SociologySociology is the study of human behaviour in


Sociology is the study of human behaviour in society. Naturally this correlates and links in with different societal structures such as Marxism, Capitalism and Communism as well as movements such as Feminism. Sociology has only been recognised in the last 150 years or so and in that time, it has taught us so much about the society we know today. In the last 150 years we have progressed a lot in not only the sciences but in a behavioural sense. What religion was able to do in 2000 years sociology has done in 150 regarding the movements and knowledge we gain from perspectives.


Feminism used to be the fight for equal rights across the board and has recently changed to mostly women’s rights. We see successes of feminism everyday such as (even though it’s basic, it’s still relevant) female land owners, women voting, women gaining the right to equal pay and the general empowerment of women across the board is extraordinary to see.

There have been three different fazes to feminism; the suffragettes and the right to vote, the ladies in Dagenham fighting for equal pay and the recent #MeToo movement springs to mind in our latest major occurrence. Feminism has been a major driving force for many pieces of legislation to be passed in the UK in terms of equality such as the Equality Act 2010. This act makes no room for discrimination in the workplace for anyone, not just women but people of different ethnic origins, religious backgrounds, cultures, sexualities, ages and disabilities.

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Feminism started with Emmeline Pankhurst and the suffragettes in the early 1900’s. they fought for the right for women to vote in England and won it but at a cost of suffragettes life, Emily Davison. Emily Davison was a devoted feminist who was arrested on ten occasions and hunger strike more than forty times, she finally made the ultimate sacrifice by running under King George V’s horse at the 1913 derby. The second major wave came in Dagenham when the ladies there were fed up of being paid less than men, they went on strike for months and months at the Ford garage they worked at and won the ear of politicians in parliament which led to the equal pay discussion to being discussed in parliament. Finally, the #MeToo movement has only started in the latter couple of years but it mostly faces the sexual assault and harassment of women in the workplace and we have seen this come on leaps and bounds in Hollywood with the Harvey Weinstein case.


this is the theory that gender, and sex are not linked. Gender in the theory of interactionism is the personality traits that make up a person of a specific sex, such as being female. It is believed that the typical traits of a female such as being weaker than men, more emotional, less rational and more easily offended are not inherited traits but in fact reinforced traits by society. Women are expected to be like this so when they are raised by their mothers and fathers who believe women should be raised in such a manor, they stand no chance of breaking the cycle because it’s all they have ever known growing up. There was quite an interesting study done by a doctor from Baltimore called Dr Money. In this study Money takes an infant called Bruce Reimer who had a sex change due to a mishap during a circumcision leaving his genitalia dysfunctional and documenting the life of the child growing up. Reimer growing up was not told of his sex change and was always told he was female. This led reamer into bout of gender dysphoria (known today as gender identity disorder) and at the age of fourteen he turned back to being male. The damage had already been done at this point, Reimer had lived his whole life as a woman but knew he was a man and didn’t know how to act like. Reimer committed suicide in 2004 which is believed to be caused by the trauma of his childhood. Then again, we see other cases where interactionism is proven true like Oxana Malaya from Ukraine. The girl who crawled in with the dogs for warmth and after a couple of years of living with them she had made the mental transition into a dog. She thought she was dog so much that she could not register her own reflection in the mirror as she thought she was a dog. This, albeit not gender related shows that what personas we do acquire are not inherited.

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