The following example essay on “Romeo and Juliet” is an analysis of William Shakespeare’s literary work. The work reveals the plot and images of the main characters of the story.

Romeo and Juliet is probably William Shakespeare’s most famous plays. It is set in Verona in Italy in the medieval times and is based around love, death and tragedy. The play is about two feuding families, Capulet and Montague, who are life-long enemies, that don’t quite know why they hate each other so much.

Romeo the sixteen year old, only son of Montague, has the tendency to fall in and out of love, but upon meeting Juliet, the thirteen year old, only daughter of Capulet, they immediately fall in love at first sight, each not knowing the other is the only child of their only enemy.

They get married and all seems well until Juliet’s cousin, Tybalt, challenges Romeo to a fight to which he refuses, and as Mercutio offers to take Romeo’s place he is subsequently killed.

Mercutio being Romeo’s best friend, Romeo then kills Tybalt as an act of revenge. Juliet being distraught not knowing where to place her loyalty and the fact that Romeo may be sentenced to death as a punishment. After a plan fails, the play ends with both Romeo and Juliet taking their lives, showing their love for one and other, and after years of feuding the two families agree to be civil, only after six lives are lost in the time span of two weeks.

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Sample Essay on Romeo and Juliet The play is a tragedy;” it fits into this genre because of its ability to draw you in to the story on a personal basis then kill off main characters that people have become attached to. The deaths of Romeo and Juliet are undeniably the most tragic events throughout the play.

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