Since the past three decades technology has been one of the biggest

Since the past three decades, technology has been one of the biggest subjects in the whole world. It has benefited us in many different ways and we all rely on it in some way or another. Many people wonder how it has changed over the past few decades, including how it had developed and who first discovered it. In a smaller scale, technology has changed the way we lived, allowing us to travel across the world in a matter of 24 hours.

Technology is a word that covers many different definitions, but it is most known for its tech and science. It is quite unclear of who invented technology and its uses but many other inventors and scientists further developed it’s uses and the first computer was finally made.

Unfortunately, with so many advantages from technology, there also has to be disadvantages too. Technology is being used recklessly in these days and therefore, it results in the society becoming more negative and it complicates our lives.

People are afraid to show their faces, hiding behind a virtual mask online and not allowing themselves to experience social interaction with others. Many relationships these days are declining, and one of the major reasons of that is because of their involvement with different technological devices

In modern days, technology has made life so much easier, including education, but it is also making the memories of people weaker and writing in paper is much better than writing in text, as these types of writing have dreadful consequences on many students.

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Sometimes, they fail to spell words or write them correctly.

Modern day technology also poses many dangerous health problems, such as sleep deprivation. This is when people aren’t taking their eyes off their phone or laptop screens and won’t stop using these devices. This problem can sometimes lead to cancer and vision problems.

In the past, there has been constant scientific and technology revolutions in the life of the world, which led to the progression of mankind. Many new inventions were made that soon led the world into a new era. The Technological age.

Charles Babbage was a mathematician and an inventor when he discovered about electricity and technology. He is considered to be the “father of computers” and is credited with inventing the world’s first mechanical computer that soon led to much more complex designs that revolutionized the world today. He arrived at Trinity College, Cambridge, October 1810 and was quite clever and had self-taught himself in some parts of contemporary mathematics. As a result, he soon became disappointed in the standard mathematics of the university. He was most well-known for his computer that is now displayed in The Science Museum in London.

Following this great invention was Douglas Engelbart, a human-computer interaction whiz. He is most celebrated for his role in invented the world’s very first computer-interactive mouse. Along with his lead engineer, Bill English, they fashioned the first mouse prototype. In our time, when many people are turning to touch screens and trackpads, the mouse remains the most commonly used throughout the past three decades.

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