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Social factors can be defined as the facts and experiences Paper

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Social factors can be defined as the facts and experiences that influence individuals personality, attitudes and lifestyle. On the other hand, prostitution is defined as the act of giving sex in exchange of money. People defined prostitution as a commercial sex or sexual service. They exist many social factors that causes prostitution. This issue of Prostitution is practice nearly all over the world wide. Not every nation have legalize prostitution, because we have some nation that legalized this practice and others not. Prostitution is a problem, because even in nation where it is not legalized, it is still practiced.

Some social factors that contribute to the perpetuation of prostitution include family, poverty, gender, or sometimes immigration. People living in poverty are always forced to prostitute themselves, because of the lack of money to survive or take care of their family . It’s proven that many people who leave in poverty turn to prostitution for money to take care of the family or for shelter. Again, family is another factor, because if someone in a family is in the field, it increases the chances for the others be a part of it. We can also see this practice in couples when men send their wives to prostitute themselves for money or relationships (connections). Moreover,  Gender is another problem since we can noticed that more females are involved in prostitution than males. Females are likely to prostitute themselves than males do. From a study 70% of prostitute are females while 30% are males. Most females prostitute says that their own sexuality, sexual curiosity and money are their main reasons they chose their line of work. Furthermore, we have immigration especially illegal immigration where women go in for prostitution because of illegal residence status and lack of  money to take care of themselves. Some are simply kidnapped from developing countries and send to  brothels in other countries. Lastly, divorced or separation is also a factor, because it forces the woman to be involved in such activities to be able to take care of her family. Most younger people who are involved in prostitution is because of some factors said above. Family is one, because if somebody is a prostitute in a family as younger girls, it impacts younger one’s to join the field because of what he/she saw when they were young . Search of money is another factor or sometimes it may be a personal choice. 

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Prostitution have many impacts on people living in poverty. It can lead to sex trafficking for men, women or children because of lack of money to defend themselves in this situation. Again, it is main source of STD’s. Prostitution is the source of increase in diseases in the world especially STD’s. People leaving in poverty are more exposed to STD’s than rich people. It also causes rape, violence and homicide for people practicing it. 


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This sample essay is completed by Harper, a Social Sciences student. She studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. All the content of this paper is just her opinion on Social factors can be defined as the facts and experiences and should not be seen as the way of presenting the arguments.

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