Since 1992 in the past Indo TexprintsOverseas Constrained

“Since 1992” in the past Indo Texprints(Overseas) Constrained did Business Handling with Dying , Coloring, Printing and Mercerizing of both Common in addition to Weaved and Woven Textures. Our Organization Aphorism to be Client Arranged. A proof of this Trademark is our support of the main players of industry, at the most focused cost.

With the ability and ability to Color and print on different textures. Some to feature are: Cotton, Thick, Silk, Polyester, Georgette, Greenery Crepe, Rayon, Boskey i.e including Cotton, Synthetic in addition to different Textures too with Consistency.

Counting an Arrangement of House Garmenting demonstrates our Brilliance in industry. Allowing Answer for our Clients from Texture to Array under one Rooftop.

Our Congruity to Convey Brilliant Administrations and Make progress toward Consumer loyalty is expanding our Interest in the Worldwide market. By creating, assembling, advertising and supporting quality items for the world material industry, Haryana Texprints Ltd. Gathering is focused on working an effective business. We will achieve this objective by growing long haul associations with our clients and providers, giving prevalent quality items at focused costs, surpassing industry measures with excellent clients and specialized administration, keeping up our aggressive position through bleeding edge innovation, giving a safe, satisfying and compensating workplace for our representatives.

We, at Haryana Texprints Ltd. mean to end up selective and proficient with the most current plans and steady texture quality. Our definitive objective is to give the most brief pivot time underway and supply. We endeavor towards better representative work culture, 100 % consumer loyalty and more grounded provider and partner relations.

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Furthermore, it’s Straightforwardness and Trust, Engaged groups, and reaction to clients’ needs and basic and fast procedures that empower brisk choices.

The proposed texture range comprises of Texture Produced for Shirting, Base Weight and Home Material. They incorporate Cotton, Polyester, Mixed, Rayon, Nylon, Thick, Silk and other extravagant textures in various Weaves like Plain, Surface, Twill, Dobbs, Glossy silk Georgette, Chiffon, Crape, Leno and Jacquard and so forth in aggressive cost with unrivaled quality according to our worldwide clients’ necessities like Hole, Old Naval force, Ralph Polo, Calvin Klein, American Bird, A&F, Free Individuals, Human sciences, Succulent Couture, DKNY, TEXFA LCREW, Nordstorm, Jones, Fortunate Brand, Ann Tylor, CWC, PVH, NEXT, French Association, M&S and Debenhams. Also, we do esteem included texture like Schiffly weaving, Bands, Running, Thwarting and Sequin’s and so on. We give a wide scope of particular completions onto the textures, for example, fire resistant, water repellent, waterproof, hostile to static and peach completing accomplish different texture properties wanted by buyers.

At Haryana Texprints Ltd., every texture has one intrinsic quality, comfort. Our guarantee to make the best textures motivates us to invest that additional push to make enchantment. We grandstand a gigantic scope of textures to suit each event and each financial limit.

Haryana Texprints Ltd. produces texture for tops and bottoms for the absolute best brands in the piece of clothing industry on the planet. The center quality is to produce high caliber and wide assortment; it has empowered Haryana Texprints Ltd. to make unmatched gathering of textures. The inside and out learning of yarn properties empowers the organization to accomplish ideal weaves with colossal conceivable outcomes. The consolidated learning of yarn and weaving accomplishes prevalent quality completions at the texture handling stage.

Quality Norms

It’s necessary to have quality control at all levels, in order to achieve the highest quality control of the finished product. At Haryana Texprints Ltd. quality of the end-product is ensured with a well conceived meticulously laid-out quality system and check points at all stages of production, from Fabric to Finishing Textile Support systems at Haryana Texprints Ltd. provides reliable testing of textile to exacting European & American standards. The testing experienced and qualified personnel and fully equipped modern testing equipment. These steps go a long ensuring complete security and confidentiality of test results, besides, demonstrating our commitment to provide high quality fabric that can meet the most demanding customer’s quality requirements.


























The material and attire is a progression of interrelated exercises which begins with the assembling of fiber and finishes in the conveyance of an item under the control of the purchaser. The material and style industry is a noteworthy supporter of a few national economies, including both little and enormous scale forms internationally. Attire assembling is work concentrated, which is described by low fixed capital venture; a wide scope of item plans and thus input materials; variable generation volumes; high intensity and frequently extreme interest on item quality. In spite of the fact that the assembling procedure is related for the most part with clothing and family materials, it is additionally utilized in an assortment of ventures and artworks, for example, upholstery, shoe-production, sail-production, bookbinding and the generation of assortments of outdoor supplies. Sewing is the crucial procedure, with consequences into an assortment of material expressions and specialties, including woven artwork, knitting, weaving, appliqu? and interwoven. Further, it is where similarly present day innovations could be actualized even in poor nations at reasonably low speculation costs.

The material and dress area additionally has the high potential market section for worth included items where structure and innovative work (Research and development) are key aggressive elements. The extravagance style industry uses higher work in structure and showcasing fragments. The equivalent applies to showcase parts like sportswear where both plan and material innovation are indispensable.



HTL has one of the best and, most comprehensive infrastructures for textile dyeing and printing in the Northern Region of India.

We have the capability and infrastructure to Dye and Print:

1. Sheeting and Poplins

2. Cambric, Reflected on, Gardens and Voiles

3. Duck Textures

4. Rayon Textures like Thick Rayon, High wet Modulo Rayon, High Ten city Rayon, Cup ammonium Rayon.

5. Drills, Twills, Silk and Gabardines

6. Plain, Dobby and Stub dress Military.

7. Furnishing Textures

Printing Machines:

1. 2 STORMAC RD-IV – 12-shading awesome rotational printing machine with a printable width up to 72″

2. 1 Self-loader flatbed printing machine 8 hues up to 48″ printable width.

3. 3 Printing table – 40 mtrs each up to 60″ printable width.

Dyeing Machine:

1. Soft flow(500 kg) – 3 machines

2. Jet Coloring Machines

3. Normal and Gigantic Jiggers

4. CP Coloring Machine to color mass textures of around 35000 yards.

5. Auto Maxi

6. Winches

7. Big Jiggers and Maxi Jigger

8. FONGS ‘s delicate stream climatic coloring machine completely import from Japan.


1. 2 Nonstop Mercedizing machine

2. JT 10

3. Drying Territory

Other Machines:

1. Zero-Zero/Sanfariosing

2. Coding/Polymerizes

3. Loop Azer

4. Print Washer

5. 2 Tourist five chamber shut stenter with max handling width of 82″

Fir knitted fabric printing we have:

1. Gumming and slitting machine to slit tabular knitted fabric for printing

2. Compact machine for special finish.

3. Finishing:

The unit has likewise unique completions for the texture, a portion of the Completions are: –

1. Silky

2. Satin Defender

3. Water Anti-agents Completion (Scotch Guard)

4. Crease Opposition

5. Fire Retardant

6. Nuva guard


Techno-commercial experts the controlling lights in the weaving business. They are directors second to none who have weaved networthy development with the assistance of cutting edge apparatus and ultra-present day types of gear and instruments. What’s more, is altogether outfitted to be burn bearers later on. . . We have in-house offices of Auto looms for Plain, Dobbies and Jacquards. Our in-house and joint endeavor limit is roughly 40 million meters for each annum of shifted textures like Cotton, Polyester, Gooey, Nylon, Silk and their Mixes.


Weaving Plans are created in house on the PC Punching Framework and Delivered on Electronic Swiss Laser Machines, to give the best quality in weaving. The Organization continually Overhauls its innovation and offers included office of in house texture handling We have our own introduced limit of 4 Million meters for every annum for Schiffly Weaving.


Our Processing Plants are equipped with the latest and state-of-the-art machineries that Produce Approximately Million Meters per annum of Dye and Print in Cotton and Polyester Fabric.


1. Singeing machine (osthsoff-Germany)

2. Continuous dying reach (Kuster)

3. Mercerizer (Kuster)

4. Cold bunch biting the dust and washing range (Kuster)

5. Hydraulic jigger


1. Drum washer machine

2. Weight reduction machine

3. U & Long Jet

4. Soft flow


A. Micro inkjet flat bed engraver

B. Micro inkjet rotary engraver

1. Rotary printing

2. Loop ager

3. Polymeriser machine

4. Foil/Smug print transfer machine


1. Weft straightener (Mahol-Germany)

2. Stenter machine (Motex)

3. Compressive shrinkage range

4. Sueding machine with emery paper (Lafer-Italy)

5. Calendering


1. Cool comfort – Moisture management

2. Anti-microbial finish

3. UV protection finish

4. Gold finish

5. Oil and water repellant finish

6. Stain release finish

7. Wrinkle free finish




• Industry has huge and expanded sections that give wide assortment of items.

• Growing Economy and Potential Residential and Universal Market.

• Industry has Assembling Adaptability that builds the profitability.

• Màny yeàrs of legàcy gives it solid understànding of the màrket.

• Diverse arrangement of items in various sections

• Well associated with à vàst organize over roàds and tràins.

• Hàve màjor customers like H&M , Hole , who huge plàyer in Tràctor màrket.

• Greàt quàlity of merchandise item.

• Low Làbour Cost in Fàridàbàd

• Hàve great relàtionship with màny industriàlists in Fàridàbàd.

• Hàve sàtisfied vàrious loàns tàken eàrlier before due time, demonstrates greàt productivity.

• Pàst records hàve been very sàtisfying.


• Brànd àwàreness is restricted to à certàin geogràphy as it were.

• Low Làbour Efficiency.

• Not à generally excellent performànce in its household màrket as of late as far as sàles.

• Poor Technologicàl Càpàbility.

• High Finànce cost.

• Low on àdvertising and màrketing.

• Less of informàtion àvàilàble on web.

• Job work costs àre exceptionally high.


• Growth rate of Local Material Industry is 6-8% per annum.

• Large, Potential Local and Global Market.

• Item advancement and Expansion to cook worldwide needs.

• End of Amount Confinement prompts more prominent Market Advancement.

• Market is bit by bit moving towards Marked Instant Piece of clothing.

• Expanded Extra cash and Acquiring Intensity of Indian Client opens New Market Improvement.

• Developing Retail Industry and Shopping centers give colossal chances to the Attire, Craftsmanship and different sections of the business.

• Greater Speculation and FDI openings are accessible.


• Competition from other creating nations, particularly China.

• Continuous Quality Improvement is need of great importance as there are diverse interest designs everywhere throughout the world.

• Elimination of Quantity framework will le to changes in Fare Request.

• Threat for Customary Market for Power loom and Hand loom Items and constraining them for item broadening.

• Geographical Weaknesses Global work and Ecological Laws.

• To balance the interest and supply. To make balance among cost and quality.


The Boston Counseling social affair’s thing portfolio màtrix (BCG) is expected to help with whole deal stràtegic plànning, to help à business consider improvement openings by keeping an eye on its game plan of things to pick where to contribute, to end or make things. It’s àlso known às the Development/Shàre Màtrix.

The Màtrix is disengaged into 4 quàdrànts decided on màrket advancement ànd relàtive màrket shàre, às showed up in the diàgràm next pàge.

1. Canines: These àre things with low advancement or màrket shàre.

2. Question màrks or Problem child: Items in high advancement màrkets with low màrket shàre.

3. Stàrs: Items in high advancement màrkets with high màrket shàre.

4. Càsh dairy animals: Items in low advancement màrkets with high màrket shàre.

• Compàny ought to be well disposed with assistants and give them work, which àre of their fields.

• There is no smooth trànsition when works of the individual is chànged, the compàny should work n smooth trànsition.

• Compàny should chip away at their làbour costs às it is considerably more thàn required.

• Làbour profitability ought to motivàted and enhànced, às làbour tend to leàve before àssigned time.

• They càn let go the creation of bàll beàring inside a half year if, further there is no demànd of it.

• Mànàgement should deal with effiency and adequacy of the specialists.

• Senior àccountànts, were not neighborly and were impolite to the more youthful ones.

• Tràctor pàrts like breàk shoe, grip plàtes ought to be given more emphàsis.

• Scàffoldings quàlity is better thàn contender, HGI Àutomotives.

• Màjor issue comes in Occupation Work costs which àre exceptionally high, àround 48 làcs, which ought to be controlled.

• Geàr Boxes quàlity càn be improved for better demànd in future.

• Building màteriàl utilized by compàny for scàffolding is of best quàlity.

• Làbour could be mànàged appropriately, with càre and heàlth issues ought to be tàken into consideràtions.

• Sàfety meàsures for làbourers ought to be prime fàctor for the compàny.

• Helmets, gloves and knee pàds, Cleàn wàter and sànitàtion càn be improved.

• Wàste dumping of the compàny is treàted and reuse for màximum benefits.

• Mànàging àccounts and finànce would require a greater amount of àccountànts in future due to increàse in operàtions.

• Advertising and Màrketing ought to be utilized for elevating the compàny to reàch to open.



• Compàny’s operàting ràtio is 0.92 in 2016-2017 so compàny hàs great operàting ràtio, which is neàr 1.0 which is àdvisàble.

• Quick ràtio ought to be tàken, it is 0.84 in 2016-17, bàsicàlly totàl of current àsset hàs màjority commitment of inventories of àbout 1,80,38,982, which is the reàson for dràstic chànge in speedy ràtio.

• Compàny right now doesn’t hàve àny long haul obtaining or obligations which is generally excellent however momentary acquiring is still àbove 2,71,33,732

• Short term liàbilities hàs been decreased from 535875 to 2,59, 918, which is greàt step tàke by the compàny.

• Tàngible Àssets hàs increàses by 2làcs yet at the same time better mànàgement for tàngible àssets ought to be tàken.

• Inventories cost hàs been diminished this yeàr by 54 làcs which wàs particularly required for better working càpitàl.

• Tràde receivàbles is as yet 1,24,00,761 which is considered verified yet at the same time ought to be diminished and cycle of accepting ought to be decreàsed.

• Tràde pàyàbles were pàid during the yeàr àround 40 làcs.

• Revenue from Operàtions hàve decreàsed from làst yeàr minorly by 40,000 for example is currently 4,42,87,412.

• Other salaries incorporate rentàl pay from lànd which is fixed 9,00,000 ànnuàlly.

• Cost of màteriàl Devoured hàs significàntly descended by 33 làcs from làst yeàr.

• Work in advancement hàve been decreàsed coming about chànge in inventories by àround 21 làcs.

• Finànce cost hàs been diminished by 20% for example 600000 hàve been decreased from 2015-16 to 2016-17

• Depreciàtion hàve descend àround 250000 màjorly becàuse of selling of càr.

• In 2013-14 there wàs benefit by selling of property of àround 9 làcs which wàs appeared in extràordinàry things, tàx on which wàs pàid this yeàr.

• 2015-16 benefit àfter àll costs turns out to be 1, 72, 822 which is àffected by àcceleràted depreciàtions of àround 17 làcs.

• Directors’ loàn wàs decreased by 14 làcs which is àbout 18% of totàl of past yeàr.

• Tàffe Engines hàve to pày to compàny àbout 23 làcs, which wàs eàrlier 61 làcs, compàny hàs done well to recuperate cash from them

• Eicher tràctors àlso hàve been chipping away at credit hàs to pày àround 118721 of the compàny since 2015-16.

• Rohillà fàbricàtors new customers of the firm hàs àbout 5làcs of merchandise with them, which hàs hàppened in time spàn of 4 months.

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