Sales and Technology CRM 400 –B to B Sales Manual Part

Topics: Computers

Sales and Technology CRM 400 –

B to B – Sales Manual Part A & B

(Refer to Assig # 2 & 3 on topic outline)

Sales Manual Part A (Assig # 2) – 15 % of final grade

1. PREPARATION – 3 to 4 pages

You are the sales representative for a B to B Company product/service you will be selling for.

Choose a company/product that you are genuinely interested in. It makes the whole assignment interesting.

• Company name: Intel

• Company address: Santa Clara, California, United States of America

• Description of Company:

Intel Corporation takes part in the structure of assembling, and closeout of PC items and innovations and it is an American based company.

It conveys PC, organizing, information stockpiling and interchanges stages. It works its business through the accompanying sections: Client Computing Group, Data Center Group, Internet of Things Group, Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group, Programmable Solutions and All Other. The Client Computing Group section comprises of stages intended for note pads, 2 out of 1 framework, work areas, tablets, telephones, remote and wired availability items, and portable correspondence parts.

The Data Center Group portion incorporates outstanding task at hand enhanced stages and related items intended for big business, cloud, and correspondence foundation advertise. The Internet of Things Group portion includes stages, for example, retail, transportation, modern, video, structures and brilliant urban communities, alongside a wide scope of other market sections. The Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group section comprises of NAND streak memory items basically utilized in strong state drives. The Programmable Solutions Group fragment contains programmable semiconductors and related items for a wide scope of business sectors, including interchanges, server farm, modern, military, and car.

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The All Other portion comprises of results from other non-reportable section and corporate-related charges. The organization was established by Robert Norton Noyce and Gordon Earle Moore on July 18, 1968 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA.

• Product or service you will be selling – Must choose a B to B product/service:

The company which I have chosen does business in ample number of technological products and chips and it also have a good reputation for its great innovative which they launch time to time. So, in order to maintain the goodwill of the company I thought to sell its latest processor and become company’s sales representative. Intel is connected and have its tie-up with most of the computer-based companies all over the world who need processor for their systems and most of the company uses processors made by intel itself, and all are very well aware about the brand/product quality which intel manufacture.

• Explain what makes the company and the product/service B to B ( in detail )

Intel corporation basically is a worldwide dealer of technological products like processors, motherboards, chips and many more. As a results latest invention are welcomed within computers-based companies all over the world. Intel is one of the biggest suppliers of its technology for companies like dell, Lenovo, and HP as a result it has one of the greatest as well as one of the biggest networks in the world. Intel has become successful in dealing with B2B.Intel appoints brilliant human manpower and assigns them different duties by appointing them in various positions like sales managers, sales representatives who are well trained in solving problems and are always ready to face challenges which their customer have and they tries to make improvements in their products and services time to time.

Needs Feature Advantage Benefit Proof

Communication between other computer components Carry and deliver instruction more quickly. Work in concert to provide capability in computer. Work on lower frequency without any issues. Convenient

Application Speed Improve performance of the computer. Work for long hour without any hindrance in an effective manner. Multi task at a same time many others software’s can be used at the same time. Increase efficiency of computers and other software’s.

Stored Instruction such as warnings and other uses. Operates in an input and output form. Work on users access as quick as less than a second. User can customize the programmes as per their requirement. Safe and secure to use anywhere in an effective and efficient manner.

• Provide information about the whole Industry that your product or service is part of.

Processor are the backbone of all technology-based devices such as laptop, desktop computers mobile phones, navigations, digital systems and other latest gadgets. Processor are the one which runs those devices without processor it’s impossible to even start those gadgets. So, it is obvious and easily understandable that processor is a backbone of all technology devices.

• Provide information specific to the Company you are working for.

Intel is one of the renowned technology Company which represents the advancement of technology in 21st century. Intel is also a manufacturer of different kind of motherboard chipsets, network interface controllers and integrated circuits, flash memory, graphics chips and embedded processors and many more. As a Sales representative I will be handling the deals with processor buying companies and try to sell the products to them by explaining the importance of processors for their products.

• Provide information that looks at the company’s policies in regards to:

Policies of Intel’s are basically made in order to support the vision of the company by considering 3 important aspects i.e. corporate governance, corporate responsibility and investor relations.

• Price strategy? What do they charge? – Explain. Be specific.

Most of the shipment of the Intel’s products like processor are worldwide shipped through airways, ship, and their subsidiaries and local dealers. Intel basically charge its business customers i.e. Dell, Hp as per its contract signed with them. It also depends upon company to company and where the company is located for example: USA then intel will charge in US$ and if the company is in Canada then intel will charge in CAD$ its currency may vary.

• Do they offer any cash/quantity discount? Explain. Be specific.

The quantity discount is only provided to intel’s top customers on the basis of large contract product which results in long term business of intel with those companied. Intel do not provide any cash-based discount on any product.

• Transportation charges… who pays, the buyer of the seller? How often do they ship? Are there any options?

If the products are shipped from one country to another then intel charges amount from Buyer Company who buy product on a large quantity but on the other hand side intel do not sell its product directly to customer it sells only to their authorized distributors who are registered with intel. They ship according to the order volume mostly large quantities of order.

• What is your company’s method of invoicing?

1.Rosetta Net (XML) Invoicing

2.Intel® Web Suite

3.Invoice Requirements by Country

All the above-mentioned invoicing methods are described in detail in the company website and many other invoicing methods are also their which intel uses for invoicing its customers.

• What type of credit is available from your company? Is it 30 days, 60 days, COD, etc.?

Intel only deal directly with their business customers i.e. dell, hp and others customers, Intel offer credit to them as per the volume of order, stock and warranty periods and the credit terms may vary from company to company and the order volume.

PROSPECTING Methods…. Looking for Potential Prospects – 1 to 2 pages –

• Explain why prospecting is important for you as a sales representative and why you have to be strategic.

1. Prospecting helps in increasing more potential customer and helps in converting them into new buyers of the product.

2. Prospecting also result in maximizing the revenue of the company as each new prospect that I as a salesperson will find I will try to influence the customer to buy that product which will directly influence the sales as a result it increases sales production of the company I am working for i.e. Intel.

3. Prospecting helps in gathering data and conducting market research and it also helps in designing the products according to the taste and preferences of the customers.

4. One of the most important prospects which prospecting have is the “qualify prospect” so I will ensure that the products i.e. processors which I will be dealing with have a great quality which should be more than the expectation of the buyers have expected.

• How do you prioritize for the best strategic prospecting method?

Prospecting basically means that using various strategies in order to increase the size of the number of potential customers by using different prospecting methods. The prospecting which I will use are as followings:

1. Leverage our existing customer base- The first prospect which I will consider will be leveraging the existing customers of intel as it will be far easier to sell our products to them in comparison to a new company and begin from scratch. Many people call this cross selling also.

2. Analyze the growth of our target companies – The other prospect which I will consider will be analyzing the growth of our target companies because it is obvious that the companies which are earning more revenue are the one who also spend money in maintaining that pace. With keeping this in mind I are will try to close deal with those rapidly growing organisations instead of dealing with companies who are on losses because business is all about profit and only profit.

• Choose 2 prospecting methods and describe in detail how it would apply to you as a sales representative for the company?

The two prospecting methods and I would apply as a sales representative for the company Intel are as below:

Networking- As a sales representative of intel I will do networking for my company by attending different trade shows and events in order to stay in touch with past customers and making new potential long-term customers. As a sales representative of intel, I will try to establish new connection within and outside the country as trade shows and events is one of the easiest ways of covering the entire market within a short span of time.

Content- As a sales representative I will create a blog for our company’s website for our new processors which will result in grabbing more attention of more potential business customers. I will create my blogs in various forms like jpg files, pdf, slide show and many more which will be easily accessible.

• Which method will you use to make the appointment indicate how you are going to gain entry in order to meet with your customer and how you are going to gain their attention on your product/service/company?

I will be choosing webinars method to make appointment because it is easier and accessible in accessing information and attending various events as a result I can easily record and save the information related to a potential customer or an upcoming event and then attend those event and the plus point of webinars method is that it is depend on our availability whenever you are free you can use and start a webinars. The potential customers have a great impact of webinars as all the information related to the products are easily available and accessible at any place and at any time.

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