School Shooting in The United States

Due to recent events in American history, there has been a number of school shootings in the United States and it is not only school shootings. School violence can range from assaults, bullying, suicides, and sexual attacks and as previously mentioned shootings. Safety has been a huge issue on school campuses. Which leaves parents and students to worry about school safety and also leads other people to ask how far can schools go to keep their students safe? Schools should not need to go far but should consider increasing security around the school campus.

Violence can be prevented in schools among the students once safety issues are put in place. There are several ways to prevent the violence and one of them is increasing the security.

Schools can increase their security by placing metal detectors or any type of detection technology. They can also consider placing more officers around the school campus or even placing protective shields like bulletproof windows or shelters.

When a situation like a shooting comes to play, the best security would be placing metal detectors around the school so that the weapon could be found and be contained. Metal detectors would obviously not just remove all the problems but it will definitely help the situation. It is not the first time metal detectors have been brought up in a conversation like this. Airports have been using them and it has been a very protective method in keeping weapons away. Another security suggestion would be placing bulletproof windows around the school campus so that students do not get harmed.

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Opposing Arguments would say that putting armed weapons in the hands of teachers would be the best way to protect the students at a school from a school shooting.

There could be a number of potential accidents if a gun were put in a teacher’s hand. Allowing teachers to carry armed weapons will only create more problems. In Jesus M. Villahermosa Jr. “Guns don’t belong in the hands of administrators, professors, or students” he says “Some faculty and staff members may be capable of learning to be good shots in stressful situations, but most of them probably wouldn’t practice their firearms skills enough to become confident during an actual shooting. Unless they practiced those skills constantly, there would be a high risk that when a shooting situation actually occurred, they would miss the assailant. That would leave great potential for a bullet to strike a student or another innocent bystander. (613)”. The quote only adds more evidence as to how and why there would be a number of potential accidents if weapons were to be put in the hands of teachers.

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