“Sleep of Death” by Antti Tuomainen

Twenty years Aleksi Kivi pursues its all too understandable obsession until he finally reached their destination. When he was thirteen, his mother disappeared. The police could after a few months of fruitless searches a crime neither exclude nor confirm and put the case on file. Aleksi, however, is sure that she was killed. Find out the truth and to find the killer, he makes his life’s work.

From the perspective of its protagonists of Finnish author Antti Tuomainen learn how Aleksi comes closer to his goal.

His tireless investigations are fixed on one man. Every ten years happened something important, and alternating between these layers of time telling his story Aleksi Summer 1993. Aleksi and his mother Sonja are all each other. Related there is not wrapped over the boy’s father Sonja silent. She works as an employee in the shipping company from Henrik Saarinen. Now she has met a nice man who invited them to a restaurant and with whom she spent a nice evening.

But still she wants to open her son any details about him. Then she disappears at work: your jacket hanging over the back of a chair, her handbag on the table, a cup of coffee with milk and sugar is wrong. She will be going to the toilet, have perhaps felt uncomfortable, my colleagues think. They care only when Sonja does not appear to work the next day, and then turn on the police.

Investigators ask Aleksi, but he reports nothing Useful. Since he is too young to live alone, he is taught to foster parents.

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He closes his school days with the High School and then completed a carpenter teaching. Since the police have ceased to function long ago, and Aleksi knows he needs to take matters into their own hands, without ever being able to help include other Summer 2003: After a visit with friends in a dance bar disappears, the 31-year-old Tanja Metsäpuro without a trace. They are found drowned in a river, but according to the police report is a crime before. Aleksi who follows the newspaper’s reports in detail, but draws its own conclusions. Tanja was not only a single mother of two daughters, but his mother sees confusingly similar. Both correspond to the type of woman, the man preferred to Aleksi has long had as a suspect in their sights. Henrik Saarinen

The economy Boss Saarinen is a colorful character. The notorious party animal is married, but his wife left him years ago and fled to Spain. Man to tell him that he was violent, and in fact it has a well-known TV celebrities appear after he allegedly forced into his home to perform sexual acts. All these dirty laundry was washed in the media, spun and hung visible to all, and Aleksi counts two and two together.

After all, he remembers exactly where the cover of the magazine, had scrolled through his mother in August 1993rd Since you beamed a mysterious smiling man opposed. Henrik Saarinen Summer 2013: Thanks to his persistent efforts is Aleksi come his destination as close as ever. “To do what I needed to do,” he now has even finished his relationship with Miia and “the good that had finally come into my life,” left behind. He has applied for the caretaker position on the prestigious estate of Henrik Saarinen and actually get the job after intensive interviews. Directly into the lion’s den hopes Aleksi ironclad evidence found at the murder of his mother to transfer finally.

Now everyone knows reasonably well-read detective fan the tricks of its authors. Whoever is focused such as Henrik Saarinen’s certainly not have been there at the end. In the event that this should also apply here, so you read from the beginning between the lines to track around there carefully hidden evidence of other suspects. How about, for example, with Saarinen’s daughter Amanda, who Aleksi can not resist? But it will simply no proper connection to Aleksis mother revealed so Amanda lacks a comprehensible motive.

On the other hand, maintains the author Saarinen with strange beings changes in the game. He curries favor of his new house spirit Aleksi, one can but title and formalities omit. Is he genuinely interested perhaps in the young man of whom he says that he saw in it “more than just the caretaker” with which he seems to intend much and for which he had allegedly done so much?

Thus emerges the ever disinterested, soothing policeman of the initial investigation in 1993 – now displaced because of his cancer in retirement – a fanatical persecutor 2011 was Antti Tuomainen for his debut “The Healer” the “Finnish crime rate.” , The sequel to “sleep of death” ( “Synkkä niin kuin Sydämeni” translated from Anke Michler’s Janhunen) unfortunately breaks the rather high-lying tension bar of the “Scandinavian Crime” (A book of Finland, the host country of the Frankfurt Book Fair, the “Swedish thrillers” strike, reluctant me).

The writing style is plain and simple, the characters do not have enough depth and convincing empathies, the three levels of time rotating structure shreds the narrative flow and has content repetitions result, and much of what stimulates the reader’s imagination and draws on the wrong track, will never again picked up and stops just unsolved. A crackling with tension chamber of horrors, as one would expect in a thriller is not found in Henrik Saarinen Villa, not even as a ransacked room and Aleksi is deposited with a crowbar. All in all, wins the second half of the title concept of the upper hand.

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“Sleep of Death” by Antti Tuomainen
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