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sad Essay

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Learning from mistakes in A Clockwork Orange and Trainspotter (1996)

“Life is all about being able to change, more importantly, adapt. Your blunders may seem like a mistake to others, but to me, they are what made me be who I am today,” said by Ameesha Patel, an Indian actress. Here, Ameesha explains that mistake is something everybody makes, it is whether or not you learn from them that makes you a successful person. As a result, two types of people in our society exist, sympathetic or malevolent. ………………………. A Clockwork Orange written by Anthony Burgess and Trainspotting (1996) directed by Danny Boyle are both documentation of street junkies making different life choices that resulted in a different path in life.

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In A Clockwork Orange, the narrator, Alex, moves through life ignorantly believing that he is forming his own identity in his society. He simply does whatever he wants and whenever he wants since he feels that it is necessary to do so to bring joy for him. He leads a group of three other people, Pete, Georgie, and Dim or so-called “droogs” into multiple house invasions that include raping, robbing, beating the owners up and eventually getting away without suffering any sort of punishment.

“The significant thing is the moral decision. Crime needs to exist alongside great, all together that ethical decision may work. Life is continued by the granulating restriction of good elements.” (Burgess #)

Although at face value it may seem the narrator is doing a simple thing, committing evil acts. He eventually reveals what his true intentions are. The society he lives in was legitimately discouraging “ultraviolence” but however, he and his “droogs” let their lives rotate around their “ultraviolent” ways. He is trying to reject the expectations of society and finding his own paths to follow. Instead of following the rules of the government to maintain a peaceful environment for everyone, he decides to break……………………… The Narrator, trying to commit crime one day, gets betrayed by his “droogs” and gets brought to the police station. This change of scenery was discouraging for the Narrator as he was sentenced fourteen years in prison for killing the woman he raped earlier that day. Ironically, the prison sentence made no difference for him. Being sentenced to prison, the Narrator quickly got used to how everything works. Besides several other prisoners trying to molest him during the first few days in prison, he quickly regained his position in the cells by fighting back. Due to his misbehaviour brought in from outside of prison, he killed a cellmate during one of the fights and was chosen to be the first candidate for a treatment called the Ludovico’s Treatment. Upon the treatment, the Narrator gets infused with a substance and gets compelled to observe exceedingly violent movies. During the treatment, the Narrator describes how he feels “It’s funny how the colours of the real world only seem really real when you watch them on a screen.” (Burgess #). The imagery symbolizes the pictures on the movie that has a heavy reliance on the colour red, and that when the Narrator commits a crime, he sees it as just a game as he seems not to experience the reality of his own violence. The treatment successfully made the Narrator a sympathetic person, but it did not last long as he was tortured

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