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Sisters of fear of Lydia Mischkulnig Review Paper

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Paper type: Review , Subject: Fear

Renate, the narrator, sitting at her desk in the forensic psychiatry and writing her autobiography. She stressed that there was no history … The reader learns the following Vita:

Renate’s mother lets her three-year-old daughter back in the Polish grandparents. When she unexpectedly resurfaces years later, the mother lives with an ice-cream sellers together and is pregnant, and Renate draws to them. At birth, the daughter of Marie’s mother dies. Now Renate care of her sister, with whom she connects a mutual hatred / love relationship

One day, a man enters the ice cream shop. Paul, a psychiatrist. Renate thinks it can conquer it for themselves; but he turns to Marie (and later married). This relationship will prevent Renate, partly out of jealousy, on the other hand, out of fear for Marie. For Renate is certain: Paul is a “molester” and she was raped by him …

Renate is a severely disturbed personality. Obsessions, phobias, strange voices, eating disorders, the urge to perverse self-injury torment. inflict torture, murder pain – – Sexual abuse and violence are a satisfaction for them. display these forms of the disorder differentiated Lydia Mischkulnig succeeded with perfection. The reader lives literally in Renate’s soul experienced how germinate in their brain thoughts and perverse fantasies, grow, grow, to pave the way out.

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This novel is not easy to digest because the reader first in a fictional story, with a beginning and end, believes. But gradually, the content is more confusing. You try to find logical explanations to understand the absurd considerations of the sick. But do it instead broken, nested realities – what really happened, what is Renate’s idea? She often describes situations and people that are just her fantasy. So sometimes feels quite on the other side, as impotent therapist Renate. Is it still to help, and if so, how?

The end of the novel I felt after this distorting mirror almost as a relief.

A breath-consuming, literary demanding novel.

the cover shows the painting “Due Donne” (1939) by Leonor Fini, an Argentine painter of surrealism. Behind a locked door sits a little girl looking through the keyhole on a tall, beautiful and confident woman. This fits very well with the mood of the novel narrated and opened almost a supplementary interpretation possibility.

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