Sacred Games Murder: Violence, Prostitution and Terrors in Urban India

Sacred Games is truly an impressive novel, not only long but extensive and deep about many facets of quick changing urban India. The story goes from the gloomy world of the Mumbai mafia-style underworld to worldwide violence, to the effective of the Indian civil service, to the intellect services examine Islamic find mentalist, to the tram as of the divider of Indian sub-continent sixty years ago and so on and so forth.

This is a novel as large, determined, multi-layered, paradoxical, amusing, depressing, upsetting, violent, caring, involved and uncontrollable as India itself there are more than a half-dozen sub-plots to be pondered, but the main events take place between inspector Satrap Singh and Gnash Gironde.

One thing Chandra does superbly well is given a sense of the changes and the nonstop of modern India. When we go back to the horrors of divider suffered by the Singh family, it fleshes out and explains why atmosphere became what they are.

With the speedy increase of science, technology and education, the Indian urban society has changed a lot.

With the growth in every side, the Indian metropolitan cities excel like European cities. This growth has bring a enormous change in urban society. The renewal and westernization has beclouded the intelligence of people. Along with the good impact of renewal and westernization, it also gave a birth to so many problems in urban India. The urban society has forgotten its own culture, ideals and approach. With the power of westernization, the society has forgotten the value of relations and the people have become selfish and self-centered.

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The version, theft, murder, terrorism, violence, rape, cheating and extortion, have become part and package of town life. India is not what it appears, it shines externally but it is full of shadows essentially. And in this novel, the novelist is victorious in illuminating the darkness of urban India. ‘Vikram Chandra’s eagerly expected new novel is a glorious story of friendship and unfaithfulness, of shocking violence, of an surprising modern city and its dark side.’

Sacred Games is set in present-day Mumbai, in which Chandra describes the real and shadowy face of modern urban India. This novel is a crime story and the book is really a zealous esteem to modern urban India. The plot is full of scheme, melodrama, sex and violence that can enemy any bollywood film. The novel deals with the story of a disreputable Hindu gangster, clench Gaintonde and the police inspector, Sartaj Singh. Through the lives of these two characters, the writer clarify so many secrets of urban society and presents the dark side of metropolitans. He touches every bad aspect prevalent in society which dirty the beauty of faultless India.

Sacred Games is a story of difference between the police and the criminals. The novel opens with the argument between inspector Sartaj Singh, a Sikh member of Mumbai police force and Ganesh Gaitonde, the most wanted gangster in India. Sartaj Singh, who is a middle-age separation, is more realistic and his profession is as heavy as his love life. He is a good detective policeman like his father. Sartaj is a good man but lives in a dishonest environment, his generation are all in the control of corruption.

Ganesh Gaintonde is also a attractive character who charms the reader with information about his own life and then give the reader a luxury of psychology of human mind. His own origins are equally sorrowful and strong. He has faced many injustices in his childhood and now as a result he has become a criminal. He is sufferer of immoral event. He related how he started his criminal career. He was eager for position and prosperity therefore he dedicated his first murder. He lives in relative separation, future from his home, with only a few weapons caring him. Eventually he does get plastic surgery, to be able to move about more freely again but he is always being worried. He has made a enormous achivement of his life; he has everything what he wants. But soon after the novel begins he is tear up in a protection from which there is no get away.

One morning, Sartaj is surprised to collect an unidentified lean that the famous mafia don Ganesh Gaintonde is held up in nearby secure ditch. He wanted to meet Sartaj Singh but he doesn’t know why the underworld put on has selected him. The day before, he had been called to a man barrier in his bed room whose wife wanted to kill him. She attacks him with knife because he had thrown his wife’s lovely dog out of window of their fifth floor flat.

Sartaj and his associate constable Katekar arrive at Kailashpade where Gaintonde had disguised himself in bunker. He watches through a observation camera and talks to him over an intercom, telling him the story of how he began his life in organized crime. Sartaj remains there, listening to Gaitonde as he tells the story of his first develop in Mumbai. He is medium sized person with medium face, neither unattractive nor handsome. He doesn’t drink and smoke. He is very health bring to bear don as he does his work out every day. He reads Gita daily and does yoga every day.

Ganesh Gaitonde is a Hindu gangster who runs vast kingdom of criminal activities. He runs the necessary operate of treatment, matka (having a bet), smuggling and construction. He is an proud and hard killer with huge ambition. He is a bhai or mafia boss, who rose to power fi-om scarcity. He has recognized his own company named, G-Company. He was twelve years old when he ran-away from his home. Now he has become a very strong man and he had a great pressure on police department, politicians, organization and Film-manufacturing.

He can do everything what he wants. He is the wealthy head of one of Mumbai’s most powerful criminal gangs. He has secretly collaborated with an Indian who helps in an atomic attack that will destroy the city, in order to attribute responsibility to an Islamic terrorist organization that has been created for this purpose. Gaintonde has unwittingly helped in the importation of nuclear material. Later he realizes his mistake and tried to stop the attack, and is waiting in the atomic bunker at Kailshpada, where he will save the city’s destruction in bunker. There is an unknown lady companion with him and they planned to stop the atomic attack, organized by his Guruji Swami Shridhar Shukla. On the contrary, Sartaj is an honest Sikh police inspector like his father. He is forty years divorcee who lives in corrupt atmosphere. In his department, every one has spoiled in dishonest unprofessional conduct.

Gaintonde had concealed himself in hollow and Sartaj was outside the structure. He tries to encourage Gaitonde to leave the hollow and appeal to come out, but he rejected as he was shocked because he knew that if he leaves the hollow, Sartaj will arrest him. Eventually, Sartaj called the bulldozer and ordered the driver to demolish (he structure. When the bulldozer knock down the constuction, Sartaj and Katekar entered the hollow and got two dead bodies. Gaitonde had killed himself with gunshot along with an unknown lady. She was wearing fixed white pants and pink top; she was beautiful middle aged girl. Sartaj doesn’t know that who was that girl and what was the relation of her with Gaintonde and why he killed her. It had become unknowable murder mystery. After the suicide of Gaitonde, Sartaj was approached by K.D. Yadav and Anjali Mathur. Anjali is a RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) agent.

She had a round face and smooth and fair skin. She was international secret agent. She meets Sartaj Singh and wants to get the information about Ganesh Gaitonde. RAW was supposed to fight foreign enemies of the state outside India’s borders. She wanted to know that who was that woman and what was the relation of her with Gaitonde and what she was doing in that house. Second, she needs to know that what Gaitonde was doing in Mumbai- why he was here, how long he had been here, what he has done while he was here. But Anjali urges to Sartaj that the investigation should be kept secretly. So Sartaj starts his journey to get the details about Gaitonde. Through his investigation he bring so many dark aspects of urban society.

In this novel, Vikram Chandra describes killing, violence and corruption of modem Bombay city. The main story exchange between the third-person account of Sartaj’s inpection and the first person tale of Gaitonde himself Gaitonde tells about his life to Sartaj when he was in hollow. He was dead when the novel starts. Through the investigation of Sartaj Singh, Vikram Chandra presents the dark face of current urban India. Sartaj is an honest Sikh police inspector and lives in corrupt surrounding his all collaborator are in the hold of dishonest.

In this story, Chandra presents the real and corrupt face of Indian police. The police department has been become corrupt a lot. Every policeman is in the hold of corruption. They take bribe and treat in anti-social activities. They are also criminals in police vardi. The whole police department has been coloured in corruption from a normal constable to officers. They torture poor people and do their work in the favour of rich and politicians. The police officers work as the agents of ruling government. The politicians perform a great role to increase the moderation of police department.

The politicians and ministers give shelter to corrupt policemen, they escape them when they are immovable in corruption and other illegal activities, in lie of that these politicians misuse the police. If any honest policeman tries to go against these corrupt politicians, either he is transferred in remote area or suspended on the false luggage. In this novel, Parulkar is a corrupt policeman he started his job from sub-inspector but now he is a deputy commissioner. He works as a henchman of ruling government. Such corrupt policemen misuse their power.

The police reach the terrorism in khaki Verdi and torture the common people. Most of the common people avoid to go to police station, they suffer but keep silent because they know they will also torture in thana by police. When Mathija in danger to file a case against police. Sartaj is a single policeman, who is an honest in the whole police department in Bombay. He does his duty honestly, so he couldn’t get promotion and his career remains dull in his whole life. He was forced many times to taking the inducement by his collaborator but he reject. This is the main cause due to that he couldn’t progress in his life. This is the pain of urban India in which the honest man can’t endure.

In Indian metropolitan cities, money is the main power. The people have become practical and money minded. Without money a person can’t live in city like Bombay. If he has money, he can make everything possible. He can also make murder of his enemy by giving money. This money which is given for killing of any person is called supari in Mumbia language. The murder has become a common thing in metropolitan cities. After killing, the criminals bribe the police and judges and get release from the murder. The whole system is demean. The police, administration, even the judges, all are bring in the big cities. Everyman is in the hold of corruption.

In Sacred Games, Bahzad Hussain is a slumlord and criminal of murder. He got parole and didn’t go to jail again. He sweetener the police and later he was acknowledged person to excile. In the influence of western culture, there are so many dance-bars running illegally in big Indian cities like Bombay and Delhi, which give rise to many crimes. Behind these dancing bars, the owners are running the business of prostitution. Mumbai is a city where girls and women come from remote areas and villages in search for employment. They dance there for their survival, but the owners of these dancing bars develop these helpless and poor girls and serve these guiltless girls to rich people for sex. They bribe the police and do their business of prostitution openly. They send these girls to police also, so they keep silent. Here, Shambhu is a manager of Delite Dance Bar, who gives money to police to run his dance bar. Sartaj is against tlie bribe but he is helpless because he is surrounded by corrupt officers.

Dance bars have become the fame of night-life in Bombay, but it has a bad impact on society. And these dance bars are thought to be meeting points for the Mumbai mafia. These dance bars cater sexuality for society. The dance bars had become a big business in urban India. There are so many girls and women working in dance bars and though it has become a good source for poor and helpless woman yet they are develop in this profession by the owners. They are pushed in prostitution forcefully. These dance bars have become the essential part of the rich people of big cities.

These bars have become the centre point of crime, so the government had exclued dance bars on Valentine’s Day, 2005. But in unkindness of government’s ban, the dance bars are running openly in Indian cities. The owners of these dance bars bribe the police and send girls to them, and are running their business openly. Even the politicians demand girls from these dance bars in order to colour their nights with them. In this novel, Shambhu Shetty, the manager of Delite Dance Bar, bribes the police and sends girls to politicians to keep their mouth shut. Politics is the main cause to increase the corruption in India. The politicians misuse their power. The whole system, police. Administrators and politicians, all are involved in dishonesty.

Indian cities shine with impressive shopping mall and sky-touching buildings but behind these buildings there is area which is always ignored by all, this is slums and Jhopadpatties which dull the glory of Indian cities. The growth of industerlization is one cause for slums and Jhopadpatties. Due to unemployment, the workers come towards the cities to search the jobs, they belongs to remote areas and villages.

But the cities are very costly to live; the poor people can’t afford the rent of building so they create slums in cities. As S.S. Jha says, ‘Bombay is the biggest growing metropolis functioning as the industrial-commercial capital of the country, where according to one estimate on an average nearly three hundred new persons arrive everyday in search of jobs and with a desire to settle down in the city. According to the latest figures available more than fifty percent of the city’s population lives in slums of one kind or the other and on pavements. Vast majority of people migrating to the city are ft-om rural areas – its boundary extending to several states the country.’ (xii). These Jhopdpatties and slum-dwellers live in extreme poverty and they are deprived of all essential amenities. They live without water, light and toilets facilities. They live like animals.

In this novel, Vikram Chandra focuses on the miserable condition of slum-dwellers when Sartaj and his collaborator, Katekar go to slum area for the purpose of the investigation of murder. They found there everything chaotic. At present time, slums and Jhopadpatties have become the major problem for urban India. As K. Ranga Rao and M.S.A. Rao say, ‘The occurrence of slum has come to be regarded as a major problem of urbanization. While no Indian city is free from slums, the problem appears to be more acute in metropolitan cities. These homeless people are a blot to the cities as they live almost nude and dirty because they don’t have dress to wear. They use their whole life like get lost dogs, and devour their stomach by selection the left out food from refuse and dustbins. Here, the writer focuses on the poor area of Bombay when Katekar goes to temple with his wife.The poor live in extreme scarcity. They are poor from all necessary facilities. Even they don’t have regular water supply and electricity’s connection, they live without light. There is no place for poor in cities.

The government doesn’t pay attention towards this class. This class is totally ignorant. They couldn’t provide the basic education to their children, because they are illiterate and they don’t know the value of education. They are very poor and can’t bear the expenses of their children’s education. Without education they remain uncivilized and don’t know the difference of good and evils, so sometimes they involve in anti social activities.

These poor are always unobserved by the society and government, so they involve in criminal activities. The policy makers make policies in the favour of rich and the poor are always unobserved. These homeless people spend their whole life on footpath, railway stations and bus stands. Some of them color with cold in winter and some dye in road accidents and their dead bodies get bad on decayed the road sides for many days. Indian cities are full of beggars, snake-charmers and homeless people which lose color away the shining of India.

In Sacred Games, Vikram Chandra presents every bad aspect of urban India but he focused strongly on the crime world of Mumbai. Here, there are two mafia dons, Ganesh Gaitonde and Suleiman Isa. Ganesh Gaitonde is a Hindu don. He has established his own company, G-Company. On the other hand, Suleiman Isa is a Muslim don and his company’s name is S-Company. These two companies are the most criminal companies and spread the terror in Mumbai. They have full control on politicians, police, administrators and film industry. They have tamed the gangs of boys, whom they use for crime.

Gaitonde is a most wanted criminal in Bombay, but he leads a king-size life there. His is the most powerful and rich bhai in Mumbai and everyone knows him. His life is full of services; he can get what he wants. Gaitonde has a great terror on the society of Mumbai. Every people scared of him. The police, administrations, politicians, all are familiar with him. They all work in the good turn of Gironde. The mafia dons keep great influence on the system of Mumbai. The police work in the good turn of these dons and media doesn’t write against them. Even the government also afraid of mafia dons. The film manufacturing keeps good relation with them. The heroines dance in the party of dons and spend their nights with them. This is the reality of Bombay.

Unemployment is a big problem in urban India, in which the youth suffers a lot. In this dishonored system, the youth finds itself crippled to get a job despite proper education. The jobs are distributed to rich and those people who have political approach, in which the poor are always depressed. These poor and frantic young men are resented with the common corrupt system, so they do illegal works and indulge in anti-social activities for the sake of their survival. Due to unemployment, the desperate youth becomes the threat to urban society. The poor young men don’t want to be criminals but their helplessness and the corrupt system propel them into criminal world. The same incident happens in this novel, Gaitonde says to Sartaj that he got the application of an unemployed young man, name Amit Shivraj Patil, who is well qualified but unable to get a job, so he has become upset and wants to involve in the gang of Bhai. When Gaitonde was in bunker, he recites this application to Sartaj on intercom, what he got from Amit.

Vikram Chandra focuses on the problem of prostitution in urban India where women are bought and sold like animals. They are considered the commodity of sex. The metropolitan cities are costly to live, so these poor girls and women have to sell their bodies for their endurance. In big cities, there are so many secret agencies, which deceive the customers and provide them prostitutes according to their wish. As Puran Batria stress.

In big Indian cities, there are so many agencies that are running their business of prostitution secretly. These agencies keep contacts with girls and women and catch customers for them. They provide girls wherever the customers want, they arrange everything, hotel, guest house, etc. In this novel, Gaitonde tells Sartaj about the prostitution of Indian cities. Once he went to sell his gold in city, there he met with an unknown person who offered him to serve the whore for five thousand. This is the reality of urban India where women are bargain like animals. Due to unemployment and lack of sources for survival, the helpless and poor women and girls have to select the profession of prostitution.

Indian metropolitan cities are very expensive to live, in which the people who have less earning can’t survive because everything is very costly there. The rising prices of everything is one cause due to that, the people get attentive in corruption and crime. Due to relocation of people from rural to urban, the urban area has been become more full of people. This increasing population has bring so many problems for urban-dwellers. The Indian cities are very much crowded in which everything is very chaotic. There is a lot of traffic in cities and people choke in this massive traffic jam for long time. The releasing smoke of these motors vitiates the atmosphere with poisonous gas which gives birth to so many diseases. The cities are very overcrowded, homes are very close to each other but people don’t even know who lives next door, they are totally cut-off from the society. In urban area, the people are rather practical, they have no time to mingle with each-others. The people avoid living in joint-family; they have forgotten the value of relations.

The parents live alone, far from their family because their sons avoid living with them. In urban area, the Indian culture has lose color up, the society has been colored with westernization. But in rural India, the culture is yet sealed. There, the people live in joint-family with their parents and the people live in social bond. Their relations are based on emotions but in urban society, the people are money-minded and selfish and their relations are based on money and status. The urban India is full of facilities but the people are not happy there, they are tired to live in these crowded cities, they want to live peaceful life.

He tells Sartaj that now he has built his domain of crime. He had to struggle in his initial stage but now he had a great influence in Bombay, everyone knew him. In Mumbai, the public afraid of mafia dons and consider them local ‘God’ and worship them. They are considered the jobs providers. Corruption is everywhere in Bombay, the poor and common public is tortured everywhere. The system works partially in the favor of rich, so poor are deprived from everything; they always suffered from injustice in this materialistic society. So, desperately, they take shelter from mafia dons. He worshiped daily, sang bhajans and read Gita. He was very much health conscious person. He didn’t smoke and drink and did yoga regularly. He donated money for temples. He was a good man but the wicked circumstances made his bad. He spent his childhood in extreme poverty so he didn’t exploit the poor people in his life and he had sympathy with them.

This is the reality of urban India; what we see in the Bollywood movies, it happens in reality in Bombay. In this novel, underworld don, Ganesh Gaitonde kills himself in the beginning of the novel. He tells his main accounts of his life to Sartaj through intercom when he was in bunker. The left story comes out in light through the investigation of Sartaj Singh. In the beginning of this novel, Sartaj convinces Gaitonde to come out the bunker, he refused, and Sartaj ordered to demolish the building and got two dead bodies in it. Nobody knows that who was the unknown lady along with him and it had been become the mystery. The RAW agent, Anjali Mathur wanted to get the all information about Gaitonde and that unknown lady. So anyhow, Sartaj gets the clue and approach iffatbibi, who is maternal aunt of Muslim don, Suleiman Isa. Iffatbibi gives him the address of Pritam Dance Bar where he met with Naina Aggarwal. Sartaj puts the photograph of the dead women in front of her. She recognized that lady and tells that her name is Jojo and she recommended her to agencies and she put her in video. hrough the character of Jojo, the writer divulges so many secrets of film.

one by one. Jojo was model, co-ordinator and owned a TV production company and produced many programmes. She also ran the business of prostitution. She attentive beautiful and innocent girls who wanted to become models and heroines and served these girls to rich people to earn more and more money. After her murder, the police got the big amount of black-money about six lakhs from her apartment. For the investigation, Sartaj met with Bunty who was the right hand of Gaitonde and assisted him in his all crimes. Sartaj asks Bunty about Jojo: Who was that woman with him? Jojo. She sent him item. Sent him? Yes. First-class items for Bhai. He used to have them flown out to Thailand Or wherever he was. Virgins.

In this novel, Vikram Chandra reveals the filth of India film trade and its relation with underworld. Indian film industry seems plush and exciting outwardly but the writer presents the hidden darkness of Bollywood. There is a lot of corruption in it. In urban Indian society, every girl wants to be heroine and model; they run away from their home in early age and come to Mumbai. Here, they become the losses of fake photographers, producers and other smart people who exploit them physically. These innocent girls came into contact with corrupt people who sell them to brothers. Most of these girls, who come to Mumbai to become actress, turn into prostitutes here.

The writer takes us back to 1947, the time of Indian partition and shows the pain of those people who were separated from their kith and kin. Sartaj is a Sikh inspector, who belongs to Punjab, his mother is Prabhjot Kaur. They were three sisters, Navneet, Maninder and Prabhjot. She was youngest of three sisters. She had separated from her sisters in the partition of India. Here, the writer shows the extensive gap between Hindu and Muslim. At that time, Hindu and Muslims had become enemy to each others.

The deep torture and fixed pain had left an indelible impression on the minds of people, the Hindu and Muslims alike who hate each other. Their hatred will never end. The religion is the main root which gives birth to m communal unrest, murder and violence in urban India. Here, Vikram Chandra highlights the corrupt face of Indian politicians. Politicians have a great role for building the nation. They are policy makers and the nation is in their hands. But they have become corrupt a lot and the nation is in danger at present time. In India, almost every politician is indulged in corruption and it is a matter of anxiety. But there was a time, when India had honest politicians who performed a good role for the nation, like Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chander Bose, Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Jawahar Lai Nehru, Lai Bahadur Shastri, Indira Gandhi etc. But at present time, the situation has changed; the most corrupt politicians are leading the nation. The politicians do their politics to gain the votes, they make false promises to poor people at election time, when they win, they forget everything. And the public remains always in resentment with them. In this novel, Bipin Bhonsle is such a corrupt leader who makes false promises with public and after winning the election he forgets and the public is very angry with him.

At election time, the politicians misguide the public and promise to eliminate the corruption from the country. But after winning the election, these politicians become the cause of corruption. In India, the corruption is increase by politicians and leaders. In election time, the politicians make fool of the innocent and illiterate people.Such leaders and ministers have made politics the ground of corruption. To appropriate the political chair, these corrupt politicians can do everything. They spend a lot of money in elections to hire the people for convincing and recover this lost money for making illegal works. The politicians think that (he poor should be remain poor always, they don’t want to see them becoming rich. The politicians desire that the public should be remain illiterate because the illiterate and poor people can be make fool easily.

At election time, these corrupt politicians make false promises and distribute money, meat, wine, cell-phone and blankets to poor and illiterate people in order to get votes . Vikram Chandra emphasizes on the contemporary issue of casteism. In comparison to rural India, the urban society is less inflexible on casteism. It is fact that with the spread of education, the casteism is faded-up in urban society, but not utterly, it has an indelible impression on the mind of Indians, whether they belong to rural or urban society. Casteism is not eradicated from the mind of Indians yet. Even in the developed cities of India, the honour-killing is prevalent at present time. The parents and relatives kill their children and newly married couples, if they do inter-caste or inter-religion marriages.

The urban society imagine to be educated, modern and western, people communicate in English and thrill on western music, but they haven’t developed their thinking yet. They severely remain to casteism in the matters of marriages. Some couples display courage to do inter-caste marriage, but they are not accepted by the society. In this novel, Dipika is such character who is suffering with the same problem. She is a second-oldest daughter of Pritosh Shah. He is a supremely gifted money handler for gangsters, including Ganesh Gaitonde. Dipika is in love with her college friend, Prashant, but he belongs to another caste. They want to marry with each other but Dipika knows that her father will not agree. She discussed her problem with Gaitonde and requests him to talk her father on this matter. Gaitonde asks Dipika about the caste of her boyfriend.

In urban India, people work together with various people belonging to different caste. They eat together and attend each-others functions. But inter-caste marriages are almost taboo and accepted rarely in society. In urban society, people work together and mingle with each-other in spite of their different castes. But in the matter of marriage, the people are unbending. Here, Dipika loves a Dalit boy, when her parents came to know about her love affair, they force her to marry another person. So she had to marry with her parents’ choice. Later, Dipika committed suicide. This is the ugly dual face of urban society. One side, the urban society presents to be modern and considers woman equal to man, but on the other side, a girl can’t marry according to her own choice. She has to do compromise with her desire and she is forced to do marriage with her parents’ wish.

This is not the story of only Dipika. In Indian society, there are so many girls who have to commit suicide because their parents don’t allow them caste marriage. It shows that a girl can’t take her own decision for marriage. The parents impose their wish on girls forcefully. Except the high-profile society, the inter-caste and inter- religion marriages are celebrated rarely whether it is mral or urban society. This is the realty of Indian society. For the purpose of investigation, Sartaj meets Jojo’s sister, Mary Mascarenas. She was middle aged divorcee woman, running her hair dresser parlour in Bombay. After divorce, she has to face so many problems including financial crisis. She was not well, and was suffering with loneliness. In urban society, the divorce has been become common thing. In comparison to rural society, divorce is more prevalent in urban society. It is a tragic end of a marital relationship in which man and woman both suffer, but woman suffers more in comparison to man.

Sartaj asks to Mary about Jojo. She reveals her anger for Jojo and confussed that she was involved in immoral activities with mafia don. She tells Sartaj about the biography of Jojo. She was fifteen years old when she came to Bombay. She stayed with her sister Mary. She was very much beautiful and wanted to be heroine. She had a sexual relation with her sister’s husband. So Mary had to take divorce to her husband, John. Jojo became the cause of their divorce so Mary was resented with her.

Jojo joined the dancing and acting classes. She met some producers and directors and got role for television and for Dabur shoes. Jojo’s family was much resented with her, because they knew that she was involved in anti-social activities. Because her mother knew that she had become the trader of bodies. She was running the business of prostitution in Bombay. Jojo wanted to be actress and she met with producers and photographer, who immoral her physically. She came to Bombay for become an actress but the corrupt atmosphere of film Industry had made her prostitute. She was very much cute girl and didn’t want to be prostitute but the corrupt society makes her. Now she had become the supplier of girls. She had contact with corrupt people including underworld don and she provides them girls for sex.

Prostitution is a big social problem in urban society. Through the character of Jojo, the writer divulges so many secrets of Bombay life. He shows the reality of film industry which is full of corruption. It exploits so many girls and left them as prostitutes. He also shows the relafion of this glamorous with underworld. In this novel, Jojo is a television producer and having sexual relation with underworld don. Ganesh. She sent him virgin girls who belong to high profile society and come to Bombay for becoming heroines. The prostitution is more prevalent in urban society in comparison to rural. In big Indian cities, the prostitution is considered a normal thing and considered the requirement of society. But the prostitutes have no respect in society. They are considered only the object of sex.

The customers torture them and treat like animals. No girl wants to become prostitute but the corrupt society and wicked circumstances force them to be. Every whore have unhappy story behind them. Some girls are enticed by rich people, they make up to love and promise them for marriage and make sexual relation. After making the sexual relation, they reject for marriage. So they remain no alternative and become prostitutes. In some cases, the girls and women become prostitutes due to their helplessness and poverty. The modernization and westernization are also a big cause for prostitution. In urban India, every girl wants to lead a luxury life; they live in pomp and show. In middle class family, the girls are very ambitious, their needs are very high, they want to walk in luxury cars and they desire to wear branded attires. They seek to look like rich but due to lack of sources, they couldn’t replete their unlimited desires. So they try to search the sources to earn money, but due to unemployment, earning of money is very difficult in cities. So they get it easy to sell their bodies and get good earning and caught in the mire of prostitution. In urban India, the prostitution has been become a big business and big industry in which women suffer a lot.

There was a time when India was known for peace and it had a good reputation in the world, but now the situation has changed. At present time, India is known for corruption, terrorism, superior, crime, poverty and begging etc. The corrupt politicians and ministers have become enemies for the country. They are the main cause of corruption and terrorism. These corrupt politicians give shelter to criminals and these criminals provide them muscle power. India has become the center-point for superior and terrorism in the world.

The situation has become complex in urban India. The leaders, who are leading the nation, they all have been become corrupt. Indian cities are full of gangster, robbers and terrorists. Nobody knows that when the bomb would blast under his feet. Indian cities are not safe. A person can kidnap any time. The girls and women are not safe in cities; they can become the victims of gang rape at any time. It seems that the cities are full of animals.

The poor have no place in cities, they are treated like animals. Their condition is worse than dogs. In high profile society, the dogs are treated like family members in house. These dogs lead better life in comparison to poor. They are washed by servant daily and walk in luxury cars and get good food. In the same house, the servants are treated like dogs; they eat the left out food and do not get the proper wages for their hard work and services. The servants have no place and respect in high profile society.

In this novel, Vicar Chandra reminds us the incident of 1992, when the Bari Mashed was tearing down in Ajodhya and it took a place of great communal unrest in which so many innocent people were killed. In big cities, the Hindu and Muslims live together, but they hate to each-others. Their animosity is running since a long time. And it seems that it will never end. The corrupt politicians know the weakness of Hindus and Muslims. They bring about the public for their personal benefits on the basis of religion which gives birth to communal riots in which innocent people are killed. Muslims are in minority in India, so Hindus bum their best and kill them brutally. For the purpose of revenge, the Muslims take the help of RDX and bombs in which so many innocent people lost their lives. Sometimes, such communal riots take a place of great blood-shed in which the police and army get fail to control the situation.

So, the deal settles on sixty lakes. Begin pays sixty lakes to Gironde. The next day, he demolishes and bums the baste and it takes a place of big communal riot in which so many people are killed. The riot runs for long time. Gaitonde says: Finally, in the third week of January, the burning and killing stopped, under the bullets of the police and the army, and under orders from Bipin Bhonsle’sbosses, and their boss.

This incident reminds us of June, 1979, when the government had vacated the slum area in Bombay forcefully. The government had announce as its own land where the poor people made slums. The police had occupy the area and tear down the huts. At that time, 50,000 slum dwellers had become homeless. As S.S.Jha took the interview to the victim of that incident.

In this novel, there are two dons, Ganesh Gaitonde, and Suleiman Isa. Ganesh Gaitonde is Hindu don, he fights for Hindu. One the other hand, Suleiman Isa is a Muslim don and he fights for Muslims. They both have their own companies, GCompany and S-Company respectively. These two agencies are the cause of terrorism in Mumbai. As caste and religion are the main reasons of communal riots in India, every riot starts from temples and Masjids and takes a place of great bloodshed. Bomb exploding is also a result of these communal riots. In India, Hindus demolish Muslim’s masjids in riots. Muslims are very few in India, so to take the revenge they explode the bombs in crowded cities in which the children, women and innocent people become the victims. In Sacred Games, the Hindus demolish the mosque of Muslims and it takes the place of great communal unrest.

The situation has been becoming more and more complex day by day in urban India. Indian cities are not safe to live. The bombs explosions, crime, violence, murders, smuggling, kidnapping, riots, rape, corruption, cruelty and terrorism have been become threats in urban India. Indian cities seem WKT jungles which are teemed with cruel animals. The increasing crime rate has been become a big problem in urban society.

In this novel, the novelist adds nine sub-plots to the main story and all stories are interlinked with the main story. All sub-plots present the various faces of urban society. Through the character of Mrs. Kamala Pandey, the novelist presents the infidelity of women in urban society. Mrs. Kamala Pandey is an air-hostess, belongs to a middle class family. She always quarrels with her husband, Mr. Mahesh Pandey. She wanted to do her job but her husband refused her because he doubts on her faithfulness. She loves her dog (Fluffy) more than her husband.). This dog becomes the cause of their quarrel always. So, one day, he had thrown the puppy out of a window from fifth floor. The dog was died. For the revenge of her dog’s murder, she attacks him with stick and knife.

She had an extra-marital affair with her collaborator, named Umesh Bindal and it had become a big problem for her. In modem urban society, the extra marital affairs have become a fashion which gives birth so many problems like divorce, marital-discords, murders and blackmailing etc. In cities, both male and female enjoy the extra marital affairs. As Puran Balria asserts: The urban environment is also conducive to extramarital relations. Through the laws of society, religion or custom rarely permit extra-marital relations, the taboos seem much more strong in the case of females as compared to males. Male enjoys this license comparatively easy. For the sake of variety some find extra-marital relations more satisfying.

In this novel, Kamla Pandey was distressed due to her extra-marital affair because someone was blackmailing her. She had a love affair with her collaborator, Umesh Bindal and had a sexual relation with him. They used to go to hotel many time and someone had made their videos. So that unknown person was blackmailing her again and again and require big amount of money. So, she was very mush distressed. She meets with inspector Sartaj and tells her problem with him. But she doesn’t report in police station because if she lodges FIR in station, his husband will know about her illegal relation, so she requests Sartaj to keep it secret. To keeping the secret, she offers to bribe twenty thousand to him.

The whole system has become corrupt. So the society’s mental set-up has been also become corrupt. In this story, Sartaj was a single policeman who didn’t take bribe, except him every policeman was in the grip of bribery. He was also forced to take the inducement many times, even his collaborator also appeal him to take the bribe but he always opposed. In urban India, money is the main power. The police, administration, judges all are bought and sold like things. The public is also become corrupt; people think that bribery is the need of modem time.

The crime is a big problem in Indian cities. Some women are also involved in criminal and anti-social activities. The increasing women’s crime rate has become threat for urban India. Along with the prostitution, these women are running the business of smuggling the heroin, Charas, Ganja and other intoxicating drugs. The women indulge in such crime due their financial problems. In high profile society, the girls and women misuse their freedom and indulged in criminal activities. They pretend to be modem and go to dancing club at night. There, they use smoke, wine, drugs, charas and Ganja and spoil their life. In intoxicated state, they become the victim of rape, murder and blackmailing etc. Their freedom becomes the curse for them.

The nakedness and sexuality have also become big problems in urban society which give birth to many crime like rape, murder, blackmailing etc. With the influence of modernization and westernization, the Indian society has forgotten it own culture. There was a time when Indian women are known for their lajja (shame) and they wear full attires and keep their eyes down when they talked to unknown person. But at present time, the women demand to be equal to man. Now the women live in freedom, they can do whatever they want. They wear western attires which are less than their needs. The modem girls wear very short costume to attract the attention of people but sometime it becomes the cause of crime like rape. The media is also responsible to serve the nudity and sexuality on cinema and television.

In this story, Mrs. Kamla Pandey was suffering the problem of blackmailing. Some unknown person had made her videos and requiring money again and again. Sartaj Singh got the clue anyhow and knew that unknown person had link with RedT-Shirt gang. So Sartaj wanted to get the information about Red-T-Shirt gang. During the investigation Sartaj and his colleague, Kamble were scouring the city. They were opposite side of the street, in front of Apsara Cinema in Bombay. They saw, the street was full of beggars.

Here, the writer criticizes the begging system of India. There is no single city in India which is without beggars. At present time, the Indian cities have been developed a lot. But there is such poor class in cities which arises the question of the development of urban India. In cities, there is such poor class which doesn’t seem human being with their appearance. They look like animals it seems that they never bath in their whole life. They live in very miserable condition. They are totally illiterate. They don’t have roofs on their heads; they are homeless and spend their whole life on footpath. Their life is depended on the alms. They are to beg for their stomach, they have no source of earning and the government doesn’t pay attention for the upliftment of them.

In Sacred Games, Vikram Chandra presents the chaotic situation of urban India where everything is in muddle. The streets are full of thugs, robbers and pocket pickers. A person is not safe in cities. In cities, some bad people are running the business of pick-pocketing, they make their gangs in which one master-mind person gives tricks to unemployed boys that how to pick the pocket and snatch the goldchains from women. In this novel, inspector Sartaj and his collaborator, Kamble meets with the person, named Jayanth who was the master mind of pocket-picking and running his business of pocket-picking through his gang in Bombay. K.R. Jayanth is a famous pocket-picker. He had his own gang, called Red-T-Shirt chokra. In his gang, Ramu is a ring leader who wears black T-Shirt, except him, all wear red T-Shirts. Sartaj wants to get the information about Red T-Shirt boys because the person who was blackmailing Mrs. Kamla Pandey, he had linked with Ret T-Shirt Chokras. So Sartaj get the information to Jayanth.

In Indian cities, a man has to remain alert in crowded areas because the pocket-pickers are very expert, he can be robbed any time. Even, sometime the policemen are also become the victims of these pocket pickers. The Indian cities are brimmed with robbers, dacoits and wicked persons.

In metropolitan cities, terrorism and crime are in it pinnacle. Some dangerous people and local dons are running the business of killing and murders. They take big amount of money for murders and this money is called ‘Khokas andpetis’ in Mumbaia language. People are not safe in metropolitan cities. The rich are in more danger than the poor because the rich have enough money, so they are murdered. Even they are not safe in their own home sometimes their servants slay them to usurp the money.

The corruption, robbery, decoity and terrorism have spread their roots terribly in urban India. The man is always frightened in cities. He doesn’t know when he will be murdered for a small amount of money. Even the school boys and girls are also in danger; these innocent children are beguiled and kidnapped by the wicked people. After kidnapping, they demand money from their parents, if they are unable to give the money or if they report in police station, then these kidnapped children are killed brutally. So the parents have to give the big amount of money to release their children.

There was a time when India was a very peaceful country and every people were safe and live without fear. If any person was in grief or problem then other unknown people helped him without any personal benefit, but now the time has been changed. Now, the people have been become selfish and self-centered, they don’t bother for others. Nowadays, the murders are done openly in crowded area but the people turn their face another side and close their eyes. The people don’t oppose the murderer even they don’t report in police station. The girls are picked and rapped openly by local dons but nobody take tension. People don’t want to indulge in other’s problems. The situation has been become complex.

In this novel, Jojo is a producer and dealer of prostitutes and Gaitonde is an underworld don. But there is a similarity between them; they both are the victims of this cruel society and corrupt system. Now they both are powerful and got a huge success in their life. They didn’t want to be corrupt but the corrupt atmosphere surrounding them, forced them to be what they were. This is the reality of Indian urban society. This is only the society which creates mafia dons and turns a girl into prostitute. In this novel, Vikram Chandra adds many stories to the main story and presents the kaleidoscopic picture of urban society. Through the journey of Jamila Mirza from a poor girl to Miss India, the novelist unfolds so secrets of urban society and Bollywood. Jamila Mirza is a very beautiful Muslim girl. She belongs to an orthodox family in Lucknow. Her father owns a small family restaurant in Lucknow. She is six feet tall, having the burning desire of be a model and heroine. She is very intelligent and ambitions girls and aspires to grow in her life. With the growth of education and modernization, Indian girls are becoming more ambitious. These modern girls have challenged the traditional thinking of society. In ancient time, girls are poor from education and they are kept in the four walls of house. They are married in early age by their parent’s choice. Women had very

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