Solar by Lan McEwan Review

Topics: Climate Change

Michael Beard is now 53. Many years ago, he has dealt with Einstein’s photovoltaics. The result was the Beard-Einstein theorem, a feat which earned him the Nobel Prize in physics. This honor then became independent: It awarded him an honorary professorship, and institutes competed for permission to use his name for their letterheads. Today he sits in several committees for the award of grants, gives lectures, writes research papers, etc. – of course, all against good pay. Actually, he has a “zero Bock” mentality, and scientifically there is complete emptiness in his head.

he would take a brilliant idea – if indeed one would not fall from the sky … politics interested him. Who Rules America just whether Bush, Gore, Tweedledee or -dum, makes no difference to him. Over the years he has worn four wives and plenty of playmates that could be blinded by the brilliance of a genius.

His fifth wife Patrice stop this rushing resume. Without secrecy and without remorse she enjoys the tenderness of muscular Bauhandwerkers who has just finished its renovation work in the house Beard.

Beard is humiliated; Patrice demands it more than ever. Can he conquer it again? This even seems to him unlikely, where he still scares himself when he sees his nakedness in the mirror – sagging fat flaps on the armpits, blubber, hair ring.

To the major issues that humanity between climate catastrophe and doomsday move to Beard did not care basically. After all, even the Old Testament offers doomsday scenarios, the world stood for years just before the nuclear war, and data for the end time there has always been – and always has been postponed again.

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Since Beards financial. tend sinecures slowly to a close, it is a commitment of the Blair government in handy. New Labor plans to provide subsidies for basic research in the fight against climate change, and Beard is to give the Institute as head of its reputation. The real work take on young scientists. Even after six months Beard is unlikely to be able to tell them apart.

Together with a group of artists traveling Beard was the only scientist to Spitsbergen, invited to be convinced “firsthand” from global warming , The true problems on the ground are but for the awkward Beard quite different: you stroll How the various shells of the vital Polar equipment over – and especially again if you do a need must.

Later Beard is in one? fatal accident involved – which provides a reason to dismiss him from the Institute. But he falls back on its feet: With financial support from potent investors he wants to build a revolutionary plant in the desert of New Mexico, the “artificial photosynthesis power plant”. Unfortunately Beards patents are all stolen, and so the “rogue” is at the end when it catches up with the past, have to pay.

Ian McEwan is a grand master of the literary craft. His design of the disillusioned Nobel laureate who has lost himself, no longer recognizes, can recall little more that he was 21 a genius is a genius. The dominant world issues of the 21st century, ecology and climate change, says McEwan by its protagonists with sharp-tongued irony. Just as Beard with his unbridled attitude that is reflected in unkempt, slightly disgusting appearance, long time as a representative of an adopted serious science so provides McEwan also their grievances merely: Subsidies are abundant and are skimmed off; you explore projects with a rat tail of follow-up costs, must the path come to an end, but the results are questionable: the “quadruple helix wind turbine” does not work.

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