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Social interactions are common across all walks of life This Essay

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Social interactions are common across all walks of life. This explains why the vast

majority of topics studied in social psychology can be applied to other field, settings and

environments. Interpersonal communication is one such social psychology topic. According to

the assertions of Hargie (2016), interpersonal communication entails the manner in which

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individuals communicate with each other. Thus, interpersonal communication skills, also known

as social skills, determine the effectiveness of sharing information, meaning and feelings by way

of verbal or non-verbal messages. Interpersonal skills may be improved through feedback,

knowledge and practice. Therefore, effective interpersonal communication between individuals

is of the essence in creating successful relationships.

Interpersonal communication can be applied in a work setting in various ways. For

instance, managers may employ verbal communication skills with their employees so as to

understand their needs and demands. Also, human resource (HR) professionals may adopt

interpersonal communication skills in their HR management practices such speaking to

employees with clarity and using positive, formal tones. Also, the sales team may employ better

listening skills in handling customer complaints and collecting customer feedback. Through the

application of effective interpersonal communication, I would expect businesses to accrue

positive organizational outcomes. However, unlike in theory where interpersonal communication

is considered the key to successful relationships, this may not be true in the business settings in

some situations such as when the communicated message conflicts with the employees’ cultural

norms and values causing them to be unresponsive.


Additionally, as an employee, I consider effective interpersonal communication as being

beneficial and of paramount importance at the workplace. First, the effective interpersonal

communication skills of managers in my organization would enable me to clearly understand the

company’s objectives, goals and values, thereby helping me make significant contributions to the

team. Secondly, I find interpersonal communication beneficial in assisting me to handle disputes

and conflicts with my colleagues and inquire for clarity in certain instructions from the

supervisor. Lastly, through effective interpersonal communication skills, I am able to form

strong work relationships, which, in turn, helps me reduce occupational stress.

As Baird (2015) cites, an intern is a trainee or student working in a company to either

satisfy qualification requirements or gain work experience. Thus, similar to a volunteer, an intern

may work in a company without pay. As an intern, I would employ the use of effective

interpersonal communication skills in adding real-life knowledge to my academic competency.

For instance, I would ensure to listen carefully to the instructions and guidelines offered to me by

my supervisor as well as use non-verbal communication such as nodding in the case where I am

understanding what is being explained to me as a novice. Also, I would use a professional tone in

asking for assistance or clarifications from my colleagues on certain workplace practices.

Moreover, concepts of behavioural economics primarily address human decision making

(Wilkinson & Klaes, 2017). Most companies have enacted policies that guide vertical or

horizontal communication in the workplace. Therefore, as an employee, I consider

communicating with my supervisor and departmental manager as the right course of action as an

employee before making any work-related decisions. This, in turn, benefits the company since

employees are expected to abide by the organizational culture for business success. However, in


the case where I think my opinion is neglected or that the management has made a biased

decision, I would freely offer my feedback as well as express my desires and needs in a formal

and professional tone.

About the author

This sample essay is completed by Harper, a Social Sciences student. She studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. All the content of this paper is just her opinion on Social interactions are common across all walks of life This and should not be seen as the way of presenting the arguments.

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