Some People Find it Difficult to Cope with Obstacles, Oprah is not one of Those People

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Oprah Winfrey’s childhood was not an easy 1. growing up she was abused sexually & physically throughout her adult life Oprah faced many more obstacles. Oprah Winfrey has been able 2 cope with the opposite of what she Faced because she had a support system she stayed positive and she was always learning. According to paragraph 4 Street states that her life changes for the better because of her father. This shows that Oprah had a support system, she was able to cope with the obstacles she faced.

Before she started living with her father no one looked after her. While she was living with her grandma she was beaten regularly.

While living with her mom she was sexually and physically abused. It was her father who encouraged her to focus on her and her education. As a result, she received a scholarship and attended college. Oprah Winfrey has been able to cope with the obstacles she faced because of her staying positive attitude.

According to Street paragraph, 5 States Oprah Winfrey has a staying positive vibe. This shows that despite all that she has been through Oprah has been able to stay positive. Unlike Oprah, most people how to grow up living in poverty become angry and are sent that they had to live that way. The obstacles that Oprah faced gave her appreciation for what she has now this positive attitude is why Oprah has been able to move forward in life the obstacles she faced didn’t hold playback dang positive has helped Oprah Winfrey through the obstacles that she’s been facing.

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Oprah Winfrey has been able to cope with the Obstacles that have faced and it is always learning.

According to streets paragraph 11 states As has been true with so many who have learned to overcome major obstacles in their lives, Oprah found a way to not only overcome her childhood abuse and traumas. but to use what she learned from them to become extremely successful in her adult life she continues to encourage others to do the same. “Turn your wounds into wisdom,” she tells the viewers of her network. Oprah Winfrey is Shane that she was always learning from The obstacles she faced and the thing that Her father and Friends have told her and that’s always learning.

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