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This paper discusses how ethics is applied or is found in the movie, In the Heart of the Sea, where this will most likely handle how to bear the challenges or obstacles that are tossed by life.


“He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless.” Isaiah 40:29

Life is something that is given to us by the Lord in which it is progressively complex than anyone could have ever envisioned. Regardless of who an individual is, what his or her age is, sexual orientation, or even nationality, anybody may experience difficulties or snags and these may fill in as their obstruction to prevent them or defer them from having the option to accomplish their goal.

The movie, ‘In the Heart of the Sea’, crew members together with their Captain, Mr. Pollard, and his first mate, Mr. Chase, they on board the New England vessel Essex face a frightening fight for survival when a whale of mammoth size and quality assaults with power, devastating their ship and leaving them untied in the sea.

Pushed as far as possible and confronting storms, starvation, frenzy, and hopelessness, the survivors must resort to the unfathomable to remain alive. This movie indicates how individuals endeavor so as to endure that with what life tosses at them, men will at present stand tall and will never surrender for their very own survival.


The movie began with Mr. Chase being picked as a first mate of Mr. Pollard. He was guaranteed to be a Captain for his next trek however it didn’t occur because of the power that the Pollard’s have.

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Mr. Pollard captained the Essex’s voyage towards discovering some whale oils yet there are surprising things in life that would simply happen. With Mr. Pollard, being the Captain of the Essex, he gives his subordinates a chance to drive him around. He didn’t have his own choices knowing that he is the Captain of the ship. He grasped a law-based order rather than him putting a position. On the other hand, Mr. Chase can lead the team. He has the certainty to supervise around men due to the fact that he had numerous encounters in the ocean. He considers himself to be unrivaled for he is a driven individual. He’s looking past the Essex mission since he realizes he’ll have the option to captain his own ship if it’s effective. Both Mr. Pollard and Mr. Chase have notoriety where they expected to keep up yet with this movie, I saw that Mr. Chase can possibly have a successful hunt if was the Captain of Essex. As per Aristotle, ‘The only source of knowledge experiences’, this clarifies that in order for a person to know something or understand something wholly, he or she has to have an experience with some certain cases. With Mr. Chase who has had the option to join various treks or chases, he definitely knows how to Captain a ship. He might be a muddled and opposing man yet he’s a severe and oppressive pioneer; he cares more for his men than Captain Pollard does.

After the Essex disaster, I think Pollard chose to take another whaling job is due to the fact that Nantucket was the whaling capital of the United States and he wanted to search for the white whale that destroyed their ship however he never discovered it. The Pollards need to keep their heritage in the whaling business and it is George Pollard’s obligation to keep their legacy. He would have liked to carry respect to his family name however because of the calamity of the Essex, it carried disillusionment to his family. I believe that other than him needing to search for the white whale, he additionally needed to compensate for the Essex fiasco realizing that he was the captain in that voyage. He needs to make up for the mistake he has given to his crew and his family.

For me, Owen Chase’s account is more convincing than Tom Nickerson’s for Mr. Chase’s account would be considerably more exact than Nickerson’s. Chase’s account is truly founded without anyone else point of view and he was one of the main characters inside the story. Then again, Nickerson’s record was likewise convincing however the way that he isn’t a part of the main characters made it less convincing than the other one. In Nickerson’s account, he turned into the third persona while recounting to the story. With this, individuals don’t know whether he was truly telling the exact truth. There might be a few sections that are one-sided for he was additionally qualified for his very own assessments.

Nantucket is known for its whaling industry. Whaling, it is the chasing of whales for sustenance and oil. It was once led the world over via nautical countries in the quest for the mammoth creatures that appeared as boundless as the seas in which they swam. Be that as it may, since the mid-twentieth century, when whale populaces started to drop calamitously, whaling has been led on a constrained scale. All in all, for this situation, is whaling moral? Whales are a worldwide regular legacy which must be saved instead of rationed for who and what is to come. Besides, whaling ought not to be allowed on the grounds that it is against morals that ‘there are sure social standards, similar to human flesh consumption, that is disregarding our fundamental way to deal with keeping up our progress’ (Wetson referred to in Eilperin, 2006). Whaling is a shameless represent for whales are not part of an individual’s eating routine. They structure a significant piece of the seas’ biological system, and whaling has diminished the populace so much that any extra reduction in the populace will probably bring about the lasting termination of certain types of whales.

The voyage had a colossal effect on the life of Coffin. He is anxious to abuse his familial association with Captain Pollard for his own advantage. As a young fellow, he was uncertain about how life on the sea would be. The fact that he is the Captain’s cousin, this doesn’t do much for him in making a decent attempt work. Coffin just procures himself additional contempt from Essex’s first mate, Mr. Owen Chase. Following quite a while of being in the ocean with no sustenance and assets, Coffin chose to forfeit his life for his cousin. Coffin turned out to be so benevolent around then. He simply pointed the weapon towards himself at that point quickly pulled the trigger. Sacrifice is one of the most perfect and most magnanimous approaches to adore somebody. There is no better method to demonstrate one’s loyalty or love for another than through sacrifice.

It has been said that life can never be done and really lived to its fullest except if there has been a type of torment and agony. Mistakes are to be gained from, and a hard past can just bring about a more grounded nearness. In spite of the fact that many may get themselves alone in their hopelessness in all actuality they are not, every person has battled. We as a whole have our good and bad times, however, it is the means by which we respond to them that really matters. Life will be life and regardless, abandoning deep-rooted dreams and goals in view of a couple of hindrances ought to never be an alternative. If I were an Essex survivor, I would’ve continued cruising for I accept that God will secure and control me all through my voyage. He wouldn’t give me a chance to be put to risk. As per Joshua 1:9, ‘Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.’

The subject of good and bad have struggled over for quite a long time. Numerous conservatives still accept that fact is supreme, while others dissent, saying that reality is relative. I accept that reality is a person’s view of convictions and choices. So, do I find the eyewitness accounts of the Essex disaster to be accurate? No. I don’t find the accounts to be accurate but I find it as a glimpse of the truth. Not on the grounds that they were available when the Essex disaster happened implies that it is exact, there will dependably be a trace of inclination and deceives make the story additionally convincing to individuals. For me, to have the option to comprehend what truly happened is for them to give confirmations to everything about they will share. ‘To see is to believe’, as people state and this is the statement that I have carried on with my existence with.

‘In the Heart of the Sea’ is a story wherein an unexplainable thing occurred. A few people who were available during those time were traumatized to what had befallen them. In this story, individuals like to take cover behind a wall of untruths instead of face reality and manage it. Truth harms, yet without its kin can never make trustful connections or achieve genuine joy. Tom Nickerson composed his account of the disaster. He recounted to his side of the story altogether for his heart to be gotten out. Throughout the years, Nickerson minded his own business what had occurred during the disaster because of the dread of not being acknowledged by other individuals. In the wake of portraying his side of the story, Nickerson felt calmed after such a significant number of years. He has at long last cleared his still, conscience and his spirit.


Challenges are a piece of regular day to day existence. They make us more grounded and without them, life turns out to be fairly insignificant in light of the fact that we don’t have anything to contrast the great occasions with. Be that as it may, paying little heed to the test, looking up to it is critical. Doing as such will make you have an inclination that you can deal with yourself, it will likewise cause you to comprehend the estimation of what you have now. Looking up to challenges and living through them give us the encounters that make up our life. Never surrender. Continue attempting and pushing and battling, regardless of whether you don’t have the best idea what your objective is or why you would need to accomplish it.

“Courage to go where one doesn’t want to go” -Herman Melville

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