Snapped Edge Colonial

You can use natural wall stone to create a stunning and memorable outdoor wall with character and personality. They are good for both retaining and freestanding walls, whether wet or dry. 


Natural Wall Stone provides a defined and finished look to outdoor areas. At the same time, however, they are not completely uniform. 


They blend in well with natural outdoor surroundings due to their lack of uniformity. Natural Wall Stone’s organic variations create a unique impression for each and every hardscape project.


SugarHollow Farms has a huge selection of natural stone to achieve the aesthetic effect and the functionality you are looking for. 


Natural Paving Stone

Irregular Bluestone (Blue)

Irregular Bluestone (Lilac)

Cut Bluestone

Varigated up to 2’x3′ 

Varigated over 2’x3′ 

Cut Bluestone (Thermaled Ungauged)

Varigated up to 2’x3′ 

Varigated over 2’x3′

Bluestone Treads (12x Various) 



Natural Paving Stones are used like concrete pavers. But unlike manufactured concrete, each piece has its own color hues and tones.

Natural Paving Stones make each and every drive or walkway a unique statement of style, design, and taste. They are guaranteed to produce a unique effect every time.


Natural stone has much more character than concrete. What’s more, with routine cleaning, it will keep its appearance for a long time. It is resistant to the elements, including cold, snow and frost, and holds up well to foot traffic, play and work.


Unilock Paving Stones





Beacon Hill Flagstone 

Brussels Block 

Brussels Block Circle  


Camelot Circle  





Brussels Fullnose (Tumbled) 


Transition Paver 

Series 6cm 

Series 7cm 

Umbriano 6cm 


Unilock brand pavers can transform the curb appeal of an outdoor working or living space.

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Both durable and visually-stunning, they are a flexible way to add interesting effects to a patio, walkway, driveway, deck, etc.


Unilock has a number of different styles to choose from, each with specific and unique attributes. You can mix-and-match to make a specific design statement that will integrate with all kinds of modern architecture and project designs. 


You can take your pick from clay bricks, old-school cobblestones to a contemporary high finish. Unilock Pavers are created using modern technology that makes an outdoor paving project hassle-free and fast. 


Contact us right away for an estimate. We’ll help you find the perfect choice to compliment your project and make it much easier. While you are at it, why not ask us about these specific trademark-protected products:


EasyClean™ Stain Resistance – fortified with specially formulated elements that make them super easy to clean. A perfect choice for patios, because they can be completely cleaned before stains have time to take hold.  


ColorFusion™ – This process randomly disperses colors to create the appearance of natural stone.


Ultima™ Concrete – A trademarked technology makes these pavers four times as strong as poured concrete.


Reala™ Technology – a patented process that gives these Unilock paving stones the realistic look and feel of natural rock, brick, and cobblestone.


Unilock Wall Systems

Brussels Dim Coping

Brussels Dim 

Brussels Dim Tapered FCFT 24 

Concord Wedge / Reverse-A-Cap

Concord Coping 24″ 

Concord Corner

Concord Wall Half 

Concord 1 & 1/2 

Concord Tapered  

Estate Wall Coping  

Estate Wall Corner Unit 6″ 

Estate Wall 3″,4″,6″

Universal Base Unit 

Universal Coping 

Ledgestone Coping 

Ledgestone Fullnose 


Ledgestone Step 36X18 not yet available – ask us to keep you posted.

Ledgestone Step 48X24 not yet available – ask us to keep you posted.

Pillar Cap  

Rivercrest Pillar (4.5″ Unit) 

Rivercrest Corner 

Rivercrest Crn Jumper 

Rivercrest Jumper 

Rivercrest Std 

Roman Cap  

Roman Corner Unit 

Roman Wall Half 

Roman Wall 1 1/2 

Roman Wall Tapered 

Siena Stone Coping (Steps) 48″  

Siena Stone Coping (Steps) 39″  

Universal Base Unit 


Developers, engineers, architects love Unilock products for their modern technology, selection, and versatility. Unilock products are easy to fast to install. 


Unilock is a perfect choice if you want to easily build walls that look amazing and incorporate into all kinds of landscaping schemes. 


Unilock products mimic real stone while offering the structural advantages of poured concrete.  


You can mix-and-match products to create any effect you want. Would you like the walls to look brand new, or as if they have the test of time for millennia? Do you need an easily-assembled solution that mimics specific natural rock types?


 Unilock is a leader in the customization and innovation of stone pavers. Unilock pavers are up to 4 times as tough as concrete but are much more resistant to fading from the elements. 


Belgard Paving Stones

London Cobble 6×9 or 6X6 

Country Manor 6×9 or 6X6 

Country Manor Curb Stone, 120 pieces

Lafitt Rustic Stone 60mm 

Portage Stone 90 pieces 


Not all paving stones are equal. When planning a large development project, you must understand the ins and outs of concrete pavers. 


At SugarHollow Farms, you can find a vast selection of Belgard concrete pavers to suit all kinds of design needs. Whether your project needs a smooth finish to natural stone texture, Belgard pavers can work for you. 


Unlike brick or clay, Belgard concrete pavers come in a variety of colors and shades. You can find Belgard pavers to suit your design scheme—from deep earth tones to variegated color blends.


Belgard Paving Stones provides many creative options, from modern walkways to old-fashioned outdoor seating areas. They include old-world cobblestones, classic brick to sleek but natural modern stone.


Some of these pavers have built-in protectants that help prevent color from fading. They are installed easily since they are made in a controlled environment with consistent sizes and shapes. 


Your design options are limitless with Belgard concrete pavers. They can be mixed-and-matched in all sizes, shapes, colors, and levels of finish. They coordinate perfectly with vertical outdoor elements such as fireplaces/fire pits, walls and more…


Belgard Wall Systems and Steps


Cap Uni 3″ 

Cap Uni 4″ 

Diamond 9D  

Diamond Pro StrFce 

Diamond Pro -Pin System- 


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