started to degenerate morally. His desire to gain more power, yearning to fit in the society has compelled him to follow the path of evil. He does not realize that moral stability should be there to exist in the society.

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It is indeed, the people who have deviated from their Moral Sense inorder to achieve materialistic gains which causes disruption in the society. As we know that a society comprises of people therefore, the people are the causes to spread evils and chaos in their overall surroundings.

Certainly, Social Evils are the result of Man’s inability to control his wishes and desires which motivate him to commit wrong and harm the society. The pressure and demands of the society promote wrong doings which pollutes the society. Nonetheless, man himself is responsible and the root cause for the existence of social evils. Though he is a “social animal”, yet, he can transform himself into a beast inorder to satisfy his unacceptable motives and wishes. So, the inhumanity of people leads to such consequences which will shatter them in future.

The Social Evils manifest themselves in many ways. For instance, in the form of corruption, juvenile delinquency, greed, prostitution, sexual harassment, child abuse and so on. Peer Group: Another poignant cause for Social Evils is the influence of peer group. The desire to become a part of the peer group is strong enough in an individual especially youngsters and children that they can go to extremes. Thereby, it is evident that peer group plays an eminent role in a person’s life and thus at times it highlights his disastrous future as well.

People indulge themselves in anti-social behavior which brings humiliation to their parents and families. It is famously quoted that: “A man is known by the company he keeps”. This pertains to the idea that the reputation and future of an individual is determined or judged by his company. This can be substantiated by taking a common example of the elite class which is yet another cause of Social Evils. People, as already mentioned desire monitory gains and popularity. A teenager, though is in a growing process and inspite of having intellect is not ripe enough what he really wants.

Therefore status consciousness refers to the cause of evil path due to which numerous people are suffering. By watching the high class people, various individuals want to adopt a certain lifestyle which is parallel to theirs. Then the rise of Social Evils like robbery, drinking and use of drugs takes place. The youngsters perceive these sort of things as “cool” but they do not realize what harm they are deliberately inflicting on themselves and especially to the society. This can create a never ending chain of destruction ans the result would be traumatic leading to emotional turmoil and physical decay as well.

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Source of Social Evils in Our Society
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