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Shards of Sebastian Fitzek Review Essay

Words: 305, Paragraphs: 8, Pages: 2

Paper type: Review

This is the first psychological thriller, consistent me in an exciting sequence of events has kept constantly busy. The protagonist through many forms of mental illnesses: paranoia, and hallucinations. a. He faces questions about whether it exists or perhaps living in a spiritual prison. Is there an explanation for his condition?

The protagonist Dr. Marc Lucas, PhD in juvenile justice, and his brother Benjamin are children from a broken relationship. Both parents die early, the father from liver disease related to alcohol abuse. Brother Benny, psychologically damaged, is compulsorily admitted after a suicide attempt by his brother Marc in a closed psychiatric ward. After his release, he finds himself in a criminal milieu.

Dr. Marc Lucas learns Sandra Senner, actress and daughter of renowned surgeons Constantin Senner know and marries her. When Sandra is pregnant, and her baby die in a terrible car accident. The injured Marc – he has steered the car – is brought to the clinic by Professor Senner. The diagnoses a tiny sliver of the cervical spine, but with bandage and painkillers, the consequences will be borne to.

The fact that Marc death of his wife and child has caused him charged so traumatic that he is ready to accept psychological help. He reports he is on a voluntary field trial in the psychiatric clinic Bleibtreu. He should learn to forget …

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But after his release starts for Marc Lucas, the true nightmare: They have taken his life. Everything seems unreal to him. The absurdity is worse so when he sees his wife Sandra at a later date.? – she lives

Who is driving this inhuman game with him, and why

The reader is such on tenterhooks, that he continues to read avidly to finally get a logical explanation, but the madness goes on and on …

This book convinced me.

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