Novel "Sacrificed" by Tony Black

Gus Dury, child of a working family and the eldest son of an ex-football star, was mentally broken in his childhood. The father wanted the best, much demanded one from him. But the pressure of the boy could not resist, he did not meet expectations, they refused and had to last for vigorously beating and humiliating insults plug. The ever-drunken father could his anger against his wife not control, harassed and abused them. As Gus finds a job at a newspaper, leaving the parental home and decides any contact with their father forever cancel.

Gus is at heart a lovable guy with a strong sense of justice, but he has never learned how to solve problems without his fists to use. While he interviewed the Minister of Immigration for his newspaper, he loses control of himself, missed the elected officials a few heavy blows and thus loses his job. Henceforth, the social descent is inevitable. Gus marshy rapidly. His day begins and ends with alcohol and cigarettes, his marriage to Deb runs straight toward a divorce.

Tony Black’s novel “Sacrificed” plays in the Scottish cultural stronghold Edinburgh. But the historical sites and trendy shopping mile touches Gus only. He is drawn into the pubs to Col, where he continued his pints tilts behind the gills. His little hair he can be Mac, a simple barber, trim, and Fitz the Crime, a policeman, whom he knows from his time as a journalist, he builds his hopes, sometimes to learn insider knowledge.

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Cols son Billy-Boy has come off the rails: he has teamed up with the Russians Benny the Bullfrog and his gang. It seemed as though Billy get into the thick business, but something must have gone wrong. He was brutally tortured and murdered. Col Gus offers of money, so he finds out his son’s murderer and the circumstances of his death. Gus and sacrifices himself in the truest sense of the word.

He quickly finds out in what a criminal milieu Billy hung out and that the criminal activities into the highest circles ranged. Corrupt police officers protect the business and keep her hand over the reigns from the high society. With frame-up charges to arrest Gus. In jail he is beaten to unconsciousness. to disappear without teeth, a broken nose and the recommendation from the city and Billy the bullfrog to approach never, he is eventually released from prison.

Gus is a man driven. He must bring this thing to an end, even if he should go on it there. burn like fire in his anger at his powerlessness against the all-powerful gang, the hatred for these people that the lonely old Milo, whom he had met in a flophouse, simply burned off, because he happened to witness their crime was. And he is to the promise he gave Col.

The actual criminal plot is nothing spectacularly new. Murder, prostitution, human trafficking, corruption and the like are always popular topics. But Tony Black impresses with its individual processing and its precise local knowledge: He leads us in Edinburgh’s shabbiest, darkest spots and lanes. As hard as his fists so hard, rough and adequately is the jargon: Black puts his characters distinctive altercation in the mouth. The mood is consistently bad and gloomy; sometimes, but particularly striking, surprise humorous, cynical aphorisms. Gus’ mind seems to be not yet fully clouded by alcohol and nicotine: He is interested in literature, music, movies, TV shows. He reads as (appropriately enough) Joseph Roth’s The Legend of a drinker, hear Lennon and Nirvana, Dustin loves Hoffmann in Outbreak.

“Paying for It,” the original title of Tony Black’s thriller debut appeared, 2008 in the UK and topped the local bestseller lists. Since then, only three other novels from the Gus series followed – until they also appear on the German market, we have to be patient. “Sacrificed” has managed in November 2011 in the crime-time best list.

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Novel "Sacrificed" by Tony Black
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