Siemens strategy to achieve its objective is quite simple which is by

Siemens strategy to achieve its objective is quite simple which is by maintaining a profitable income and a long-term growth for the company. Siemens sees sustainability as a key for an upcoming success and a basis factor of a Siemens corporate tactic. Now the company is in a solid position to encounter tomorrow business challenges, so sustainability is important. Siemens currently focusing its activities in a major industry like industry, healthcare and energy. Siemens also moving towards digitalization, automation and electrification.

Siemens helps healthcare providers by Improving their care delivery, expanding precision medicine and digitalizing healthcare. By digitalizing healthcare, any healthcare providers from around the world could have access to the Siemens’s data that are collected by over 600,000 running system worldwide. This reduce the time taken to diagnose patients by just identifying the symptoms and the healthcare provider can get the solution according to the symptoms provided through the data provided by Siemens.

In addition to that, Siemens Healthineers academy provide educational courses that is specifically designed for healthcare professional that are responsible to operate and use diagnosing equipment.

These training programme covers both in-vivo and in-vitro diagnostic and clinical principal. One of the courses in the Siemens Healthineers is medical imaging. An example of scanning process that is related to medical imaging are cardiac scanning, radiotherapy and magnetic resonance imaging.

Siemens is currently one of the largest manufacturers and providers of an instruments that are related to healthcare industry. One of it is the conventional behind-the-ear AIDSs that sit in between the ear canal that helps a person with a hearing problem.

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The best thing about that device is that it is smaller in size, waterproof and rechargeable. The company even provide a device called advanced nosologies and therapy engineering aid that helps physicians save lives. By making the treatment easier, the company somehow helps people to be stronger and happier.

Water contamination is an action that polluting the earth and due to water pollution is increasing rapidly, Siemens decided to take part in this challenge on saving the planet around Middle East. Resources are saved as much as possible to minimize power and energy. In 2012, Siemens was granted a long-run care contract. This agreement was granted for the joined beat power and desalinization works Jebel Ali M-Station in Dubai. This demonstrates how proficient and solid the organization is.

Siemens has a setup that allows it to gain a large revenue from various projects involving urbanization, globalization, demographic change and climate change. With its Environmental Portfolio, Siemens has a wide spectrum of products and solutions for climate and ecological protection (Barney, 1986).

An example of Siemens strategy in an industry is when it built a railway train between Damman and Riyadh for Saudi Arabia. It is equipped with a latest technology that ensures an efficient and a dependable public transit between both cities. In Mecca, the vehicle transit system helps tourers to move quickly and easily between sites. The train can transport up to 70 000 riders per hour due to its energy-efficient railroad designed professionally by Siemens.

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