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Soil Microbiology Research Paper Topics & Free Essay Examples


Name: Course: Lecturer: Date: Tularemia Introduction Tularemia is a highly infectious disease, which affects humans and animals, caused by the bacterium francisella tularensis. The disease affects humans through various means such as skin contact with the infected animal, taking contaminated water, inhaling contaminated dust and aerosols, bites from ticks such as dog ticks, lone star…

As we begin to write these lines after completion of my thesis

As we begin to write these lines after completion of my thesis, my heart is filled with deepest sense of gratitude. We shall ever remain thankfully indebted to all those who have encouraged us to achieve our goal and enlightened us with the tough of their encouragement. First and foremost we would like to thanks…

INTRODUCTIONWind Erosion is the separation movement and disposition

INTRODUCTION Wind Erosion is the separation, movement, and disposition of soil sediment by wind. It is a process whereby loose, dry, exposed soils are transported by a strong wind. The study of Aeolian (also called eolian) processes is considered as a sub-discipline by Geomorphologists and geotechnical Engineers that deals with wind erosion. The term Aeolian…

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CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION Background and Rationale World Health Organization (WHO) is specialized agency that is concerned with international public health. WHO states that diarrhea is one of the prominent causes of deaths on children ages five years old and below (N.D., 2017). This disease can be developed through tainted water, drinking water and a result…

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