Schweinkram - Two Unseemly Stories Of Alan Bennett Review

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So so, they are prudish then, the subjects of Her Britannic Majesty. This tells the stereotype, and who enjoyed Victorian novels (or its numerous film versions) or fussy elderly ladies has met with powdered face, believe it every word: “No sex please, we’re British!” On the other hand: In the old Bard of Chaucer to Shakespeare, we learn that also were across the Channel people with hearty slogans, desires and habits at home and was later revealed only temporarily with puritanical paint, which, for example, The Sun page three incite quite openly.

and now Alan Bennett comes along and offers ” Smut “at – a vocabulary that Hanseats gingerly as” smut “disposed in the southern-based German but also in a hearty” can degenerate mess “. “Alan Bennett:” Smut it were “Two unseemly Stories”, the subtitle of the original from 2011.

The fact that Mrs. Jane Donaldson’s house sublet, Cyril would never be tolerated. But after his death, the board has failed not as lush as the widow had expected and as the agile 55-year-old had to come up with something.

For some time she goes regularly to the hospital where she can no longer shy away diagnosis: infarction, duodenal ulcer, cancer, dementia … But do not worry: Mrs. Donaldson just wants to play. Senior physician Dr Ballantyne has she committed against small payment as “SP” to the medical training through role-play with s imulierten P After atienten to make quite practical. The regrettable demise her impeccable husband, Mrs. Donaldson does not want to engage in a “reasonable widowhood” itself.

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To the chagrin of her daughter Gwen, 22, who now poses as father substitutes, she finds herself far from having “dignified solitude”. The job in the hospital is her cue. You do not need for skills nor qualifications, and he makes it fun. Initially hesitant, it opens over time more and more and reüssiert soon recognized to as “the cleverest” in the team. Then comes her the idea of ​​a room for students to rent. Laura and Andy are its first customers. Gwen is skeptical about the financial power of the two, and it should be right.

Before long, the payment behavior decreases. But the youth (apart from Gwen) is straightforward, uninhibited and imaginative. The couple makes Mrs. Donaldson, a proposal which, although improved not affect their pecuniary situation, they also can not refuse, “to appear ungrateful” no. Thus, a series of activities that Laura and Andy joy begins preparing, driving Mrs. Donaldson to unprecedented prosperity and opportunity to precise the author, but less than provide for us readers for the protagonist embarrassing descriptions. At this type of payment of rent, Mrs. Donaldson could get used to, but soon attract the young people from Mrs. Forbes is protected Mrs. Forbes is proud of Graham, her extremely well built, always clean, simply beautiful son. How can he only with this unsightly Betty marry who is older than him and then as an ordinary, boring name is? Well: Betty is a rich heiress, and Graham’s gay. In this unequal Liaison he can his preferences in secret on live while Betty manages the budget and without her husband it suspects increased the equity portfolio. Mr Edward Forbes Mrs. Forbes is “dumb appendage”. If she snaps, as he speaks of “tits”, she’s embarrassed because she finds that he was just too old for such a vocabulary – as well as others for as much. So he fled with his secret desires to the Internet and is also his daughter far more devoted than all can know Mrs Forbes has no idea what guard secrets all family members in front of her. However, for the suspect not, what she experienced.

Of the “two unseemly stories” that Alan told Bennett, the first of the author shows true class. In brilliant, pithy dialogues put his characters mature stage cabaret on paper. We are the ones who look through the keyhole, listening on the wall and read descriptions smug whose explicit delicacy could perhaps go too far one way or another. Vulgar they are never, and therefore “Smut” is here with “smut” very pretty translated.

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