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Self-Awareness & Service – Reflective Essay. Paper

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Self-Awareness is one of the key building blocks of becoming successful. It is the foundational element that all of the world`s most successful entrepreneurs resonate with. Ultimately, intelligence is today`s world’s most treasured resource and emotional intelligence is a great feature. Conquering your emotional intelligence is one huge step in becoming successful and that is possible if one is totally aware of him or herself.

It is a struggle in today`s time to find time for me to think and assess who I am, what my strengths, weakness, personality traits, habits and opportunities, in alignment with my traits, are. In addition, I would rather sit and chat than to spend the time to self-reflect.

Subsequently, most people have a low level of self-awareness, just like me, because it is a great stepping stone in maximizing management skills.

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There are numerous and distinct areas that I know and feel that my emotional intelligence and values play a role in. Being aware of this trait aids me in evaluating myself and become aware of how my subtle reactions would be when I am faced with particular circumstances.

My emotional intelligence is my ability to control myself and facilitate healthy relationships with others, this trait is one I can proudly conclude as one of my strongest rudiments.

I am a very independent person, and introverted. Recently that trait is abandoning me because I seem to be more open now. I love sports any type, but my passion is in football. Considerably, on a scale of one to ten, I would rate the knowledge of myself at 7.5. I feel there are so many things that I do not know about myself that I am yet to discover. I believe that in the quest of knowing myself up to a ten out of ten, it would take me roughly 48 months. Some implications of just knowing 75% of myself lie in situations where I do not know how to react to certain things when they occur. For example, I am someone who loves to help people out with their problems. Even in situations where I am supposed to empathize with a certain situation, I may not react ideally to that.

To the best of my knowledge, some of my strengths may include the fact that I am naturally introverted, it helps me to really analyze problems or quests before reacting. Secondly, I am a very good listener and very observant. Thirdly, I am very disciplined, this strength is as a result of my upbringing. It counts very much to my being.

Fourth, I happen to be very patient and this strength is actually my nature because if it was not, I would have caused a lot of casualties. Lastly, I have a very good heart, that enables me to help others when they need it most. Also, to be able to understand and aid accordingly.

Conversely, to my greatest strengths lie some weaknesses, which are very difficult for me to grapple with. Some of these weaknesses include the fact that I am considered “too kind”. This statement was made by my father when he was lashing out one of his numerous pieces of advice to me. To add on, I host a lot of self-doubt in me and this greatly affects my progress. Lastly, and this is at the backbone of most people`s weaknesses and it’s present in me as well, and that is procrastination.

On the other hand, to overcome all these weaknesses, I have laid down some opportunities that would help to counter them. These opportunities include taking new internship openings that pop up. This would aid to counter my self-doubt. Secondly, making use of academic resources made available to me so I can be a better person intellectually.

Furthermore, if these opportunities are fervently dealt with, my goal for this semester, which is to be represented on the dean`s list shall manifest.

Below is my action plan for this semester:

Target Action Plan

Start Working hard to make the dean`s list.

Stop Procrastinating school work and academic plans

Reinforce My relationships with others.

I have an interest in making a social impact in this community. I plan to aid talented individuals in the community that have not found ways to explore them. Basically, I want to help individuals find themselves and become self-aware of their strengths, weakness and the opportunities they have if they utilize their talents appropriately. This counts as one of the ways in which I plan to help and serve my community.

According to my disposition, I believe I have all the four basic temperaments present in me, but I have a very high percentage of melancholic than the others. Furthermore, after critical analysis of myself, I have a balance of melancholic and phlegmatic traits. On the other hand, the lower percentages may have more sanguine than choleric. I see myself as one that is creative and gentle. These are my natural traits. I possess a lot of patience and am very thoughtful, that is my phlegmatic side. I am friendly, which most often gets out of hand because I tend to do too much.

Using Peter Drucker`s article, in analyzing my strengths and weakness, I can say proudly say that, I am more of a hearer than a reader in terms of performance. I learn by writing according to how Peter Drucker analysis. In addition, I am more productive when I work solo than with others. I am a very thoughtful person so getting results from any sort of life struggle, I tend to get results through decision making. In the context of my values, I stand for honesty above all because, without honesty, the world to me is a big lie.

I see myself as a disciplined individual. To testify to this, I got an award for that in my junior high school. In addition, I belong to the sector of the world that would enjoy exploring more to find a career than to find one job that would only have an impact on my income than my happiness.

Though I am aware of my strengths and weakness, I would adopt the feedback analysis by Peter Drucker, so that I can get the opportunity to explore more of myself. So, I can become a better version of myself.

In conclusion, personally, I feel the road to success is knowing myself, because if that is cemented there is nothing that I cannot do to be successful. Self – awareness gives you the ability to learn from your blunders as well as your successes. It empowers you to keep growing. To conclude, I agree with what Virginia Woolf said about self- awareness: “Without self-awareness, we are as babies in the cradles”.

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This sample essay is completed by Harper, a Social Sciences student. She studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. All the content of this paper is just her opinion on Self-Awareness & Service – Reflective Essay. and should not be seen as the way of presenting the arguments.

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