Smartphone Can Also Bring Negative Effects to Teenagers

Smartphone, a cross-century technology creation. It replaces traditional computer for many people and tasks. By using this portable device, we can communicate with each other in just one click. There are no homers for us to understand others’ cultural practices. Nowadays, smartphone has become the most popular device for teenagers. There are many sorts of application in the smartphone that makes their work become easier such as using email to replace the traditional way which is writing a letter and mail it, receiving notification that remind them for an upcoming event and much more.

Although, many statements show the smartphone makes them more convenient but there is certain research says that smartphone can also bring negative effects to teenagers. Based on a study in 2018, every youth touch smartphone more than 2,500 times a day on average and about 72 per cent of youth feel that they need to immediately respond to notifications from their phone. The use of smartphone is now becoming a part of their life but there are certain cryptic negative effects on them.

These results are lack of communication, health problem and academic failure.

As the primary consequence, using smartphone causes lack of communication between teenagers. In this day and age, smartphone becomes an addictive device as it is installed many different types of application and can easily to fulfil the teenagers’ preference. This is because there is no barrier that stops teenagers to install the application or download various files that they prefered. In this rapid development of the information technology era, social applications have become one of the most preferred tools to teenagers such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat and so on.

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By using this social application they can communicate with each other more convenient and incessant. So, they start to rely on the social application to communicate with their friends. Therefore, cell phones have changed communication because now, instead of friends having a face to face conversation, they text each other. Gradually, face-to-face communication becomes difficult for them.

When they face to face with their friends but they more prefer texting in smartphone to do conversation with each other instead of using eye contact and conveying their information by mouth. Therefore, face-to-face communication among teenagers is being replaced by social networking in smartphones. Besides, entertainment applications have become one of the favourite tools for teenagers. Thus, they immersed themselves in the virtual world and caused them to become antisocial. Because of that, most of the teenagers are facing social awkwardness and social anxiety problem when they confront with new people to meet in person. Now, youths lack of verbal expressions ability and use proper body language. The consequences of this are they more inclined to choose the wrong words or long sentences when they are trying to convey their opinions and ideas to others.

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