Social inequality has always been a largescale social issue all

Social inequality has always been a large-scale social issue all around the world. While thinking about the serious consequences it caused, we might have a question like this: “How do these inequalities happen?” In my opinion, the acceptance of misinformation and the formation of stereotypes is the likely culprit.

Gender inequality is a common problem that is very present in today’s political climate. Consider Madame Curie, the well-known, female Polish scientist. She was the only person to win the Nobel Prize twice, but after endless setbacks due to her gender, not because of ability.

Madame Curie’s work has also been ignored, even denied by many scientists at that time because of their prejudice against women scientists. Throughout her career, the researcher faced obstacles even in her personal life. Dr. Curie, who later became her husband and partner, had excluded her before she worked in the laboratory with him because he used to think that “woman and science are incompatible.

” His stereotype has been eliminated after working with Marie, realizing that female scientists could be just as outstanding as men.

The discrimination against women has been gradually reduced with the development of human society. More and more girls and women have a plethora of opportunities compared to previously, but there are still some potential stereotypes remain in people’s mind. Furthermore, gender inequality has a profound impact on men. Many people have been told that men can do a better job than women in many aspects. Therefore, men suffered greater pressure in the societies and in their families, because they need to take on more responsibilities.

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The effect of gender inequality is not limited only to one gender.

Accordingly, inequality of the sexes can affect almost everyone. In order to solve this social issue, I think the transfusion of correct educational programs and various societal changes can play a paramount role in solving those problems. At the same time, the world needs more people like Yale Youth Global Scholars to connect the global societies together. As an international student, the experience of living and studying with students from different countries broaden my horizons, and it also changed my ways to perceive people.

To conclude, it is important for us to understand the cause of gender inequalities. It helps us to find ways to solve the problems effectively. Even though it is hard to change people’s stereotypes, but we can still do as much as we could to transform the societies. Concluding all the information elaborated above, we can see that there is still a long way to go. Hopefully, we can foster a truly equal society which everybody can pursue their endeavors without their gender being a barrier of success.

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